Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0015

Chapter 15 (Is It The Underwear Thief?)

“Get it yourself. There’s no one upstairs,” shouted Zhao Tie Zhu. He found this girl to be a bit nuts, so he decided it would be better if he didn’t mess with her. Instead, he simply ignored her. Although her baby face and big breasts were quite tempting, she had a weird disposition. So creepy.

“Brother Tie Zhu, please hurry. I’m already naked, it would be embarrassing.” Li Ling Er pleaded, “Please…” Her voice was so soft; it made him feel limp to the bone.

“This….” There was a battle of Heaven and Earth inside him. “No way, I’m the great Phantom, why should I be afraid of a little girl? Since she asked me to get it, then I’ll just get it!” He was determined, a firm look filling his eyes as if he was going to do something to save all humanity.

He took a deep breath and hurriedly ran to the second floor. When he walked into Li Ling Er’s room, he saw the suitcase and went to open it.

It was his first time to do something like this. It was a girl’s suitcase, what kind of things could be stored inside? Zhao Tie Zhu couldn’t help but feel a surge of blood bursting through his veins; a burst of turbid air spewed from his nose.

The first object that caught his sight was…… a cute little pink panty. Right in the middle was with a picture of a small rabbit eating a carrot. Tsk Tsk, looking at the carrot, his perverted mind had pictured something somewhat dirty.

“Don’t look at it! I shouldn’t look at it,” he said to himself. As a decent person, how could he look at this kind of thing? He was only looking for a towel.

Tearing his gaze away, he saw another pink lingerie…

This little girl, why does she only wear pink stuff? “Acting cute like that. Ah, it really fits my taste. Ha ha…” He secretly said to himself, putting the underwear aside. “Huh? Why can’t I find any towel?” Zhao Tie Zhu wondered, flipping through the contents of the suitcase.


Suddenly, a screaming sound filled the air.

“Zhao Tie Zhu, you really are the underwear thief!!!”

Zhao Tie Zhu abruptly turned around and found that Su Yan Ni had somehow snuck up behind him.

Then he looked back at his hand, which was holding the pink lingerie. He felt a bitter sensation in his throat. This… Even ‘jumping into the Yellow River to cleanse one’s sins’ wouldn’t clear up this matter. (TL Note: To jump into the Yellow River to cleanse one’s sins is a phrase that means to clear up a matter.)

“I didn’t expect you would really be a wolf in a sheep’s clothing!!! I was wrong about you!!! Surrender yourself.” Su Yan Ni took out a pair of handcuffs from her waist and pounced toward Zhao Tie Zhu.

Watching the fast moving Su Yan Ni, he felt tangled. He couldn’t hit her since she was a woman and also his own tenant. But, if he just gave up, then he would look even more guilty. What to do?

However, there was no time to think about it. Su Yan Ni was getting closer, so he put the pink lingerie back into the trunk and dodged backward.

It wasn’t clear whether she was excited about catching Zhao Tie Zhu red-handed, or because she was angry. In any case, she made her pounce without thinking about her own safety and was rather too obvious in her movements. She didn’t expect him to dodge that fast, and she just pounced into empty air, and then she fell to the ground.

Ignoring the pain from bumping her chest, she stretched forward to seize Zhao Tie Zhu’s feet.

At this time, he had countless ways to get rid of her in an instant, but he couldn’t do that. He watched wistfully at his feet being caught by Su Yan Ni. She exerted some strength. And being pulled off guard, he fell flat on his back.

She used the momentum to pull herself forward, half of her body pressed down onto Zhao Tie Zhu. Pushing up with her hands, she moved to sit on his stomach.

“Let’s see you escape now.”

“You know, Ms. Su, this is very unsightly.” He simply rested his hands beneath his head, watching her.

Su Yan Ni’s quick reaction left her positioned in an ambiguous position. Her hips looked almost as if she was riding on top of Zhao Tie Zhu. Even more embarrassing was that she was currently still in her police uniform, with a short skirt and black silk stockings covering her legs. Since today was quite warm, she didn’t wear any pantyhose in the traditional sense, just black silk net stockings. Right now, her legs were in an opening position since she pressed him down the waist. All of a sudden, the scenery inside her skirt was unfolded without reservation in front of Zhao Tie Zhu.

“You!! Don’t look! Turn your head away.” Su Yan Ni shouted.

“Hmmm, the red ones, huh? You act like I’m the one who wanted to see, but you’re the one who forced me to look?” He said in a low voice and turned his head away to the side.

“What did you say?” Su Yan Ni’s face was somehow both pale white and bright red at the same time. Her hands were faintly trembling as she held the handcuffs.

“Ah, brother Tie Zhu,” Li Ling Er shouted when she saw Zhao Tie Zhu. “What are you two doing!?” She suddenly appeared in the front of the room, drying her hair with a towel.

“Hey, Ling Er, you have really put me in a bad situation.” Zhao Tie Zhu gave a miserable smile, “You’re holding your towel, why did you ask me to get it?”

“Oh, after considering it, I realized it’s a gender sensitive matter. So, I got it myself already. What’s the matter, brother Tie Zhu? I wasn’t disturbing you with this sister, was I?” said Li Ling Er.

“There’s nothing to disturb. But, why didn’t you say it earlier? Now, somebody thinks that I’m an underwear thief.” He looked at Su Yan Ni helplessly.

Li Ling Er covered her small mouth and exclaimed in a surprised voice, “Sister, how can brother Tie Zhu be an underwear thief? Just now, I asked him to help me find something.”

Su Yan Ni realizing that this was a misunderstanding; her face was as red as a monkey’s butt, and she hurriedly got up. Zhao Tie Zhu calmly looked at her and said, “Do I look like a sex maniac? Did you move in here because you suspected me of being a pervert and wanted to arrest me?”

“No way! Just now, I saw you snooping in someone else’s suitcase, plus you were holding someone’s underwear while smiling pervertedly. Who wouldn’t think you were an underwear thief?” Su Yan Ni adjusted her clothes and turned to Li Ling Er, “Hello, I’m Su Yan Ni, a tenant here. What’s your name, little sister?”

“I’m Li Ling Er, I just moved in today. I’m a freshman at the FJ University,” said Li Ling Er.

Exchanging pleasantries, the two women went downstairs holding hands to chat, as if they were good friends. Zhao Tie Zhu was left alone in the room.

He lay on the ground, recalling the pleasant scene from earlier. Tsk Tsk, this life was really pleasant. Ha ha.

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