Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0019

Chapter 19 (The One-armed Werewolf)

For ordinary people, it would be difficult to imagine that a single person could be so powerful. It wouldn’t be rare for a person to be able to defeat several people. But, for two people to each beat up dozens, even hundreds while one of them was even carrying a person on his back, well, that would be very rare. Fortunately, it was late already, and there weren’t many people around. And, those few people had already gone to hide, afraid of being caught in the middle of the chaos.

Zhao Tie Zhu easily dodged an iron bar hitting toward him. From the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of several people rushing toward Su Yan Ni. She seemed to be so scared that she wouldn’t even budge. He frowned slightly. Within the time of a few breaths, he had arrived in front of her. His sudden appearance gave her a shock until she saw him smiling with a grin. Without even looking, his leg performed a back kick, and the person behind him was sent flying away.

“Don’t just stare,” said Zhao Tie Zhu lightly. “Go wait in the car.” As if her soul returned to her, she realized that she wouldn’t be of any help and ran to the jeep. He turned around to join the fight again. In less than five minutes, about a hundred people were already all lying on the ground, their weapons scattered all over. Ray walked slowly toward Zhao Tie Zhu and said, “It’s been a while since I’ve done any exercise. They’re all too weak, no fun at all.” At this time, Ray’s clothes were ripped in several places, and some wounds could be seen.

“Where can you find any experts nowadays? Next time don’t just clash head to head. If you meet someone weak, then it’s fine. But if you meet an expert, you’re the one who might lose,” said Zhao Tie Zhu, walking to the jeep.

Ray just grinned. As he was about to walk to the jeep, he suddenly turned back. There was a man wearing a black hat heading toward them, his body swaying back and forth. Ray looked serious and his muscles tensed. The man was also wearing a faded black suit, which had been worn for who knew how long. His eyes were completely expressionless. One of his sleeves was empty and fluttering, blown by the wind. Surprisingly, this man had only one arm!

When Ray turned around, Zhao Tie Zhu also heard the footsteps and turned around. When he saw the one-armed man, he whispered, “Ray, come here.”

As the one-armed man got closer and closer, Ray’s muscles became even more tense and fighting lust grew in his eyes. His whole energy rose up as if he were a tiger meeting a lion.

“Be careful,” Zhao Tie Zhu warned, “If I’m not mistaken, that person is the ‘One-armed Werewolf.'”

The one-armed man stood about ten meters in front of Ray and glanced at him coldly. He slowly said, “Thunder Beast.”

Ray loosen some of his joints and smiled maliciously, “You’re One-armed Werewolf. Who has influence big enough to call you out?”

“No one asked me. I just happened to pass by and saw Thunder Beast’s great power, I feel the itch to try you out.” One-armed Werewolf lit a cigarette and threw it toward Ray, who punched it directly, disintegrating it. One-armed Werewolf’s eyes suddenly became fierce; the pupils shrank to a size of a dot and emitted a faint green light.

“Wolf eyes? Just watch me break you!” shouted Ray loudly, and he rushed toward One-armed Werewolf, who already moving toward Ray with his hand stretched out into the shape of a wolf’s claw. Ray sent a punch over, but One-armed Werewolf’s speed suddenly accelerated, and he dodged the blow in a flash. With a leap, he clawed at Ray, and blood splashed from Ray’s upper arm. One-armed Werewolf touched his lips and then licked the blood off of his fingers. His green eyes shone more intensely.

Ray focused his eyes and turned around to rush toward One-armed Werewolf again as if his wound didn’t exist at all. One-armed Werewolf looked at him disdainfully. Their two silhouettes clashed, and another cut appeared on Ray’s body. After going back and forth a few rounds, Ray’s body was cut seven or eight times.

“Next, I’ll slit your throat.” One-armed Werewolf ran his finger across his neck with a slicing motion.

Ray ripped his shirt off and threw it on the side. He laughed and said, “Next, I’ll snap your neck in two.”

Almost simultaneously, the two of them accelerated. Seeing Ray was about to just foolishly throw punches at him like before, One-armed Werewolf revealed a hint of disdain at the corner of his mouth. He clearly thought that Thunder Beast was nothing. Just like before, when Ray’s fist was about to strike, he sped up. “F*** your mother!” shouted Ray.

One-armed werewolf seemed to be on the verge of completely dodging the punch when suddenly Ray opened his hand. Exerting all the power and speed he could muster, he grabbed the man’s neck. The muscles on his arm suddenly bulged, and he smashed One-armed Werewolf’s head into to the ground. Bang! To one’s surprise, the hard floor was split open.

“You son of a turtle,” said Ray. “If I didn’t lower my speed on purpose to catch you off guard, do you think you could have injured me at all? You can’t even defend yourself! You should change your name to Broken-necked Werewolf. No, it should be the Broken-necked Weredog.” As he spoke, his other hand punched the one-armed werewolf’s head over and over. What was it made of? Getting punched continuously by Ray, it unexpectedly didn’t burst open. This made Zhao Tie Zhu a little bit curious.

Struggling fiercely with his one hand, One-armed Werewolf managed to free himself from Ray’s grip. With a few leaps, he retreated a few meters away. He didn’t hold himself in an elegant manner like before. His crooked nose seemed to be broken, and his face was cut open in several places. His whole face was covered with blood. He stared at Ray with an indeterminate expression and then turned around to run. Ray wanted to chase, but Zhao Tie Zhu called, “Don’t chase him. You won’t catch him.” Hearing those words, Ray stopped his movement and turned around to approach Zhao Tie Zhu, “That f-er is too fast,” he said. “He can change his speed instantly. To catch him really won’t be easy.”

Zhao Tie Zhu shook his head, “He should be faster than that.. Well, forget about it. Just take me home.”

When Ray got into the jeep, Su Yan Ni’s eyes were already flashing with countless stars. Her voice full of admiration, she said, “Ray, in the future, I will regard you as my master.” Seeing that, Zhao Tie Zhu immediately regretted not doing anything before. If it weren’t for giving Ray a chance to exercise, he would have knocked down that One-armed Werewolf within five moves. Ah! An opportunity to charmingly act the hero was gone.

Ray once again naively said, “Brother Tie Zhu is much more an expert than me. Why don’t you ask him to teach you?” Hearing that really moved Zhao Tie Zhu’s heart; Ray was really such a great bro. Zhao Tie Zhu struck an expertly pose and looked up to the sky.

Su Yan Ni looked at Zhao Tie Zhu with a despised look. “With his thin figure? Perhaps he can beat a few people, but not like you. You beat dozens by yourself.” Just now, of the hundred people, about seventy or eighty were beaten by Ray, whereas Zhao Tie Zhu only beat around twenty persons. Under normal circumstances, he could be considered powerful. But, compared to Ray, Su Yan Ni thought that the difference was just too much.

“Are you looking down at me?” Zhao Tie Zhu placed Li Ling Er into the back seat and then sat down into the passenger seat. “Even if you ask me to, I won’t teach you. With your physique, you’ll turn out to be a useless police officer. Ray, let’s go.”

Su Yan Ni punched Zhao Tie Zhu on the back a few times and shouted, “Quit bragging. Come on, let’s have a duel!”

“True men don’t fight dogs.”

“What! You’re calling me a dog! I’m going to kill you, Zhao Tie Zhu!”

With a wave of laughter, the jeep proceeded toward the villa. Seeing Su Yan Ni and Zhao Tie Zhu quarreling, Ray’s mouth revealed a charming smile, “Perhaps, this is indeed the life that brother Tie Zhu wants to live.”

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