Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0003

Chapter 3 (An Accident Scam, A Woman Helps)

Regardless, yesterday Zhao Tie Zhu was alone in the villa, but now, a second person had arrived, a blossoming beautiful officer. Looking into his wallet at the 10,000 RMB he had received from Su Yan Ni, he was very happy. This was the first money he had earned outside of being an Assassin, and also the first rent payment he had received as a landlord.

Su Yan Ni’s room was next to Zhao Tie Zhu’s, so they shared the balcony. This was her choice. She figured to quickly lure out the underwear thief and catch him, she should put herself up as bait. She was certain that if she lived next to Zhao Tie Zhu, he wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation.

Watching him humming a song as he helped carry her luggage up, Su Yan Ni let out a proud smirk.

As Zhao Tie Zhu sang “Free The Slaves With A Song”, he suddenly felt a gust of cold from behind and turned his head just in time to see Su Yan Ni’s kinky smile—well, at least to him it was very kinky—and he couldn’t help but getting a cold shiver. “This woman insisted on the room next to mine, don’t tell me it was because of my brilliance? Or did she adore my little iron pillar? It seems that tonight when I sleep, I need to let the door to the balcony open to allow her to do some wild things.” Zhao Tie Zhu couldn’t help but feel a rush while having those perverted thought.

“I’ll let you be happy for now, pervert,” Su Yan Ni thought to herself ferociously upon seeing his dirty expression.

After moving the luggage, Zhao Tie Zhu said to Su Yan Ni, “The doors use a fingerprint identification system, so I don’t need to provide you with any keys. Wait a moment, then you can input your own fingerprints. I’m going out to call a carpenter to fix the door. It’s because of you; why get so violent over nothing? Oh, that poor door.”

“Humph, you also scammed me out of 4,000 Yuan. Just go, go! I still need to arrange my room.” Su Yan Ni drove him out, then took a glance at her little nest, admiring the environment. With a small harrumph, she unpacked her clothes from the suitcase.

Zhao Tie Zhu went out of the room and down the stairs. Picking up the door from the ground and shouldering it, he walked out of the villa. He looked around. Despite all the noise, not even a single security personnel came to look. The security system here was really bad, he thought to himself. But how could he know that Su Yan Ni had already sent the security personnel away.

Walking out of the housing complex, Zhao Tie Zhu eyed the door on his shoulder. He wasn’t sure if he could find a place to fix it. Since he was now a landlord with limited income, he could not spend as lavishly as he once had.

Casually hailing a cab, Zhao Tie Zhu soon arrived at a nearby Home Improvement Store.

He didn’t know a lot about doors. When he was still an assassin, he had learned to pick locks. However, he had no clue what to do when it came to fixing a door. He strolled into the store carrying the door. Since many people were going in and out the store carrying doors, window glasses, and the like, he didn’t attract any attention.


Suddenly, someone knocked into Zhao Tie Zhu. He moved backward slightly, but the other person was knocked outside and fell to the ground. Zhao Tie Zhu was just about to help him to get up, when that person unexpectedly held his arm and rolled back and forth on the ground, shouting, “Ahhh, my arm, my arm is broken. Ahhh, the pain is killing me. Ahhh, everybody quick come and look, he could have killed someone.”

Zhao Tie Zhu was stunned, then he carefully watched that person rolling on the ground, and let out a cold sneer. When the person had bumped into him before, Zhao Tie Zhu was aware of how strong the force was. It was impossible that the person’s arm could have been broken. He obviously was in an accident scam situation here.

When some shoppers saw this, they just looked coldly at the person rolling around on the ground. From just a glance, they could tell that he was a scam artist who had been defrauding the people at the store for many years. God knows how many people had been scammed already. Such scam artists specialized in extorting the new customers. The merchants didn’t try to interfere since they made their living here. If they were to offend the scammers, and then the scammers interfered with their business, their lives would also not be easy then.

Almost as soon the person had shouted out, several large men appeared at the person’s side. One of them, a man with a flattop hairdo, let out a sad expression. Squatting down next to the crying person, he said “Monkey, Monkey, what’s wrong? Who broke your arm! You tell your big brother!”

“It’s him, it’s that man carrying the door,” said Monkey, unexpectedly shedding some tears. “He’s the one who broke my arm. Big brother, don’t let him run away.”

Nowadays, even scam artist were so professional. Zhao Tie Zhu could not help thinking that.

The guy with the flattop stared at Zhao Tie Zhu. He stood up, walked over, and in a fierce voice said, “You, you deliberately bumped into my brother to break his arm, right?” The flattop guy’s first question was really a good one. Had he asked for money right away, people might suspect them of being scam artists. He first accused the victim of deliberately breaking his brother’s arm to cause the victim to be confused and panicked, then the other large men would surround him to scare him even more. After a while, another accomplice would step in to act as a peacemaker. At that time, the victim would be grateful and obediently handed out the money. Having thought of this bullet-proof method, Flattop felt proud of having finished junior high school. Intellectual people were just different.

Sure enough, after hearing his words, the thin young man who looked to be at most twenty-something showed a hint of panic in his eyes. This was the first step. Flattop secretly gave his colleague a signal, and immediately, three or four people were already standing next to Zhao Tie Zhu.

“It… it wasn’t on purpose,” Zhao Tie Zhu said, sounding ‘panicked.’

“Not on purpose? You broke my brother’s arm and still you tell me it wasn’t on purpose? You think you can bully us?” Flattop straightened his chest, his chest muscles suddenly bulging.

“Big brother, I really didn’t do it on purpose.” Zhao Tie Zhu slowly moved backward as if he was going to run away. One person moved behind him, blocking the escape route.

“Trying to run after hitting someone? It looks like you really do want to bully us. We’ll just have to teach you a lesson today.” Flattop clenched his fists, and the bones let out ‘ka ka’ sounds.

At that moment, a fat man stepped out from the crowd. He looked at Flattop and said, “Zhao Lao Liu, don’t make any trouble at my place.”

Seeing this man, Flattop hurriedly smiled, “Chief Li, I wasn’t making any trouble, but someone broke Monkey’s arm. Look, it’s this guy. He even tried to run away just now!” Flattop pointed his finger toward Zhao Tie Zhu.

“Oh? This little fellow,” Chief Li said, turning around to look at Zhao Tie Zhu. “You tried to run after breaking someone’s arm?” he asked.

“No, Chief Li,” Zhao Tie Zhu said ‘nervously.’ “I was just walking along and, suddenly that person bump into me. Then he said I broke his arm. It was really an accident.”

“Hey, whether or not it was an accident, you broke the man’s arm. You should take him to the hospital,” said Chief Li, then he suddenly seemed to notice the door Zhao Tie Zhu was carrying. “Were you going to fix that door?”

“Yes, my door is broken.” Zhao Tie Zhu sighed, “I intended to get it fixed, but didn’t expect to run into this matter.”

“Well then,” said Chief Li, “since you have something to do, I’ll just have them go see the doctor by themselves. Zhao Lao Liu, give me some face, here. This youngster has a matter to attend to, you guys go see the doctor by yourselves.”

“Uh… How much would be enough to give for compensation?” asked, Zhao Tie Zhu, sounding a bit puzzled.

“Just give them a thousand Yuan to fix the bone and buy medicine,” said Chief Li.

“But I only have 700 on me,” Zhao Tie Zhu said helplessly.

“Only 700? Then 700 it is. Zhao Lao Liu, hurry and take Monkey to the hospital.”

Watching the performance, Zhao Tie Zhu could not help but feel that it was a bit ridiculous. It was also quite amusing to play along with them. But it was time to end this farce now. Shaking his head, he was just about to lash out, when he saw a small figure emerging from the crowd. It was a young perfectly beautiful girl who seemed to be around 20 years old. The young girl said, “I know how to fix broken bones, let me take a look.” Then she squatted down to look at Monkey’s arm.

Zhao Lao Liu’s face expression immediately changed. “Hey, girl!” he shouted, “Don’t act rashly. If you touch my brother’s arm and something happens, will you take responsiblity? Just stay out of this.”

The pretty girl’s expression changed, and she whispered, “We’ll talk when it’s done. But this man, I see…” Not finishing her words, she stretched her hand out and grabbed Monkey’s supposedly broken arm and pressed it lightly.

“I knew it!” the pretty girl shouted angrily. “His arm isn’t broken at all. This is extortion!”

“Bitch, I told you to mind your own business.” Seeing that the act was up, Monkey pulled his arm away from the girl and punched at her face with his other hand.

With a graceful movement, she lightly dodged and sommersaulted back. Staring at the people around, the girl said, “You guys are committing a crime in broad daylight.”

“Humph, a crime? Which one of your eyes saw us committing a crime? Just now, I saw you break my brother’s arm. Girl, nobody can touch a brother of Zhao Lao Liu.” He gave the other guys a look, indicating for them to move on to the girl. Now, only one person was watching Zhao Tie Zhu, preventing him from escaping.

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