Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0018

Chapter 18 (Disturbance In KTV – Part 3)

“What monster…” Ray rubbed his head naively and said, “I’m just stronger, that’s all.”

“Just stronger?” Su Yan Ni said, gasping in admiration, “You’re a superman! Even the teachers at our police academy aren’t as awesome as you.” She pinched Ray’s arm, which was as big as her legs.

“Okay, okay, come on, Yan Ni. Ray, let’s have another round.” Zhao Tie Zhu raised the beer, interrupting Su Yan Ni, easing Ray out of his embarrassment.

Su Yan Ni picked up a beer, still trembling a bit, she said, “Tie Zhu, we should leave. That guy said he’s the son of Vice Mayor Huang.”

“What’s to be afraid of?” Ray drank a mouthful of beer and shouted, “If he still dares to bring more people, then I’ll just throw them out one by one.”

As if to respond to Ray’s words, just as he finished saying the words, the door was pushed open again for the third time. This time, it was only a middle-aged man with a grim look who walked in the room, followed by a person dressed as a waiter. As he entered the room, he glanced at everyone for a moment. When he saw Ray, he was startled for a moment. After all, a person with a figure like Ray wasn’t someone that could be neglected. The middle-aged man gave a meaningful glance, and could see right away that Zhao Tie Zhu was the focal point of this group. He didn’t hesitate and sat down in front of Zhao Tie Zhu, “Young fellow, your face is unfamiliar.”

“It’s our first time here,” said Zhao Tie Zhu, taking a sip of beer.

“May I ask your honored name, please?”

“Zhao Tie Zhu.”

The middle-aged man hailed the waiter and gave him a few commands. The waiter then walked out of the room, and soon came back holding a bottle of red wine and also a couple of glasses. The middle-aged man opened the wine bottle and poured five cups. He picked up a cup and asked the waiter to hand the other cups to Zhao Tie Zhu and the others. Then he said, “I’m Sun Zhi, the general manager of Golden World. I’m fortunate to meet some talented young people like yourselves today. I offer you my respect.” Having said that, he drank up his wine.

Zhao Tie Zhu swirled the red wine in his hand and looked at Sun Zhi, “You’re not here to throw us out?”

“Everyone who comes here is our guest, how could I do anything to harm my business?” replied Sun Zhi with a smile.

“Okay, we’ll give you some face today. Ray, bottoms up.” Zhao Tie Zhu drank up the red wine. Then, he said to Sun Zhi, “You’re very smart.”

Sun Zhi smiled and said, “I’m just trying to make a living.” He was inwardly glad. When he heard that Huang Ning was beaten by someone, he was about to bring more people to help Huang Ning. After all, Huang Ning’s father was the Vice-Mayor. Afterward, he heard from a waiter that someone here was driving a military jeep, so he took a few men to check. As a matter of fact, it was fortunate that he took a look. The military jeep’s license plate was that of FJ District’s Commander. Sun Zhi immediately realized that the people who had beaten Huang Ning and his group would not likely have smaller influence than Huang Ning’s. With the toast just now, and also considering that his men had taken Huang Ning to the hospital, he had as done everything possible to avoid grudges from either side. Although the owner of Golden World was also someone with a lot of influence, having a conflict with the Vice-Mayor and the military at the same time would still be troublesome.

Sun Zhi waited for the others to finish the wine and then said, “Tonight, all your expenses at Golden World will be on me. Everybody, please have fun. Now, I have some other matters to attend to. I’ll take my leave.”

Zhao Tie Zhu just nodded his head without saying anything.

After leaving the room, Sun Zhi made a phone call to the hospital to check on the injuries of Huang Ning and the other guys. Fortunately, after being examined in the hospital, they just suffered from bone fractures. At the moment, Huang Ning’s father, Huang Qi Fan had already arrived at the hospital. Seeing his son had been beaten into a coma, his face became unbearable to look, and he said to his secretary beside him, “Connect me to Golden World’s Sun Zhi.”

Just when Sun Zhi hung up the phone, it rang again. He answered the call and a faint voice was heard, “I’m Huang Qi Fan. Tell me about what just happened.”

Sun Zhi explained the situation as it was, and especially emphasized the military jeep with the Commander’s license plate.

When Huang Qi Fan hung up the phone, he couldn’t help but frown. Since when did the military have people like this? It seemed that a while ago, old Li’s son was also beaten by several military persons. Could it be that there was any connection between these two incidents? Huang Qi Fan instructed his secretary to connect him through Li Gang. It wasn’t clear what the two men were talking about on the phone. In the end, Huang Qi Fan said, “Teach them a lesson but do it secretly. You provide the people, and I’ll take care of any fallout.” Then he hung up.

Still holding the phone in his hand, Li Gang’s face was gloomy. He picked up a cell phone, which he usually didn’t use and make another phone call.

Two more hours passed; Zhao Tie Zhu and the others had already finished three crates of beer. Li Ling Er had drunk three or four bottles, and Su Yan Ni drank even more. Her face was like a peach blossom. Seeing that Li Ling Er was already a little woozy, Zhao Tie Zhu, who still completely sober, said, “Okay, it’s getting late. Let’s go home.” Su Yan Ni felt as if her feet were floating. She wasn’t a good drinker to begin with and felt quite drunk already. Li Ling Er was currently sleeping on the sofa. Zhao Tie Zhu tried to poke her, but instead, she rolled over into his open arms. He helplessly continued to call her, but she wouldn’t wake up. Having no other options, he put her on his shoulder, and they walked out the room.

Outside of Golden World, Ray said, “We’ll use my car.” Zhao Tie Zhu nodded. Just as he was stepping into the car, at that moment, from all four directions, a group of people suddenly rushed forth. Some were holding an iron rod in their hands, some were holding sabers, and some were even holding wall bricks in their hands. These people looked aggressive as they rushed directly toward Zhao Tie Zhu’s group.

“Ah, how come I keep running into trouble wherever I go?” Zhao Tie Zhu sighed helplessly. He reached out to push Su Yan Ni, “Go hide inside Golden World.”

Su Yan Ni’s face had turned pale. There were about a hundred people that were charging toward them, and every one of them looked so scary. She was just a small police officer who had just graduated from the police academy and had never been in such a chaotic fight. Although Ray was very skillful, in the end, they were short in numbers. Even if he was more skillful, wasn’t this too impossible. He might be able to resist five punches, but could he then fight back 50 people? Could he fight back 100 people? Even with a higher martial arts skill, he would still have to worry about the knives. Even with a greater martial art skill, they should still try to escape. But right now, under the influence of the alcohol, with her feet already weak, how could she run?

“Stupid,” Zhao Tie Zhu yelled, “what are you still waiting for? Hurry up and hide inside Golden World. Against so many people, I can still look after a person, but not two.”

“I’m not going!” said Su Yan Ni stubbornly. Hearing Zhao Tie Zhu’s commanding tone, she became courageous, mostly because of the alcohol.

“Crazy…” said Zhao Tie Zhu. Then he turned to Ray, “No mercy!”

“Oh yeah!” Ray’s eyes shone with a bloodthirsty aura. He firmly rushed up toward the crowd.

Carrying Li Ling Er on his shoulder, Zhao Tie Zhu walked slowly toward the crowd. Bang!

Both sides clashed. Unfortunately, the numbers were just completely uneven.

And yet, the outcome was shocking enough to cause anyone’s jaw to drop. Ray slammed into the crowd like a tank. No one could stop him in the slightest. With every punch, a person would fall. Iron bars and other items slammed into his body but were repelled by his huge counter-force power, causing wounds to appear on the hands of those who wielded them.

They didn’t know that Ray also had a nickname in the underworld: “Thunder Beast.” The rumor said that once Thunder Beast went berserk, he would shred to pieces everything that stood in front of him. His valiant name spread throughout the underworld.

Everyone saw this huge guy who looked like a God descending from Heaven, and felt fear in their hearts. Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu carrying Li Ling Er at his back, they quickly gave up on Ray and attacked Zhao Tie Zhu instead. From their viewpoint, this young man was an easy target. Even more, an easy target carrying another easy target on his back.

They would have never expected this person in front of them was the Phantom, an even more terrifying figure than the Thunder Beast. He got the nickname Phantom partly because of his invisibility skill. But on the other hand, it was also because of Zhao Tie Zhu’s “Evil” character. He was rumored to be an assassin who had made a pact with the devil. In just a few months’ time, he had slaughtered countless people. When the Phantom descended, Heaven and Earth would change colors.

Zhao Tie Zhu looked at the people, and a disdainful smile appeared in the corner of his mouth. With a flash, the surrounding people suddenly couldn’t see him. When he reappeared, he was directly in front of them. This was one of Zhao Tie Zhu’s first class unique skills, the Strobe Flash. His incredible power could let him move with a lightning speed. As he began to move, he would use his invisibility power, and after moving several steps, he would make himself visible again. By doing this repeatedly, it would make it looked like as if his speed was lighting fast. Although it had limited practical use, for him, this unique skill was matchlessly graceful.

Whenever Zhao Tie Zhu dodged, a man would fall. It was as if he were dancing in the air while carrying a weightless Li Ling Er. In her sleep, she revealed a hint of a shallow smile as if she were having a sweet dream.

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