Translation Method and Version

My translation method (updated 2nd September 2015):

Since I can’t read Chinese characters yet, I’m still converting the source to Pinyin and translate it from there. When the translation is done I run it through several spell checking and proofing tools and edited it on the run.

For ALBT chapters, Deathblade helps me with the editing. After the edits, same as above, I run it through several spell checking and proofing tools. The final check is then done by Laoren.

For the sake of history keeping, I will still put my translation method that I used in the past. The earlier chapters of TLT (Book 1) were still done with this method.

  1. I put the machine translations of the chapter (I use 7 translators) together into a file, including the original Chinese text and the pinyin version of the text.
  2. Since there is now also the pinyin version, I read the pinyin first, and compare my translation with the 7 translation. So this way, I am actually reading the original text.
  3. If there are sentences or words that I’m not sure of the meaning, I run it through dictionaries.
  4. Then I rewrite the whole paragraphs with my own words. For speed purpose, the paragraph written might not be in ‘beautiful’ words.
  5. After the translation is done, I will put the whole chapter into several spell checking tools for corrections. I was planning only to do minor proof reading, but I failed. Not failing at proof reading, but failing to do just a minor one. So, the proof reading process is quite a thorough one (usually it will take about one hour) since it also include ‘beautifying’ the wording..
  6. If everything is set, I will then publish the chapter as ‘Draft’ version (which actually is already an ‘Edited Draft’)
  7. During weekends or when I have some spare time, I will do a re-check of the translations (editing terms that I have changed in later chapters to keep the consistency, changing some terms if I see that it would fit the meaning better, etc). This re-checked version will also go through the same process of proof reading like the draft version (as in no.5).
  8. The Draft version will then be replaced with the ‘Cleaned’ version (I decide to jump straight to the ‘Cleaned’ version as the Draft version is already edited. Unless there are some corrections, or someone has helped editing the draft, an ‘Edited’ version might be released).
  9. If any suggestion/correction are given during the time the Draft/Edited/Cleaned version was published, I will make the changes directly in that version.
  10. About one month after the Cleaned version is published, I will mark the chapter as ‘Final’ version.

NOTES: Since I’m doing the translation directly from the original text (and using the MT to help me in the writing process), so unless there were error in my understanding of the original text, even the draft of the translation should have a high accuracy already. Please also note that I’m constantly still learning and practicing to improve the translation quality and as well also my English writing quality.

To summarize the translation versions (this part is still from May 2015, and not updated yet. The current translation don’t have these version. All released chapters are Cleaned version, but I forgot since which chapter. It was about around the middle of TLT book 2):

  • Draft – This could be considered as ‘Edited Draft’ since it’s already being proof read. The accuracy should be above 90%.
  • Edited – This state would usually be skipped unless there is a major wording changes.
  • Cleaned – This version means that the Draft version has been re-checked thoroughly, and have also been proof read.
  • Final – The chapter will be mark as Final when the Cleaned version has been published for about a month and no more errors are spotted.

Please comment on the post when you spot any error, or you have any suggestions on changing some terms; how a sentence should be; or even perhaps changing the whole paragraph for better wording.

Any help and/or suggestions is greatly appreciated. And I also hope that with this method, I would satisfy both readers that want quality translations as well as fast translations. Your support is what keep me motivated. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Translation Method and Version

  1. insanesac

    May be i could help you with the editing. That is if you interested in sharing your work load. I have prior experience too. Might increse your pace of releasing.

    1. Lingson Post author

      Thanks for the offer. But the minor proofreading and editing process after the translation usually didn’t take too much time, only about half an hour.

      But, I could really need some help with the real editing process after the publishing, As you can see in the ‘Progress’ page, until now, I only managed to edit and cleaned the first three chapters. Haven’t got the time to edit the other chapters yet since I’m busy translating a chapter every day.

      If you could help me with that, I would really appreciate it.

      1. Insanesac

        Sorry for the late reply. Just contact me and we can discuss about the rest. Hope you do have a google drive folder!


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