Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0008

Chapter 8 (The Second Tenant)

Zhao Tie Zhu looked at Su Yan Ni with a playful expression. This time I struck you speechless, let’s see if you still dare to look at big brother as a pervert. Tsk… Tsk… In this world, where could you find such a handsome and carefree pervert? Su Yan Ni looked at his expression, which read, “I need to be spanked.” Furious, she said, “What are you laughing at? Look at your perverted, kinky expression.”

“Ha ha, still calling me perverted? Look at yourself, dressing like this to take a shower! The way you shower is really unusual!” He looked at her from head to toe and laughed.

“Ahh!!!” At this time, Su Yan Ni just realized that because of the hurry, she didn’t even think about her appearance and was now standing half naked in front of Zhao Tie Zhu. Her face went on fire in an instant. Without saying another word, she turned around and fled.

Playing games with me? Big brother could bring you to climax with his pinky finger. Zhao Tie Zhu smiled wickedly.

Time passed by and in a blink of an eye, it was already dark. “Who is going to cook dinner?” Zhao Tie Zhu shouted.

“Can’t you do it?” Su Yan Ni responded from the neighboring room. From that afternoon until now, she hadn’t left the room.

“You’re a police officer; don’t you need to work in the afternoon?” Zhao Tie Zhu asked.

“Mind your own business!”

“Fine, I’ll prepare the dinner. What do you want to eat?”

“I’m not eating anything. If you wanna eat, just eat by yourself.”

Haha, Zhao Tie Zhu smiled helplessly. It appeared this woman hadn’t calmed down from this afternoon’s frustration. He got up, went downstairs, and left the villa.

A bit later, Zhao Tie Zhu returned with fresh vegetables and other ingredients. He looked upstairs, but Su Yan Ni still hadn’t come out, so he went straight into the kitchen.

The kitchen was fully equipped. Zhao Tie Zhu simply washed the vegetables trying to decide what to cook. When he was finished, he just started to prepare the food.

Before long, three simple dishes and a soup had appeared on the table. He sighed. How many years had it been since he cooked by himself? He washed his hands and shouted, “Dinner’s ready! Come down.”

Not hearing any response from upstairs, Zhao Tie Zhu didn’t call out anymore. He just sat down and grabbed a bowl of rice to eat.

“You’re really no gentleman at all. Can’t you just call again?” He had just eaten half a bowl of rice when Su Yan Ni appeared in front of him. At first, she hadn’t intended to come down. She knew if she did, it was same as admitting defeat. But, then, how could she catch this underwear thief? She was going to wait until Zhao Tie Zhu called several times and then bit the bullet and went down. But, who would have thought that he only called out once? So, she just went down.

Zhao Tie Zhu didn’t say anything, simply pointing at the chair beside him. Seeing that he had even prepared some rice for her, Su Yan Ni felt a warm feeling in her heart; this guy wasn’t really so bad actually. She sat down. After dinner, Zhao Tie Zhu began cleaning up the dishes. “Wearing a thong is bad for your health,” he said, “you should be more careful about that!”

“Zhao Tie Zhu!!! Go to hell!” Su Yan Ni yelled. A pair of chopsticks instantly flew toward him. He dodged them, laughing, and with several jumps, he had left the kitchen. “Tonight, you wash the dishes!” he cried, running up the stairs.

“Zhao Tie Zhu, you just remember this.” Su Yan Ni clenched furiously the rag cloth in her hands. But her anger was more of because of embarrassment.

Zhao Tie Zhu whistled and went into his room. Suddenly his cell phone rang. When he picked it up, a sweet woman’s voice could be heard, “Hello, is this Mr. Zhao?”

“Yes, who is calling?”

“How are you? Is there still a room for rent?”

“Yes, you want to rent it?”

“That’s right. Can I come over now and take a look?”

“Well, okay, come on over.”

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Tie Zhu continued to ponder the female’s voice. With such a soft voice, he was certain that the voice’s owner must also be similarly soft.

Half an hour later, a knock was heard downstairs. Zhao Tie Zhu ran down to open the door and took a look at the woman standing at the doorway. Her spotless white cheeks and willowy eyebrows hinted a trace of softness. Her long hair was draped over the shoulders, and her body was wrapped with an unconventional style Cheong Sam (Chinese long skirt). Wearing a pair of sandals, her ankles looked even more beautiful. This woman’s appearance could really make a man drool.

Zhao Tie Zhu was a little bit distracted. He felt no inclination to joke, which didn’t happen often.

“Hello, my name is Cao Zi Yi. You must be Mr. Zhao,” Said the woman at the door in a soft voice, holding out her hand.

“Yes, I am.” Zhao Tie Zhu shook her hand gently and let it go right after. “Please come in,” he said.

Cao Zi Yi followed Zhao Tie Zhu to enter the room. At that time, Su Yan Ni, who had just finished washing the dishes, saw him taking a woman inside and walked over, curious.

“This is one of my tenants,” said Zhao Tie Zhu in introduction.

“Hi, I’m Officer Su Yan Ni,” Su Yan Ni said with a friendly smile.

“Hello, my name is Cao Zi Yi, I’m a painter.” Cao Zi Yi responded with a smile too. Then she looked at Zhao Tie Zhu and said, “Mr. Zhao, do you still have a room for rent?”

“No need for this formality, just call me Tie Zhu. There are still open rooms upstairs and downstairs. How many rooms do you want to rent?” asked Zhao Tie Zhu.

“One is good. I’ll choose the upstairs one, so I can enjoy the view. We’re near the West Lake here, and I intend to stay for a few months to paint.”

“Then let’s have a look upstairs,” Zhao Tie Zhu said, leading her up the stairs.

Su Yan Ni looked at Zhao Tie Zhu and couldn’t help but wonder if something wrong with this pervert’s head? Why was he acting so seriously?

When they were upstairs, Zhao Tie Zhu pointed to the room on his left side and said, “From this room, you can see directly the entire West Lake. Please go in and see.”

She went into the room and walked to the window. Staring at the West Lake outside the window, a strange look flashed in her eyes. She turned toward Zhao Tie Zhu and told him that she would take the room.

“Miss Cao, how long will you be staying?” he asked.

“Please don’t call me Miss Cao, just call me Zi Yi. I will stay for a half year. How much is the rent?”

“500 a month, included utilities. There’s also a swimming pool downstairs. The phone bill will be shared equally.”

Su Yan Ni, who had followed them upstairs, heard Zhao Tie Zhu’s words, and couldn’t help from rolling her eyes. This guy rented the room to her for 2,000 but rented to the other for only 500. Both were equally beautiful women, but the difference was really too much.

“So cheap?” said Cao Zi Yi, surprised.

“Yeah, the rent should be paid for three months in advance,” replied Zhao Tie Zhu.

“That’s all right. Here’s 1,500.” Cao Zi Yi took out a stack of money from her purse and handed it over to him. Without even counting it, he put the money away and said, “When are you going to move in?”

“I can move in right away. I’ll go to get my luggage.”

“Let me help you then,” Zhao Tie Zhu said and walked out of the room with Cao Zi Yi. Su Yan Ni, who was still standing off to the side, couldn’t help but say, “Aren’t you mistaken? Why is my rent so expensive? Am I not as good as her?”

“You? You’re better in every way. But, what I do is none of your business!” Zhao Tie Zhu laughed and followed Cao Zi Yi as she walked out of the villa, leaving behind Su Yan Ni who could only gnash her teeth in anger.

Shortly, Zhao Tie Zhu returned, carrying the luggage with Cao Zi Yi. After helping her settle down, he went back to his room and laid on his bed while staring at the ceiling. The villa finally had a third person. His happy life as a landlord was getting closer.

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