Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0009

Chapter 9 (Beating Someone to Protect the Tenant)

The next day, Zhao Tie Zhu slept until noon. After washing his face and brushing his teeth, he walked down the stairs to get something to eat. However, Cao Zi Yi had already prepared a meal and was waiting for him. Zhao Tie Zhu couldn’t help but felt a warm feeling in his heart. Other than his grandmother, no other woman had ever cooked for him before.

“Go wash your hands before you eat.” Cao Zi Yi smiled.

“Done!” Zhao Tie Zhu quickly washed his hands and then sat down at the table.

“When will Yan Ni come back?” asked Cao Zi Yi handing some food to Zhao Tie Zhu.

“Who knows,” he filled his mouth and said, “she’s a civil servant, she has to work overtime for the sake of the public.”

“Hehe,” Cao Zi Yi sat down at the table and said, “Why are you making fun of people?”

It was then when suddenly a noise came from the door. They saw Su Yan Ni opened it and came in, followed by a man.

“Well, Li Zi Qi, you’ve taken me home,” Su Yan Ni said a little impatiently to the man. “You can go back now.”

“Ai,” said Li Zi Qi, somewhat annoyed. “Yan Ni, it’s not like you don’t know my feelings, why are being so cold?”

“Don’t address me so intimately, our relationship is just an ordinary one between colleagues. I’m home now and want to eat. Do you want to stay and eat, is that it?” Ignoring Li Zi Qi, she put her bag down on a chair next to her. Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu and Cao Zi Yi were eating in the kitchen, she walked toward them. To everyone’s surprise, Li Zi Qi followed her.

“You’re really a terrible bother. I’m already home and still you’re following me? If you have so much free time, why don’t you go to find some criminals?” Seeing this shameless person following her inside, Su Yan Ni angrily turned around and was about to push him. He didn’t seem to notice Zhao Tie Zhu and Cao Zi Yi. With one hand, he grabbed Su Yan Ni’s arm and said, “Yan Ni, let’s talk about this calmly.”

Being grabbed in this way enraged Su Yan Ni; she tried to pull her hand back, but Li Zi Qi unexpectedly held her tightly, not letting her go.

“Hey, how can you just trespass in someone’s house?” said Zhao Tie Zhu, standing up. Still holding his bowl in one hand, he grabbed Li Zi Qi’s arm with his other and said, “Do you think you can just harass my tenant?”

Li Zi Qi felt as if he were being clamped by a set of pincers; a tremendous power crushed down into his bones. He immediately released Su Yan Ni’s hand and then stared at Zhao Tie Zhu, “How dare you assault a police officer!”

“Assault your ass!” Zhao Tie Zhu released his arm and grabbed him by the collar. Li Zi Qi struggled at once trying to get away, but Zhao Tie Zhu’s hand was firm as if it was an iron clamp. Zhao Tie Zhu slowly walked toward the door and said, “As a landlord, it’s my duty to protect my tenants from harassment and abuse of others. If you dare to come here again, I’ll happily sever all three of your legs.” Then, he threw Li Zi Qi out of the door. He flew several meters before dropping to the ground. With a “bang” sound, Zhao Tie Zhu slammed the door shut.

“Thank you,” Su Yan Ni whispered. It was clear she wasn’t in a good mood.

“It’s okay. Since you rent my place, you’re mine. It’s my obligation to protect you.” Zhao Tie Zhu said heroically.

“Who’s yours?” she shouted, clenching her two little fists. “Since when did I become yours?”

“When did I say that you’re mine? I said that you’re my guest. Could it be that you’re thinking day and night of becoming mine? Ah, my requirement for a girlfriend is very high,” he said in a teasing tone. “She must be gentle and caring. Someone like Zi Yi would do quite well.”


Seeing them argue, Cao Zi Yi quickly said, “Okay, okay, you two are adults. Stop acting like children. Let’s eat or else the food will get cold.”

Su Yan Ni stared at Zhao Tie Zhu and said nothing else. She sat down and ate in silence.

Before they could finish their meal, the door rang again.

“Open the door! Hurry, open up!” Someone shouted outside the door.

“What kind of person is that, not allowing people to finish their meal.” Zhao Tie Zhu put down his bowl and chopsticks and got up to open the door.

Several policemen suddenly rushed in, followed by the cold looking Li Zi Qi.

“He really comes.” Su Yan Ni felt alarmed. Li Zi Qi’s father was Li Gang, the chief of the Public Security Bureau. He relied on his father’s position to join the Public Security Bureau, and his personality wasn’t good either as he liked picking flowers and trampling grass (TL Note: a womanizer and a bully). Relying on having a good dad, he was a second-generation official. When he first entered the Bureau, he boasted that he would make a name for himself within one month. He didn’t make a good impression by himself, but considering his father, he could easily adapt in many ways. Being followed home by him like that just now had made her extremely angry. Even though seeing Zhao Tie Zhu threw him out of the door had made her somewhat calm down, but considering Li Zi Qi’s nature, he certainly wouldn’t let the matter drop. She never imagined that in this short time, Li Zi Qi would already have brought some people over.

“Cuff him and take him away,” Li Zi Qi said to the surrounding police while pointing at Zhao Tie Zhu.

Hearing his order, the surrounding cops took out handcuffs, walked toward Zhao Tie Zhu and said, “Mr. Zhao Tie Zhu, you are a suspect in the recent murder which occurred in the West Lake. Please return with us to assist our investigation.”

“Hey, skinny, how can you just arrest someone like that?” Su Yan Ni hurriedly cried out. The skinny policeman looked at Su Yan Ni and said, “This is an order from the Bureau, little Su, you stay out of it.”

Zhao Tie Zhu looked at the surrounding policemen, shrugged helplessly and said, “It seems that you’re determined to blame me, fine. I hope you won’t regret it.”

The nearby policeman handcuffed Zhao Tie Zhu and pushed him out of the room. They quickly got into the police car and left the West Lake district.

Su Yan Ni stared at Li Zi Qi, who stood in front of her, unable to hold in her anger. But, she was also stationed under Li Zi Qi’s father, so she couldn’t do anything to offend his son. Being in this helpless situation really made her mad.

“Yan Ni,” said Li Zi Qi, “you should think again about our situation.” He then got into the police department’s BMW X6 car and left.

“Asshole!” Su Yan Ni angrily took off the badge she was wearing and smashed it down on the ground.

“Don’t be angry. I’m sure Tie Zhu will be fine.” Cao Zi Yi tapped Su Yan Ni’s shoulder from behind. Her eyes calmly looked at the direction of the disappearing police cars. Somehow, she was sure that Zhao Tie Zhu would come back soon.

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