Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0016

Chapter 16 (Disturbance In KTV – Part 1)

It was the evening, and Cao Zi Yi still hadn’t returned to the villa. At the moment, Li Ling Er and Su Yan Ni seemed to be getting along very well. Not long after they all finished dinner, Li Ling Er proposed that they go to KTV to sing, which Su Yan Ni agreed to. Zhao Tie Zhu had originally planned to go out with Ray for a drink. But seeing two out of three people had already agreed, he figured that as the landlord, he should participate in the social activities as well. This would be a good opportunity to ease the embarrassment from that afternoon, to get to know each other better, and to contribute to the social harmony.

Zhao Tie Zhu gave Ray a quick call. Since he was free, they agreed to meet at the entrance of “Golden World.”

Golden World was the largest entertainment place in FJ city. It had a KTV, bar, fitness center, and according to the rumors, it even had an Underground Boxing ring. But that was just rumor. Whether it was true or not, the common people wouldn’t know about it.

Zhao Tie Zhu together with the two women took a cab and had arrived early at the entrance of Golden World. The two women could be classified as the best among the beauties; a Lolita with big breasts, and the even more enchanting big sister with the same big breasts. Su Yan Ni had changed out of police uniform into a denim miniskirt. With her perfectly rounded white thighs, she attracted countless stares from the guys. It was really two beautiful pieces of scenery.

Su Yan Ni said to Zhao Tie Zhu, “I didn’t see that Li Zi Qi guy the whole day. Tell me, how did you get out of that situation the other day?”

“How else did I get out? Once I released my powerful and royal aura, Li Zi Qi and his underlings all became obedient and bowed down to me. So, naturally they sent me out nice and quietly.”

“Go to hell.” Su Yan Ni squinted at him with her beautiful eyes. Seeing that he didn’t want to explain, she didn’t pursue the matter further. It was just that today, several colleagues had given her strange looks, different from the usual. And when she asked them, they just shook their heads and didn’t say anything. It just made her heart itch.

At that moment, several sport cars approached from the distance and stopped at the entrance of Golden World. Several youngsters with fancy clothes and their hair dyed in varieties of colors stepped down from the cars. Zhao Tie Zhu looked at them with a squint. Tsk Tsk, so awesome. These cars were virtually all the types of cars that he knew, Maserati, Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini. They were really attention-grabbing.

The group included both young men and women. They laughed as they entered Golden World, making the people on the sidewalk to all glance at them.

Just now, one of the young men, who had dyed yellow hair, saw Zhao Tie Zhu’s group, especially Li Ling Er and Su Yan Ni. His eyes suddenly flashed. He quickly grabbed at several of his companions and pointed toward Zhao Tie Zhu’s group.

Those several people also glanced over, and a few of them even gave out surprised cries. They turned and walked toward Zhao Tie Zhu.

“Brother Tie Zhu, you have to protect us, okay?” said Li Ling Er, squinting at Zhao Tie Zhu.

“Well.” Zhao Tie Zhu sighed helplessly. Beauty really had an incredible destructive power. If he went out again with the girls in the future, who knew how many dramas like this they would encounter?

“Hey, beautiful, are you waiting for someone?” said the yellow-haired youngster, opening the conversation. After all, Su Yan Ni looked older than them. Or, were they trying for the younger one first?

“Yeah we are, what’s it to you?” asked Li Ling Er, tilting her head. Her naive and innocence appearance would make countless queer uncles bewildered. (TL Note: Queer uncle refers to a young to middle-aged pedophile.)

“Oh, nothing. Why are you waiting outside? Why not wait inside with us? What does your friend look like? I’ll ask someone to wait for him. When he arrives, we’ll bring him in.” Yellow hair felt his blood rushing; this chick in front of him was a rare masterpiece.

“No need, I’ll just wait with brother Tie Zhu,” Li Ling Er said, hanging on Zhao Tie Zhu’s arm.

Feeling the soft touch at his arm, Zhao Tie Zhu felt a burst of ripples in his heart, but he dared not to express anything on his face. Instead, he coldly said to the Yellow Hair, “We’re waiting for someone, leave us alone.”

Yellow Hair flashed a coldness in his eyes and said, “Where are you from, my friend?”

“Who’s your friend, you poser? You don’t deserve to be my friend,” said Zhao Tie Zhu, feeling contempt. He smirked inside. This was really such a perfect opportunity to play an act. Perhaps, Li Ling Er would fall for him after seeing him in such godly brave manner. When that time came, in a romantic situation with no one around…… Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

“Well, in FJ City, you’re the first person to ever dare to talk to me this way. Great!” The coldness in Yellow Hair’s eyes grew even more intense. Seeing that many people were looking at their direction, Yellow Hair whispered, “Just wait a while, and big brother will give you a good time.” Then, he led his companions into Golden World. The waiter at the door hurriedly came forward to greet him and smilingly said, “Young master Huang, you’ve arrived. We have prepared the best private room for you. Please follow me.” Yellow Hair pointed toward Zhao Tie Zhu and said, “Watch them carefully.”

“Yes.” The waiter smiled and led Yellow Hair and his companions into Golden World.

Seeing them leave, Li Ling Er released Zhao Tie Zhu’s hand. He then said with a smile, “Hey, you never know when they’ll come out again. You should hold my arm a little longer.”

“Pervert,” said Su Yan Ni despised.

“Oh, brother Tie Zhu, you’re so naughty.” Li Ling Er stood on her toes and gently blew into his ear and said, “Brother Tie Zhu, were you not hard just now?” Zhao Tie Zhu merely felt his sexual Qi upwelling, and suddenly his little Tie Zhu became alive.

“This minx.” He felt somewhat helpless. This Li Ling Er looked like a Lolita, but, sometimes, she was just the same as a **. Really… a feeling beyond describe. Ha Ha.

It was at this time that Ray drove up to Golden World in his jeep. After parking, he approached Zhao Tie Zhu and said, “Sorry, I’m late. There was traffic on the way.”

“It’s okay, we just arrived as well,” said Zhao Tie Zhu, laughing.

It was then that Ray saw Li Ling Er. Assuming this to be Director Li’s daughter, he adjusted his smile and said, “Brother Tie Zhu, you switched girls so quickly.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Ling Er, this is Ray, my bro.”

“Hello, Ray.” This time, Li Ling Er greeted Ray in a way a good girl should.

“Let’s go,” said Zhao Tie Zhu, and the four of them walked into the Golden World.

A hostess approached to welcome them. Zhao Tie Zhu said, “Give us a private room.”

“Okay.” The hostess picked up the radio to contact the front desk for a while and then said, “505. Please follow me.”

Zhao Tie Zhu and the others followed the hostess upstairs.

When they arrived at the room, Zhao Tie Zhu ordered two cases of beer and some small dishes and then asked the hostess to leave.

After she left the, she picked up the radio and said, “Tell Master Huang, those people are in room 505.”

“Understood,” replied the person on the other side of the radio.

“Come on, I’ll be the first to sing a song,” said Li Ling Er, taking the mic. Unexpectedly, she picked the Doraemon theme song and stood up to sing. As she was singing and dancing, her plump chest seemed as if it would break through the layers of clothing at any time. It shook Zhao Tie Zhu to the limit, sending his animal blood boiling.

“Ray, come on, let’s drink.” Zhao Tie Zhu single handedly popped open a bottle of beer and passed it to Ray. He opened another bottle and gave it to Su Yan Ni. She hesitated for a while before accepting it. After he opened one for himself, he clinked bottles with Ray and said, “It’s been too long since we drank together. Bottoms up.” The two of them raised their bottles, and soon the beer was already finished.

“Right, you remember that time? It was so hard to get a drink. And, every time we drank, we wondered if that would be the last time. I can’t believe we finally made it back safely.” It seemed as if Ray still wanted to say something when Zhao Tie Zhu gave him an eye signal and then glanced toward Su Yan Ni. Ray understood and didn’t continue.

But Su Yan Ni had caught Ray’s words and asked, “What did you two do in the past?”

Zhao Tie Zhu answered, “We broke into houses. You know, robbed, burned, killed and plundered. All kinds of unimaginable crimes.”

“Humph. If you don’t want to talk about it just say so. Forget it. Come on, let me get you a drink.” Su Yan Ni raised a bottle and then drained it.

Zhao Tie Zhu smiled helplessly. She didn’t even believe the truth. He picked up a bottle of beer and drank it up as well. Unfortunately, this beer was somewhat bitter.

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