Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0005

Chapter 5 (Rascal, Oh! Rascal)

Chief Li was indeed loyal to his friend. He and his hoodlum security guards encircled Zhao Tie Zhu and Chen Ling Shan. Glaring at Zhao Tie Zhu, he said, “How can you beat people like this, young fellow? And you, you’re just a young girl, but you already are accustomed to using violence? Violence won’t solve anything! And now you’ve injured those people. Why don’t you both come with us?”

“Why should we go with you?” asked Chen Ling Shan discontentedly.

“Why?” said Chief Li disdainfully. “I’ll tell you why. I’m the Security Chief in this marketplace. You’ve made trouble here, disturbing the order of the marketplace. You can continue to resist, but in a moment, the police will arrive. Then we can see if you still try to resist.”

When she heard him mention the police, Chen Ling Shan’s face tightened. In this era, everyone was still scared of the police.

“What are you still waiting for? Let’s go.” Chief Li gestured to the hoodlums next to him. Several muscular, baton-wielding thugs reached out to grab Zhao Tie Zhu and Chen Ling Shan. After hearing the word police, Chen Ling Shan was stupefied for a while and did not even try to evade.

Zhao Tie Zhu frowned. He grabbed her hand and shouted, “What are you looking at? Quick, run!” He forced his way through and ran toward the outside.

Zhao Tie Zhu pulled Chen Ling Shan with him. She felt a great force on her hand, and she unexpectedly felt as if she were floating in the air.

The surrounding security guards had expected the two of them to run. They immediately attempted to hit them with their batons. Chief Li still shouted incessantly, “You beat people and still want to run? Our society has laws! Stop them!” None of the people in the crowd moved a finger, they just watched coldly as Chief Li barked his random orders.

One of the security guards reacted too fast maybe he was too eager to do his duty or something. Anyway, I also don’t know why he was faster than the others. Maybe he was very excited, thinking of his time at school practicing running, a skill he could now employ. After catching these two people, Chief Li would show his appreciation, and then he would surely rise in career, hahaha. Even as the bodyguard still daydreamed about this matter, Zhao Tie Zhu, without even looking, let out a fast and furious kick! It landed right on the security guard’s stick. And by stick, we don’t mean the big stick he was holding in his hand, but the little stick between his legs… Anyway, that little stick obviously wasn’t as durable as the big stick. The guard instantly bowed like a shrimp and was sent flying away several meters. The pitiful security guard didn’t even get a chance to get his name mentioned in this story and was eliminated in an instant.

As a gap opened up, Zhao Tie Zhu accelerated. Chen Ling Shan felt as if she were weightless as he pulled her, her feet had left the ground and she floated through the air behind him. She gasped as she heard the sound of the wind in her ears. This beast ran really fast.

Zhao Tie Zhu was pleased. He gently rubbed her hands, and a rippling smile appeared on his lips. This Chief Li was very kind to give him this opportunity. If he didn’t repay the kindness, he wouldn’t live up the name of the Phantom.

Zhao Tie Zhu’s gaze swept about and he found that Chief Li was in front of him, not too far away. He suddenly exerted some force on her hand, pulling her body in front of him. His other hand quickly embracing her thighs, at the same time pushing with both of his hands. He unexpectedly held Chen Ling Shan up.

“Ahhh!” Chen Ling Shan was shocked by this action and gasped out loud. Unconsciously, she embraced his neck with both of her hands. Her pretty face was instantly covered by a red blush. Never in her life had she been carried by a man in such a way. How could this guy be so shamelessly rash? She glanced secretly at Zhao Tie Zhu’s resolute face, and couldn’t help but secretly say to herself, “Oh my, I never thought this guy would look so wretched…”

Zhao Tie Zhu noticed her gaze and felt joy in his heart. Ah, this chick must have been captivated by his resolute charming face. He immediately gave out a sunny smile. Little did he know that this smile had let Chen Ling Shan think that he was unusually wretched…

In a blink of an eye, Zhao Tie Zhu reached Chief Li. Chief Li hadn’t expected his men to be so weak; he hastily took out a stun baton from his belt and waved it toward Zhao Tie Zhu.

Zhao Tie Zhu planted one foot and then spun his body; his right foot flew high in the air, and a beautiful leg whip landed on Chief Li’s face. Glistening saliva spewed from his mouth, along with one yellow tooth. Chief Li flew out several meters and fell to the ground, howling like a pig about to be slaughtered.

Carrying Chen Ling Shan along, Zhao Tie Zhu dodged several times and managed to get out of the crowd. The security guards behind him were obviously too slow. Seeing him about to get away, some cleverer guards threw their baton forcefully at him.

Chen Ling Shan saw the sticks flying toward them, and was surprised. But before she had a chance to warn him, some of them had already hit Zhao Tie Zhu’s back. He let out several groaning sound, his face instantly turned pale. He staggered slightly a few steps. Then, as if mustering all his strength, he let out a big howl and sped out of the marketplace.

“Big brother Zhao, they’re not catching up. You can put me down.” Chen Ling Shan hurriedly said, seeing Zhao Tie Zhu’s face grew pale.

“It’s okay,” Zhao Tie Zhu said with his teeth gritted, “I can still make it. They certainly won’t let us off easily. It’s better to run away a bit farther.” His heart filled with joy, he unconsciously tightened his right hand. Since his right hand was supporting her firm thigh, the rich sensation gave him a burst of fluttering feelings. Chen Ling Shan obviously didn’t realize that even after being injured, he would still have undying desires. She simply looked worriedly at his pale face. “Although he’s a bit like a hoodlum, and a little wretched,” she thought, “he’s also very chivalrous.”

After running into a dark alley, Zhao Tie Zhu knew he could not go on any longer without arousing her suspicions, which wouldn’t be good. Although he was a hoodlum, he was a hoodlum with a high moral character. At least, that was what he thought.

He breathed heavily as he put her down. He slowly said, “Here… should… be safe.”

Chen Ling Shan looked at the person in front of her, and couldn’t help to feel a burst of guilt. It was to protect her that he had… She had completely forgotten, she was the one who tried to save him first…

“Are you okay?” asked Chen Ling Shan. “Let me see your back. I’ve studied Traditional Chinese Medicine.” She walked up behind Zhao Tie Zhu and tried to lift his clothes.

“No need, no need,” Zhao Tie Zhu said, hurriedly turning around. He would be finished if she took a look. Earlier, those few sticks weren’t enough to even tickle him, let alone injure him. “I’m fine, just a little sore. Let’s find a place to rest,” he suggested.

With a hint of guilt, she hesitated for a moment, then said, “Okay, let’s find a place to rest.”

Zhao Tie Zhu felt secretly pleased.

Half an hour later…

“Er… Big brother Zhao… I just said to find a place to rest, how come you brought me here…” Chen Ling Shan said uncomfortably.

“Hey, just rest. I’m used to eating while resting. Besides, it’s almost time for dinner, why not just eat something?” Zhao Tie Zhu laughed and handed her a menu.

“This…” Chen Ling Shan looked helplessly around at the steaming food. She hadn’t expected him to bring her to a restaurant. Never mind, she thought to herself, just eat some dinner first.

Chen Ling Shan ordered a few dishes. Zhao Tie Zhu ordered the restaurant’s special, Kung Pao Chicken.

“Ling Shan, are you originally from here?” Zhao Tie Zhu asked.

“No, I’m from Tianjin. I came here to study.” Chen Ling Shan replied.

“Oh? To study? You’re going to university here?”

“That’s right. I was admitted just this year.”

“Which university?”

“FJ University. Big brother Zhao, how about you?”

“Me? I’m also a student. Hahaha, I was also accepted into FJ University this year. What major are you studying?”

“Big brother Zhao, you’re also a freshman at FJ University?” Chen Ling Shan asked in surprise, “I’m taking Finance, what about you?”

“I’m also majoring in Finance! It seems we were really brought together by fate, fellow classmate.” He acted as if it was really a matter of fate. Chen Ling Shan didn’t believe it a bit and asked, “Then, when do we need to report in?”

“That… I forgot. I didn’t check…” Zhao Tie Zhu said awkwardly.

“Hmmph, I knew you were lying.” She pretended to be angry. He was just about to explain when the waitress brought out the dishes they had ordered.

“This Kung Pao chicken taste really good! I order it every time I come here.” Zhao Tie Zhu took another chicken leg and said, “When I was little, I had two younger sisters at home. Including me, there were three of us. Every time we ate chicken, mom and dad would buy another chicken leg to add into the pot so that we, brother and sisters, would each get one leg. But they didn’t tell me about it. At that time, I thought that a chicken had three legs, and it would hide the other leg behind its ass. It was until I was in the third grade. When I was appointed as the class monitor, during a field trip, we passed through a village and took a rest. To show off, I ran to catch a chicken. Then the teacher asked me what I was doing. I said I was looking for the chicken’s third leg. The teacher held his breath for a moment then said, you little rascal.”

“Big brother Zhao, you are a big rascal,” Chen Ling Shan said angrily. When she heard him finish the story, she immediately understood what he meant by the third leg. Her face flushed a red color, so touching.

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