Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0017

Chapter 17 (Disturbance In KTV – Part 2)

By the time Li Ling Er finished the song, Zhao Tie Zhu and Ray had each drained three bottles of beer. Su Yan Ni had also finished a bottle. Her little face was bright red, making her look charming in a way.

Li Ling Er put down the microphone and picked up a bottle of beer as well. Zhao Tie Zhu shouted, “Little kids are not allowed to drink.” Li Ling Er stuck out her chest and said, “Which part of me is small?” Zhao Tie Zhu looked at her helplessly. She opened the bottle and drank a mouthful. Because she drank too fast, she choked and couldn’t stop coughing. Zhao Tie Zhu patted her back and said, “You didn’t want to admit that you’re still small. Is this your first time drinking beer?”

“No, who said this is my first time drinking beer?” She slapped off his hand and drank another gulp.

He ignored her and just kept drinking. “Drink slowly,” advised Su Yan Ni. “No one is going to snatch your drink.” At the moment, Ray had already picked up the microphone. He selected the song “Gentleman’s Love”, stood up and belted out the song. With a two-meter-high body, he unexpectedly sang the song awesomely well.

After Ray was done, Su Yan Ni also selected a song to sing; her singing was just ordinary. Then she gave the microphone to Zhao Tie Zhu, “Come, you should sing as well.” He hurriedly shook his head and said, “I can’t sing. Why don’t you all sing? I’ll just drink some beer.” Refusing to comply with him no matter what, Su Yan Ni insisted he sing. Unable to refuse, he picked up the mic and selected an English song, “Hero.”

A melodious singing voice filled the room as Zhao Tie Zhu softly let out a humming sound. With the touching melody, plus his attractive voice, Su Yan Ni and Li Ling Er quietly sat down and listened to his singing. It was as if Zhao Tie Zhu poured all his feelings into this song, giving this ordinary music a breath of life; the bouncing notes seems to tell stories from his past. Su Yan Ni’s eyes grew brighter and brighter. What kind of past did he have to let him have such feelings? She suddenly felt curious about Zhao Tie Zhu. Li Ling Er was too influenced by the sadness of the song; her eyes reddened for a moment. On the other hand, Ray didn’t seem to think it was unusual at all. He just glanced at the two girls and thought, “Humph, my bro’s capability isn’t something you two little girls could comprehend or experience.”

It was then when a waiter ruined the moment by opening the door and walking in the room. She said to Su Yan Ni and Li Ling Er, “Miss, young master Huang invited the two of you to join him in his private room for a drink.”

Being suddenly disturbed, Li Ling Er’s face was full of anger. She yelled, “Get out of here! What kind of service quality is this? Can’t you see that we’re singing? Is this the kind of service you provide in Golden World?”

The waiter’s face expression changed, “It’s the young master Huang who invited you over…”

“Slap.” Ray suddenly already appeared in front of the waiter and slapped him in the face, “I don’t give a damn about any young master Huang or young master Bai. Get lost right now, or I might just loosen some of your bones.” (TL Note: In Chinese, Huang means Yellow, Bai means White.)

Looking at Ray’s huge posture, the waiter’s knees got soft, and without saying a word, he ran out of the room.

“Who is this young master Huang?” Ray turned around and asked.

“Just a bully. No need to worry about him. Come on, let’s drink. Yan Ni, sing another song for us.” Zhao Tie Zhu called out.

This time, Su Yan Ni didn’t argue with him. She just quietly picked up the mic and chose an English song as well. As if still immersed in Zhao Tie Zhu’s mood, she performed the song, which clearly was a happy song, in a tragic way.

Another bottle of beer vanished into his stomach. This kind of beer was nothing to him. When he, Ray, and Angel were drinking together, they would drink bottles of Baijiu. Only after drinking four or five bottles each would they collapse. Thinking about those times, Zhao Tie Zhu laughed. It was all in the past already, his current life now was also great. (TL Note: baijiu is a white spirit drink, similar to Sake in Japan)

Ten minutes later, the door of their private room was pushed open again. Zhao Tie Zhu looked up to see; it was that Yellow Hair. He walked in with seven or eight big fellows.

When Yellow Hair saw Ray’s thickly built frame, he was slightly surprised. His glance lingered on Ray for a while. However, Ray just ignored him, so he couldn’t help but feel anger in his heart. But since he still had something to accomplish, he suppressed his rage and smiled at Li Ling Er and Su Yan Ni. “Ladies, let me introduce myself. I’m Huang Ning, my father is the Vice-Mayor of FJ City, Huang Qi Fan. Let’s go to have a drink together.” After saying this, he continued to smile toward the two girls. From his experience, once hearing that his father was the Mayor, many women would go for him. He was sure the two girls in front of him would be no exception and waited to see the worshipping eyes of the two beauties. Nevertheless, after a long moment, the only thing he saw was Li Ling Er beginning to sing again, while Su Yan Ni continued to play dice with Zhao Tie Zhu. Not a single person actually paid him any attention, which really hurt his pride.

“Ladies, you’re really not giving me any face,” said Huang Ning, his look becoming a little ugly.

“You’re so shameless. Can’t you see we are currently having so much fun, but you keep bugging us? Crazy.” Li Ling Er cursed directly into the microphone.

“Stinking bitch! Say it again if you dare!” Huang Ning’s face became unbearable to look at.

“If you want me to say it again, then I’ll say it again. Wanna bite me? You’re crazy! Can’t you see that our boyfriends are here? Darling, this guy yelled at me…” Li Ling Er said to Zhao Tie Zhu in a spoiled tone.

Zhao Tie Zhu’s expression changed, and he looked at her. This time, he had become her “boyfriend.” Were it for real and he could do things a boyfriend could do to his girlfriend, then he wouldn’t mind it. But, she just used him as a boyfriend to piss that mother-effer off.

Sure enough, Huang Ning’s eyes glared at Zhao Tie Zhu as if he could stare him to death. Ray frowned and stood up. Zhao Tie Zhu, completely ignoring Huang Ning, just calmly drank his beer.

“What are you looking at? Your daddy?” Ray yelled.

“Ray, don’t say that. I don’t have a son like him,” said Zhao Tie Zhu slowly.

“F*ck, what are you guys standing here for?” roared Yellow Hair angrily. “Can’t you see them cursing me? Go beat the crap out them! I’ll take responsibility if you kill them. And get those two girls for me. I think they’re drug dealers!”

Having received their orders, the handful of strong men moved forward. They grabbed some bottles off the floor and swung them toward Zhao Tie Zhu.

Ray looked at them coldly and moved across to stand in front of Zhao Tie Zhu.

“Don’t kill anybody,” whispered Zhao Tie Zhu. Then he glanced at the nervous Su Yan Ni and said, “Come on, let’s keep playing dice.”

Su Yan Ni was about to scold Zhao Tie Zhu for being so calm. Couldn’t he see that those people were going to pound his head in? Counting on her own skills, she estimated that she could barely deal with just one person. And now, with this situation… Su Yan Ni took her phone and was about to call the people in her office to come for rescue.

Zhao Tie Zhu reached out her hands and said, “Don’t underestimate Ray.”

Ray took a step forward. Bang! Just stomping on the floor with his one foot had actually caused such a loud bang. Boom! With just a punch, the frontmost person was sent flying. His body, which looked to weigh about 200 pounds, smashed directly against the wall with a loud echoing sound. Crash! A bottle landed on Ray’s back. The hint of blood-thirsty smile twisted the corner of his mouth, and with one hand, he grabbed the guy’s head who attacked him from behind. With a booming sound, the man crashed onto the floor. He lay there twitching a few times and then no longer moved.

Ray kicked the third person, sending him flying into the air. The fourth person was knocked to the ground by an elbow; it was hard to say whether or not he was dead.

All the people brought over by Huang Ning were knocked out in the blink of an eye!!! What an extremely powerful force! Ray stood in front of Huang Ning and looked at him with disdain in his eyes, just like an enormous dragon looking at an insect. As if his body was pressed down by Mount Tai, Huang Ning’s feet couldn’t help but lose its strength, and he fell sitting on the floor.

“Just throw him out,” said Zhao Tie Zhu.

Ray grabbed Huang Ning by the collar with one hand and threw him outside. Huang Ning passed out in midair and smashed against the wall as if he was made of mud. A hint of some yellow liquid flowed out from his trousers.

After throwing all those people lying on the ground out of the room, he shut the door and returned to Zhao Tie Zhu’s side.

Su Yan Ni’s little mouth gasped in disbelief as she stared at Ray. He could only rub his head, feeling embarrassed under her gaze. He foolishly smiled, “Don’t look at me like that, it’s embarrassing.”

“Wow, you’re really a monster!” Su Yan Ni exclaimed aloud.

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