Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0006

Chapter 6 (The Origin Of Phantom)

Zhao Tie Zhu ate the meal with a cheerful heart and left no food on the table. He hadn’t expected this chick, Chen Ling Shan, to have such a big appetite. She ate the food without any affectation. This big brother really liked that. He was secretly amused.

After finishing the meal, Zhao Tie Zhu wanted to ask Chen Ling Shan to go for a walk, but she said she had something to do. Not giving up, he still had the gall to shamelessly ask for her phone number when they were about to part. If there was an opportunity, they could find a lonely place to discuss Chinese Wushu more deeply.

With a toothpick slipped in his mouth, Zhao Tie Zhu walked down the road. For some reason, he had the feeling that he had forgotten to do something, but what? He thought for a long time, but he just couldn’t remember. It wasn’t until he got back to his villa and saw the big empty door frame that he remembered he had gone out to repair the door. However, he had broken the door apart when he smashed it on Zhao Lao Liu. Since it was beyond repair anymore, he shook his head and searched online to find a door installation company.

It was noon now. Zhao Tie Zhu strolled around the villa but didn’t see Su Yan Ni anywhere. That little police blossom should have left for work already. Bored, he walked into his room and turned on the computer. Suddenly, a QQ video call window popped up. His look became tense. Just when he was about to turn it off, a message appeared, “Turn off the computer if you have the guts to, but you’ll regret it.”

Ah, Zhao Tie Zhu gloomily accepted the video call. Shortly after, an image of a blonde foreign beauty appeared, wearing only a small tank top. Her full chest almost burst out from the poor support provided by the tiny garment. If you carefully looked, you would notice two pink bumps in the middle of each breast. This chick wasn’t wearing any bra. It really was… So exciting…

“Hi, Phantom,” said the foreign beauty looking straight into the camera and winking coquettishly at Zhao Tie Zhu. Normally, he would instantly be transformed into a werewolf, but this time, he actually felt a little depressed. Apparently, this foreign beauty was just like empty air to him.

“Hey, Phantom! Don’t be so cold every time you see me. Seeing you like this really hurts my feelings…” She spoke with a slight trace of resentment.

“Don’t be like that, big sis,” said Zhao Tie Zhu contemptuously. “You’re so experience, and yet you still pretend to be so weak? In this world, is there actually anybody capable of hurting the feelings of Dark Angel?” It turned out that this beautiful woman, Angel, was another legendary figure in the assassin community nicknamed Dark Angel. This Angel person was an expert in using various methods to kill people. With her appearance constantly changing, nobody knew what she really looked like. So Zhao Tie Zhu knew, this bitch might look alluring right now, but in a second, she could turn into a big hairy Russian. A few months ago, Zhao Tie Zhu and Angel were in the same small force while doing a mercenary job abroad, and they had saved each other’s lives. So, their feelings were still tied together pretty strong.

“You’re so rude… We haven’t met for quite long, don’t you miss me?” Angel let out her tongue, gently licking her lips. So provoking and alluring.

“I don’t. I’m no longer in the business now, why are you still looking for me?” Zhao Tie Zhu asked.

“I just heard some news, and I bet you’ll be very happy to hear it. So, I couldn’t wait to tell you. Ah, but who would have thought you could be so cold…” said Angel with an aggrieved look.

“If you have something to say, then say it quickly. Otherwise, I’m going to sleep.” Zhao Tie Zhu said while rubbing his eyes.

“Give me an intimate kiss in front of the camera, and then I’ll tell you.” Angel said playfully. Zhao Tie Zhu couldn’t help but getting goose bumps.

“Hurry up, say it. You know my patience is limited.” Zhao Tie Zhu eyes squinted slightly. Upon seeing this, Angel quickly said, “You’re really no fun at all. Hold on, I’ll get something.” After saying that, she turned around and climbed to the back of the bed. From the video, you could see that Angel was wearing a super short skirt with a black silk net underwear underneath. And when she bent, the whole scenery under the skirt was shown in front of Zhao Tie Zhu.

“This minx…” Zhao Tie Zhu helplessly gasped out a sigh. If he hadn’t worked together for some time and he was very familiar with her, he would probably have been seduced by her. But, just thinking about all the men who died in her hands, Zhao Tie Zhu couldn’t help but shiver.

A moment later, Angel seemed to have found what she was looking for. She got up from the back of the bed and returned to the computer. She lifted up a photograph and said to him, “You should know this person, right?”

Zhao Tie Zhu’s eyes instantly became fierce, a powerful murderous aura emanated from his body. Angel, who was on the other end of the computer, seemed to feel his monstrous killing aura, and yelled, “Damn, you almost scared me to death.”

“Where is this person?” Zhao Tie Zhu’s murderous intent disappeared as if it never appeared at all. His eyes returned calm, but in the depths of that calmness was a touch of extreme fury.

“He’s currently in FJ, should be in the same city as you. There’s an economic summit coming up in FJ where he will attend as a guest.” Angel replied.

“The Economic Summit? Understood. This time, I owe you one, Angel.” Zhao Tie Zhu took a deep breath and thanked Angel.

“I’m telling you, this time he employed five people from my organization to closely protect him 24-hour. You also know the capabilities of my organization, so, your stealth ability might not be useful. I advise you to deeply consider your actions.” As Zhao Tie Zhu’s former companion, Angel had accidentally discovered that he could become invisible.

“I’m not going to mess up.” Zhao Tie Zhu said calmly and turned off the video without waiting for Angel’s reply.

Economic Summit? It was scheduled for about half a month from now. He was very happy.

Si Ru, apparently God does have eyes. That Li Tian Feng finally appeared. You just wait. In half a month, I will avenge you. Zhao Tie Zhu gently stroked the string of beads on his hand. His eyes flashed with a trace of sadness as he whispered.

Suddenly, Su Yan Ni’s shout echoed up from downstairs, “Zhao Tie Zhu! How come you haven’t fixed the door yet? You’re not trying to keep my four thousand Yuan for yourself, right?”

Zhao Tie Zhu’s eyes changed, concealing the sadness immediately. He then yelled, “Do I look like someone short of 4,000 Yuan? You’re really looking down on me. I’m going to sue you for slander. You have to compensate me for these mental damages.” He said this as he walked out of the room. The string of beads in his hand slowly faded before completely disappeared.

Zhao Tie Zhu’s stealth ability had such a feature, in which he could make himself or things that were in direct contact with his body to be invisible.

Everyone had their own painful past, which they didn’t want or couldn’t bear to recall. Zhao Tie Zhu would sometimes let himself get lost in the midst of the secular world, so he wouldn’t have to think back on his heartbreaking past. It was during that time, he experienced a feeling of hatred, which struck to the bone, and caused him to walk the path of the Phantom, killing only kill those who deserved to be killed. In just a few months’ time, the name of Phantom resonated throughout the criminal Underworld.

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    Ugh, annoying. Killing only those who deserve to be killed. Stupid bullshit, why not just let your bad guy character actually be a bad guy? Always gotta be a righteous killer. More than that, when its setup like this, it’s dishonest. The author suckers us in by saying he’s this amoral killer for hire. Then once we’re in, they change it so now he’s all virtuous and shit. False advertising, I say.


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