(FAQ updated on 2nd September 2015)

  1. When will the next chapter be released?: The weekly schedule will be showed on the right side of the site.
  2. What is your timezone? UTC+7
  3. At what time do you usually release the daily chapters? No specific time at the moment.
  4. Can I get more released chapters? Sure, you can check the donation page for that.
  5. Can I do a PDF/ePUB/whatever of your translations?: In order to help foster the community and keep the discussion centralized, I’d strongly prefer not to have any eBooks version of the translations here spread around, at least until the entire translations are finish. I’m totally fine with you creating them for personal use or sending them individually to people who ask for them, but I prefer you don’t post them up. Thank you!
  6. Could you please make a PDF/ePUB/whatever version of your translations? I plan to release an ebook version of my translation when at least the whole chapters of a book volume (not the whole novel) has been finalized, so at least I could ensure the quality of the eBook.
  7. Baka-Tsuki/External hosting: Please don’t go and post my stuff someplace else without my permission.
  8. Can I use your translations to translate the novel to another language? Yes and No. The absolute condition is that you mention my name as the translator for the English source and link to this site. The second condition is that you please inform me first before you do the translation or host the translation anywhere.
  9. Questions/comments: Feel free to contact me.

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