Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0007

Chapter 7 (Luring Peeping Tom)

Zhao Tie Zhu walked out of his room, only to see Su Yan Ni standing downstairs, with a trace of anger in her pair of almond eyes.

“Hey, Aunty, where’s the fire?” said Zhao Tie Zhu to Su Yan Ni. He leaned sluggishly against the wall.

“Why haven’t you fixed the door? I’ll be taking a shower later. Without the door, how can I wash myself?” said Su Yan Ni.

“Oh? Nobody is stopping you from taking a shower, just go ahead,” said Zhao Tie Zhu, walking down from the second floor.

“How can I take a shower with the door open? What if someone’s peeping?” She purposely stressed the word peeping. Normally, even if a person didn’t have any intention before, but after hearing that, they might give it a shot. This was Su Yan Ni using the strategy of ‘Catching a Tiger Cub without entering its Lair’. Right now, she was saying to Zhao Tie Zhu that she was going to take a bath, and later on, she would deliberately make some sounds. If he was the perverted underwear thief, then he would certainly come to peek at her. At that time, she would heroically take the action and capture him.

“Pfft, who wants to peep at someone like you?” said Zhao Tie Zhu with a look of disdain. Then, he thought of himself as the landlord. Having charged so much for the rent, if he didn’t repair the door soon, it wouldn’t be appropriate, and people wouldn’t want to stay here.

Therefore, Zhao Tie Zhu picked up the phone and called 12580 and asked for the phone number of the renovation company. He made the call immediately. Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu had called someone to fix the door, Su Yan Ni said nothing further and went into her room upstairs, uncertain of what to do.

Soon after, people from the renovation company arrived and installed a door. It took less than half an hour. The price of the door, together with the installation cost, didn’t exceed 3,000 Yuan. He had made a profit of about 1,000 Yuan, which made him quite happy. Unknown to him, Su Yan Ni was already standing there. As he turned around to go upstairs, she said, “Shouldn’t you give me back that one thousand?” She reached out her hand.

“Hmm, I spent a lot of time today trying to find a new door. The one thousand should count as compensation for my hard work.” Zhao Tie Zhu quickly headed upstairs to avoid Su Yan Ni.

“Hmmph, I don’t care,” she said, glancing at him. “I’ll consider this one thousand as a down-payment for the three months of phone service. I’m going to take a shower. Don’t you dare take a peek!” Su Yan Ni turned around and went upstairs.

“This chick…” Zhao Tie Zhu smiled helplessly. Because she was so hot, he didn’t argue anymore with her. One thousand for three months of phone service was equivalent to more than 300 per month. Her bill wouldn’t exceed three hundred no matter how much she used it, so there should still be some surplus on the balance. He would still earn some profit, so he continued on upstairs, whistling a tune.

Just when he was about to enter his room, he saw Su Yan Ni walk out of her room holding a towel and head toward the bathroom at the end of the corridor. Being on her way to take a shower, Su Yan Ni only wore a white tank top with a trace of something pink underneath it. Beneath that, she wore only a pair of short training pants, revealing a nice scene of her snow-white legs. Zhao Tie Zhu expression revealed some frustration. This chick was clearly trying to come on to him. Did she really think that he could be so easily seduced?

Whether it was intentional or not, a black thong suddenly fell to the ground. Worrying that Zhao Tie Zhu might not notice, Su Yan Ni uttered a cry. When his attention had shifted to the thong, she pretended to be at a loss. She quickly picked up the thong and walked into the bathroom, her face flushed.

Zhao Tie Zhu frowned slightly. This little police blossom had tried to seduce him over and over again, could it be that she was attracted to his handsome figure? Although this was highly probable, Zhao Tie Zhu was more certain that she had another purpose. His words had repeatedly made her walk away in anger; with such a princess-like character, she couldn’t be like that.

Zhao Tie Zhu shook his head, resolving to forget about such things. He walked into his room.

Whoosh, the sound of splashing water came out from the bathroom. Zhao Tie Zhu twitched his mouth in disdain, this seduction technique was a just a bit too brazen! The bathroom door wasn’t closed tightly and the sound was so loud.

Considering you’re sincerely attempting to seduce me, if I don’t do anything, it would be unbefitting of my Phantom name… Zhao Tie Zhu smiled wickedly.

He left the room and walked slowly toward the bathroom. He didn’t attempt to cover the sound of his footsteps as if to tell Su Yan Ni that he was coming.

The bathroom door was a sliding type which now exposed an almost 3 cm gap. Steam wafted out from the gap, seemingly creating a magical lure.

When Su Yan Ni heard Zhao Tie Zhu’s footsteps, she said to herself, “This pervert can’t hold it any more, my big sacrifice won’t have been in vain!” Feigning ignorance, Su Yan Ni acted as she were simply showering herself, but she was really waiting for Zhao Tie Zhu’s eyes to appear in the gap. At that moment, she would catch him in the act, and then to put an end to him on behalf of the government and the people. At that time, as a fresh Police Academy graduate, she would make a name for herself as the person who exposed the sensational underwear thief. Wow! Ha ha ha ha, thinking of that, Su Yan Ni couldn’t help to laugh out loud.

“Damn, laughing so happily. Later on, I’ll make you weep.” Zhao Tie Zhu chuckled evilly.

Watching as the shadow outside drew closer, Su Yan Ni’s heart grew more and more nervous. She was still dressed, but her simple shirt and shorts were already wet from the long exposure to the steam. They now stuck to her body, showing off her attractive curves more clearly, revealing the pink bra, of which even the lace could now be clearly seen. Her short pants also wrapped her hips tightly, outlining a perfect curve.

Su Yan Ni’s face flushed red slightly. It was hard to tell whether it was because of the steam, or the excitement of catching the pervert, or because of her current half-naked state.

Zhao Tie Zhu slowly arrived in front of the door. He sighed secretly and thought, “You forced me to do this!” Slowly, he moved toward the gap.

The scene that met his eyes was the almost half naked body of Su Yan Ni. Zhao Tie Zhu barely just casted a glance at her when Su Yan Ni leaped into action. In the time it takes to breath, she rushed to the door and shouted, “Pervert, you have nowhere to run now!” She pulled the door open.

The scene in front of her let her stupefied. Zhao Tie Zhu was supposed to be on the other side of the door peeping, but not a single trace of him could be seen. How was it possible? Had she been hallucinating? Su Yan Ni looked around, but only the sound of wind could be heard. There was no sign of Zhao Tie Zhu.

Su Yan Ni didn’t give up. She rushed to his room. There was Zhao Tie Zhu, already leisurely lying in bed. Earlier, the instant she opened the bathroom’s door, he had made himself invisible and then quietly returned to his own room. He had never expected that the police blossom would take him to be a pervert; it was unbelievable. He was somewhat speechless. Suddenly, someone appeared at his door; it turned out Su Yan Ni. She was still completely soaked with water.

“Zhao Tie Zhu, why are you here?!” she shouted.

“This is my room, where else should I be?” He innocently looked at her.

“You were just…” Before the word ‘peeping’ slipped out, she closed her mouth. He was in his room, and the distance from the bathroom to the room was about ten meters. Even if he did peek at her, it would not be possible to get back to the room in such a short time. Was it really a hallucination? Su Yan Ni was full of doubts.

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