Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0004

Chapter 4 (That Kung Fu Girl Is So Unbearable)

Recently, there have been a lot of shows on National TV with Wushu artists who do fake kung fu. This has caused many of people to lose interest in martial arts. But actually, real experts often hide among the community, where they grew up training in martial arts for many years, even decades, to sharpen their skills. Although these types of people can’t do what they do in the movies, like fly from rooftop to rooftop, they can actually individually fight multiple opponents easily.

This girl who appeared in front of Zhao Tie Zhu really seemed to be an expert, at least in Zhao Tie Zhu’s professional eyes, which wouldn’t often be mistaken.

Monkey, who just moments ago had been laying on the ground, clenched his fists and attempted to bash her head. Such lack of skill. Zhao Tie Zhu shook his head. With his hand moving so openly, leaving his whole body exposed in front of the girl, she just needed to move her right foot slightly forward, then lower her body in a flash; Monkey’s fist hit the empty air. Before he could make a second move, her right hand swiped sideways and landed on his ribs. The huge impact made Monkey instantly lose half of his fighting strength. He rolled to the side, tears and snot streaming out.

“Damn professional.” Zhao Tie Zhu nodded. This Monkey could squeeze out tears and snot at will, it was really admirable.

Almost at the same moment as Monkey rolled, Zhao Lao Liu’s other guys had approached the girl. Zhao Lao Liu was certain she was a martial artist. The men half-surrounded her and prepared to attack.

Seeing so many hands and feet coming at her, she didn’t panic. Instead, she rushed toward one of them. She grabbed his hands with both of hers, then turned her body, with her back leaned onto the guy’s. One foot on her toe, and her other foot clamping the guy’s foot, she lowered her body and surprisingly threw him over her shoulder!

The guy didn’t expect her to have such strength. He was thrown high into the air and crashed to his comrade’s body.

“Hmm, that was a good one. In an instant, two of them are out of the game, leaving only two more. Let’s see what she’ll do now.” Zhao Tie Zhu’s hand stroked his chin, carefully watching her.

After throwing the first guy, she suddenly she squatted down as if she had eyes on her back. A lashing leg descended, flying dangerously past her head. She moved back and quickly grabbed the leg, pushing strongly and forcing the man to flip over in the air. He hit the ground with his head still down. Another one out of the game. All this seemed to take a long time, but it actually happened in only a few seconds. When she threw the guy, the girl felt a sweep of wind coming from a fist, and quickly raised her arms to block. Bang! A huge force threw her flying for several meters. Still in the air, the girl adjusted her position, and with a ‘thumb’ sound she landed in a kneeling position onto the ground, her face completely red. Not letting her take a breath, Zhao Lao Liu, who had knocked the girl away, was already running toward her. His hand was now already holding a long, thick, black stick, which appeared to be extremely hard. It sped toward her head.

She narrowed her eyes. With one of her arms already numbed, and without a way to dodge, she knew that it would hit her head. She let out a sigh of grief. Apparently, in the end, her pair of fists was no match for the enemy’s four hands. In any case, Zhao Tie Zhu had to bravely act heroically to save her.

POW. Hearing only a light sound, the girl suddenly noticed another man’s presence. It was hard to tell when he had appeared. He didn’t appear to be strong. He stood there, blocking the sunlight, which made it impossible to see his face at the moment.

“Ah, you’re even willing to use a stick on a girl, that’s too cruel.” Zhao Tie Zhu grabbed Zhao Lao Liu’s stick with one hand and laughed.

“Kid, get lost if you don’t wanna die,” Zhao Lao Liu said fiercely, attempting to pull the stick away.

“Nowadays, you shouldn’t run around holding a stick. It wouldn’t be nice if you hit someone. And even if you hit no one, smashing a flower isn’t right either. Better give your stick to me.” With only a slight exertion of strength, Zhao Tie Zhu snatched it away.

Zhao Lao Liu was shocked. He had served in the army for several years and was well known for his strength. Nevertheless, this young man had unexpectedly snatched his stick with a casual move. He suddenly realized he was kicking at an iron wall.

“Since you guys put on a good show for me, I’ll give you my door as a reward.” Zhao Tie Zhu lowered the door from his shoulder and waved it single-handedly. The door hit Zhao Lao Liu, throwing Zhao Lao Liu with a bang. He flew a few meters away and lay twitching on the ground, his face blank.

Only then did the girl see that the man in front of her was the same young man who was being extorted before. Unknown to her, the other guy who guarded this young man was already on the ground with his eyes rolling.

“Are you okay?” said Zhao Tie Zhu, turning around and extending his hand to the girl, who was still kneeling on the ground.

“I’m fine, thanks.” She grabbed his hand and stood up.

“You’re not hurt?” he asked.

“No, no.” she said.

“You’re really not hurt?”

“Really, I’m not!”

“Don’t lie to me, okay?”

“I’m not lying to you, big brother. You can let go my hand now.” The girls face was so red it seemed as if it was going to ooze blood.

“Ah? I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I forgot, I forgot. It wasn’t intentional. Ah, it’s so embarrassing.” Zhao Tie Zhu hurriedly released the hand and touched his head, playing dumb. Hmm, her little hand was so tender. I didn’t expect this chick to have such soft hands considering she practiced martial arts. Tsk, Tsk… Zhao Tie Zhu regretted not being able to hold her hand a little longer.

What’s wrong with this guy..? The girl felt awkward for a moment. One moment he looked like a weakling being bullied, the next, he was like an expert, sending the bad guy flying. Now, he acted like a hoodlum, casually grabbing a girl’s hand.

“This… My name is Zhao Tie Zhu. How should I address you, miss?” Zhao Tie Zhu asked. (TL Note: He was using a polite way to ask her name.)

“My name? Hehe, you’re really interesting.” The woman laughed softly like a silver bell, “My name is Chen Ling Shan, you can call me Ling Shan.”

Zhao Tie Zhu looked at the girl. Her entire body emanated a youthful energy. Because she had just been fighting, her face was covered in a sheen of sweat, and her wheat-colored skin revealed a thread of healthiness. She wasn’t wearing any makeup at all. Her figure was terrific, her delicious, plump rear end was covered by cotton exercise pants, and with her straight short hair, she looked very mature.

“What are you looking at?” Chen Ling Shan protested coquettishly.

“Huh? Ah! Nothing,” replied Zhao Tie Zhu with his usual innocent act. “I was just looking at your face to see if you’re hurt. Well, it was because you helped me. To repay you for saving me, let me treat you to dinner.”

“No need, it’s okay,” said Chen Ling Shan, preparing to leave. “I still have a matter to attend to. See you around.”

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