Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0010

Chapter 10 (In the Bureau)

Zhao Tie Zhu got into the police car and looked curiously around. He had never had the chance to sit in a police car before. Seeing this, the police officer next to him shouted, “Don’t act so strange!” and then threw a kick his way.

Zhao Tie Zhu didn’t try to dodge; he let the kick hit him in the stomach. A hint of a devilish look flashed out from his eyes, and an evil smile twisted the corner of his mouth. “You’re good,” he said with a smile.

“Whether I’m good or not, is none of your business,” shouted the policeman. “You really have such guts to mess with Li Zi Qi.” He was about to kick him again, but another policeman held him back.

Zhao Tie Zhu ignored the policemen and closed his eyes to rest.

Soon, they arrived at the Public Security Bureau. Two policemen shoved Zhao Tie Zhu ahead of them as they walked down. Li Zi Qi, who had already arrived, glanced at him, and winked at the person beside him. Then, he went straight into the Bureau’s main building.

“Hurry up!” shouted the policeman who had kicked Zhao Tie Zhu, pushing him forward. Zhao Tie Zhu kept silent, following the policemen inside.

After going through several turns, the police officers led Zhao Tie Zhu into a sealed room and pushed into the corner next to a water pipe. Then, they cuffed him to the pipe, making him standing there with no chair.

“Stay here and be quiet,” one of the police officers said, and then walked out of the room with the other officers.

Leaning against the pipe, Zhao Tie Zhu pondered the situation. It seemed this Li Zi Qi’s influence in the Bureau wasn’t small. In just a short moment, he could mobilize quite a few police to arrest him. Besides, hearing how all the officers listened to him, it seemed Li Zi Qi’s rank must be quite high. Alas, considering his new line of work, Zhao Tie Zhu couldn’t afford to make a scene.

After about half an hour, Li Zi Qi, now wearing a police uniform, joined by the police officer who had kicked him before, walked into the room. They both sat down behind a table. The police officer picked up a pen and with a serious look, asked, “Name?”

“Zhao Tie Zhu”




“See for yourself.”

“Behave. If I asked you something, then just answer it. Gender?”


“Do you know what crime you committed?”

“I don’t know. I only remember that I threw some trash out from my house. If I committed a crime, maybe it was littering.”

Li Zi Qi’s face sank, and that policeman’s face also became sour, he continued, “Don’t play dumb. Don’t think we don’t know what you did!”

“Hey! I really don’t know what crime I committed.”

“Today, we received a report of a homicide at the West Lake. According to witness description, the suspect looks exactly like you.”

“If I said that I look exactly like your father, would you believe me?” Zhao Tie Zhu said derisively.

“Well, then let’s do this off the record,” said Li Zi Qi off to the side. The police officer in the monitoring room turned off the surveillance camera and then walk out of the monitoring room.

Li Zi Qi watched the camera on the wall. Seeing that the cameras had been turned off, he said ferociously, “So, feeling a bit arrogant, are we? Now that you’ve fallen into my hands, let’s see if you can still be such an arrogant ass.” Having saying that, he picked up a baton and shoved it into Zhao Tie Zhu’s belly. Zhao Tie Zhu just stared coldly at him. He didn’t even frown when the baton hit him, it was as if the baton was only made of air.

“Seems you want to act tough.” Li Zi Qi smiled maliciously and continued, “Let’s see how long you can keep it up.”

With disdain in his voice, Zhao Tie Zhu said, “Longer than you, I imagine. You couldn’t even get it up to begin with.” (TL Note: the Author is making a word play. The character for ‘tough’ was the same as ‘hard/stiff’. So, you know what Zhao Tie Zhu meant.)

“Fine, then. Even facing death, you still don’t want to confess.” Li Zi Qi’s eyes were filled with killing intent. He walked around the table and took an electric Taser out from the drawer. When he turned it on, the electricity made crackling sounds. Blue lights from the electricity reflected on Li Zi Qi’s face, making him looked even grimmer.

“Buzz!” The electric Taser struck directly on Zhao Tie Zhu’s belly, which made him frown slightly. In the end, would he need to do some killing to get out of here? Would he finally be able to live a happy life as a landlord, or would it all be gone? If Li Zi Qi had known that Zhao Tie Zhu frowned because he was considering whether to kill them or not, he might think that Zhao Tie Zhu was some sort of demon right now.

Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu frown, Li Zi Qi was happy and was about to increase the power output of the Taser. Suddenly, Zhao Tie Zhu’s cell phone, which they had confiscated, rang.

Li Zi Qi turned around to look at the phone on the table and gesturing to the other police to check. The policeman picked up the phone and said, “It’s someone named Ray.”

“Who is this Ray person? Is he your partner in crime?” asked Li Zi Qi.

“Ray…” Zhao Tie Zhu whispered, “Can’t you ask for yourself?”

“Still not answering?” Li Zi Qi once again used the Taser on Zhao Tie Zhu and then picked up the cell phone and pressed the answer key. Immediately, a loud and clear voice could be heard on the other end of the phone. “Tie Zhu, where are you now? I’ve come to FJ.”

“Hello, this is the FJ Police Department. What relationship do you have with Zhao Tie Zhu?” Li Zi Qi asked coldly. There was paused, and then, “What crime did Tie Zhu commit?”

“He is a suspect for a homicide case and is currently with us under investigation. What is your relationship with him?” The phone went silent for a long time, and ten seconds later, the person on the other side said, “I’m his brother.” Then he ended the call.

At this time, at the FJ train station, a young man about two meters tall, dressed in a camouflage uniform, looked gloomy at the phone. These small fish could catch Brother Tie Zhu? What a joke. It seemed that Brother Tie Zhu was in trouble. The young man carried a huge duffel bag in one hand, and his phone in the other. He quickly dialed a number.

“Tell me the truth. What’s the relationship between you and this Ray person?” Li Zi Qi asked with a dark face.

“Him? He’s just my brother.” Zhao Tie Zhu answered, his face showed a nostalgic look.

“What does he do?” Li Zi Qi asked.

“He’s just a troubled kid,” said Zhao Tie Zhu laughing.

Li Zi Qi signaled the police behind him with his eyes, and the two of them walked out the room. Outside, he asked, “Didn’t you say that Zhao Tie Zhu is an orphan? How come now suddenly he has a brother?”

“He is an orphan,” replied the police officer. “I did check his background. It must be one of his good friends.”

Li Zi Qi felt relieved. When he’d got back at the station earlier, he had asked them to do a careful background check on Zhao Tie Zhu. After all, it wasn’t easy to buy a villa in the West Lake district. Li Zi Qi was a person who would plan ahead before acting. After finding out Zhao Tie Zhu was an orphan without any power backing him up, he immediately brought his people to the West Lake District.

Li Zi Qi entered the room again and then said, “I wanna see how long you can still hold on.” He picked up the electric Taser and hit Zhao Tie Zhu with it.

He electrocuted Zhao Tie Zhu repeatedly a dozen times, but Zhao Tie Zhu didn’t let out a single sound. Li Zi Qi couldn’t help but become angrier. “Bring me a bucket of water.”

The policeman who had accompanied Li Zi Qi hurriedly went to get a bucket of water. Li Zi Qi held Zhao Tie Zhu’s hands behind his back and pushed him down next to the water bucket, and said, “Now you’ll see that I’m not fooling around.” He grabbed Zhao Tie Zhu’s hair and was about to push his head into the basin.

Just then, the sound of cars could suddenly be heard outside the Public Security Bureau’s entrance. Zhao Tie Zhu smiled. He’s here, finally.

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