Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0014

Chapter 14 (Li Ling Er Arrives)

Zhao Tie Zhu walked back slowly to the outer wall of the villa. Stomping one foot, he jumped up, and just like that, had jumped over the wall, which was two or three meters high. With another leap, he was already across the pool. When he leaped again, he reached the second floor.

At the moment, Su Yan Ni and Cao Zi Yi were still playing computer games downstairs. Standing on the balcony, Zhao Tie Zhu gazed off into the distance, lost in his thought. If the personal guard of the Commander was already that awesome, then in all China, how many experts were there with supernatural or hidden talent? Furthermore, the dragon rank that the old man mentioned before, he had heard of it. But, he never expected that with his power, he would only rank as the fifth position in the dragon rank. That meant there were four more people who the old man considered better than him! Zhao Tie Zhu was secretly surprised, but, wasn’t worried at all. He hadn’t even used his invisibility skill in the match just now, and furthermore, his power gradually grew every day. Since the day he was struck by the lightning until now, who knew how much his strength has growth? And not only that, along with the strength growth, came greater speed and explosive power. It could be likened to using one power to solve ten matters. In a few more years, his strength would nearly double. At that time, who would be able to match him? If he punched his fist, no matter what dragon rank or tiger rank, they would all be sent flying to the clouds. Zhao Tie Zhu gave an unconcerned shrug and turned around to walk back into his room.

At that moment, his eyes were suddenly attracted by an object on the clothes hanger at the edge of the balcony. It turned out that Su Yan Ni had somehow hung a thong there to dry, as well as a black laced bra. Just like that, they fluttered back and forth, blown by the wind. So provocative…

He let out a smile. So, this little girl hadn’t given up on seducing him? When did he ever act like a pervert to cause her to become so obsessed? Zhao Tie Zhu helplessly walked back into his room.

At this time, Su Yan Ni, who was in the living room, glanced upstairs out of the corner of her eye. Although Zhao Tie Zhu had stood up for her this afternoon, as a police officer, she couldn’t allow her personal feelings to interfere with her duty. Having seen him come back this evening together with someone who looked troublesome, she didn’t give up her resolve. Thus, she had hung her underwear up on the balcony. If he were to do something, then she would easily capture this underwear thief. However, in her heart, there was a burst of conflict and contradiction. She didn’t know exactly why she felt like that.

The night passed silently. Su Yan Ni woke up early and saw her underwear still fluttering there on the balcony. She couldn’t help but sigh in relief. Perhaps, that guy really wasn’t the underwear thief.

“You know, Yan Ni, don’t you think it’s indecent to hang those things out just like that?” Zhao Tie Zhu laughed. Somehow, he was already on the balcony, pointing at the underwear.

“Mind your own business. Humph, pervert.” Su Yan Ni hurriedly went to the balcony and put the underwear away.

Zhao Tie Zhu looked at the time on his phone. It was already nine o’clock. Director Li’s daughter’s plane arrived at ten. It was about time to leave.

After saying goodbye to Cao Zi Yi, he went out and took a cab to the airport.

FJ airport was built a decade ago. As the largest airport in the entire province, there were countless of flights coming and going daily.

Zhao Tie Zhu stared at the electronic display board on the wall. In a moment, the plane carrying Director Li’s daughter would land. When he heard the broadcast informing of the arrival, he quietly waited at the exit.

Guessing that it should be about time, Zhao Tie Zhu dialed a number.

“Hello, who’s this?” The voice on the phone turned out to be somewhat child-like.

Zhao Tie Zhu hesitated a moment and looked at the number; it should be the correct number. He said, “I’m Zhao Tie Zhu. Are you Director Li’s daughter?”

“Yes. Are you here to pick me up? I’ll be at the exit soon. By the way, my name is Li Ling Er. Where are you?”

“I’m at the exit. When you see the most handsome guy, that would be me.” Zhao Tie Zhu laughed.

“The most handsome one? How come I don’t see any, there’s only a bunch of uncles.”

Zhao Tie Zhu watched the crowd coming out at the exit. Suddenly, he saw a girl wearing a blue dress holding a cell phone and looking around.

“Are you the one wearing the blue dress?” Zhao Tie Zhu asked.

“Yes, where are you?”

“Here~!” Zhao Tie Zhu cried out facing Li Ling Er, raising his hand.

When she saw him waving his hand, she said on the phone, “Are you the one waving his hand and looks like an idiot?”

Snap, Zhao Thie Zhu turned off the phone.

Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu turn off his phone, Li Ling Er didn’t get angry. Taking a few steps, she had already arrived in front of him. He studied this girl for a while, who by the age of twenty years of age could already become a researcher. What he saw was a girl with a doll-like face, and a pair of large crystal eyes that revealed her innocence. Her skin looked fragile and had a milky-white color. She had a bell-shaped hairstyle and her blue dress was embroidered with Winnie the Pooh. A cartoon style backpack hung at her back. Although she looked like a Lolita, her chest was plump, not inferior to Su Yan Ni’s. Furthermore, it was also firm and perky; it looked as if there were two balls wrapped inside the blue dress. Such a baby-faced girl with a big breast. She was much more attractive than his teacher, Mrs. Cang.

“Are you the one who will protect me?” asked Li Ling Er innocently, like a small child.

“Yes, my name is Zhao Tie Zhu.” Zhao Tie Zhu took the luggage that Li Ling Er was pulling, then he said, “Let’s go home.”

“Brother Tie Zhu, where are we staying?” asked Li Ling Er.

“At my house.”

“Oh no, how can a man and a woman stay together in the same place? Brother Tie Zhu, could it be that you have some ill intention? Maybe something like harassing me in the middle of the night?”

“…. There are also another two people living there.”

“Oh no, the three of you would harass me all together then?”

“…. The other two people are women.”

“Oh no, Brother Tie Zhu, you’re so awesome. Threesome!”

“……” Zhao Tie Zhu decided not to speak. He had no idea what the girl was thinking. How could such a pure guy like him have a threesome? That wouldn’t give him any sense of accomplishment. It should be with three or four women at once. Hey, thinking of the person in front of him, together with the other two women, tsk tsk. If he could do it with these three women, he wouldn’t have any regrets in his life.

“Oh no, brother Tie Zhu. Your smile is so perverted.”

“What are you talking about?” Zhao Tie Zhu yelled, his face reddening. “Come on, let’s go. Don’t talk nonsense.”

Taking a taxi, they got back to the villa. Su Yan Ni had already left for work, and Cao Zi Yi was out painting. Zhao Tie Zhu said to Li Ling Er, “For now, you should stay here. Just say you’re an ordinary tenant. This is for your own safety, okay?” She nodded. Carrying the luggage on his shoulder, Zhao Tie Zhu went to the second floor and said, “Come with me into the room.”

“Oh no, brother Tie Zhu. I just arrived and you already ask me to go into the room. You’re not attempting to do something, are you?”

Did the brains of geniuses work differently than normal people? Zhao Tie Zhu was getting frustrated, “Come, I’ll take you to the room you’re going to stay in.”

“Okay.” Li Ling Er laughed, following him upstairs.

He had decided to give her the room across from his own. That way, if something happened, he could get there right away. After putting her luggage down, he asked her, “When are you going to register at FJ University?”

“Soon. I need to register within three days. Brother Tie Zhu, are you going to study together with me?”

“Yes. At that time, we’ll go together,” replied Zhao Tie Zhu.

“Brother Tie Zhu, I want to take a shower first. Where’s the bathroom?” asked Li Ling Er.

“Over there,” he said, pointing to the bathroom, “Go take a shower. I’m going downstairs to cook something. What do you want to eat?”

“I want fried eggs. Brother Tie Zhu, let me tell you a joke. A man went to a lingerie shop to buy some underwear for his girlfriend, but he didn’t know his girlfriend’s size. So, the sales attendant asked him if her’s was big as an apple. Smaller, he said. As big as an orange, then? Smaller. As big as an egg? Yes, yes, as flat as a fried egg. Ha ha ha ha ha, this joke is killing me.”

The corner of his mouth twitched. Without saying anything, he went downstairs.

Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu ignoring her, she didn’t become angry. She took some clothes from her luggage and went to take a shower.

“Brother Tie Zhu.”

“What’s the matter?”

“I forgot my towel. Can you please get it for me? It’s in my luggage.”


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