Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0020

Chapter 20 (Registering As Freshmen)

Not long after Zhao Tie Zhu’s group left, Li Gang and Huang Qi Fan separately received phone calls from their subordinates. Their expressions became exceptionally serious when they learned that the group of roughly one hundred people had been defeated by Zhao Tie Zhu’s group. Huang Qi Fan said to himself, “Could it be that these two men were one of the Top Experts?” It was that night that Zhao Tie Zhu’s and Ray’s names became known to the top echelons of FJ City. That included not only the officials but also the underworld society.

However, Zhao Tie Zhu’s group wouldn’t care about such chaotic affairs. After they returned to the villa, Su Yan Ni bade everyone good night and went to sleep. Li Ling Er, however, refused to go upstairs. Having no other option, Zhao Tie Zhu had to carry her upstairs.

In Li Ling Er’s room, he was about to leave after putting her down. Suddenly, she grabbed his hand and cried, “Don’t leave me.” He was stunned for a moment and looked down at her. Her eyes were still closed and her face looked sorrowful. Was she dreaming about him? Zhao Tie Zhu smirked. At this time, she mumbled a few words, “Qing Di, don’t leave me.” He immediately felt down; the words obviously weren’t for him. Who was this Qing Di, to so heartlessly abandon such a beautiful girl? Li Ling Er held his hand up against her face. The exquisite feeling of it made his blood rush. He wasn’t an animal, though, and wouldn’t do something beastly to her. He simply lowered himself and sat on the floor, watching Li Ling Er. He didn’t pull his hand away, fearing it would surprise her.

By this time, Cao Zi Yi had come home. Passing Li Ling Er’s room and seeing Zhao Tie Zhu, she smiled faintly at him and nodded. Then, she went back to her room carrying her drawing board.

Leaning against the bed, his eyes were half shut, seemingly between sleeping and awake.

The next morning, Li Ling Er woke up from her deep sleep. She had slept so peacefully the night before. She rolled over and was about to continue sleeping when she suddenly saw Zhao Tie Zhu. She cried out in surprised. It was when she realized that she was holding his hand. She blushed.

Zhao Tie Zhu was already up by the time she awakened, but he kept quiet. Eventually, he pulled his hand away and said, “Don’t keep sleeping after you wake up. Get out of bed and eat something. Your alcohol tolerance is so low, but you wouldn’t stop. Seriously!”

Li Ling Er nodded. She waited until he left the room and then looked at the hand that had been holding his. It was as if she could still feel his warmth. Her face slowly returned to normal. She softly said to herself, “Humph, I’d let you take advantage of me.”

When he went downstairs, Cao Zi Yi was in the middle of cooking. He stood closely behind her and inhaled deeply, “So fragrant!” Only, he didn’t know whether the fragrance was from her body scent or from the cooking…

Cao Zi Yi smiled and said, “Go, wash your hands.”

Time passed like the flow of water, and a few days had passed. The day to register at FJ University had arrived.

Very early in the morning, Zhao Tie Zhu followed Li Ling Er to FJ University.

FJ University was one of the best universities in China, and also one with the most students because they accept students from all over the world. It’s not bragging to say that even a department of the university had more students than the entire amount of other universities. It was located in the FJ suburbs, occupying an area of thousands of Mu (TL Note: 1 Mu = 667 square meters). At the moment, in front of the FJ University’s entrance, two young people walked over from a taxi. One was a young beauty with a tight, white T-shirt and a bell-shaped hairstyle that made her looked completely adorable. The size of her breasts caused passersby to continuously turn to look at her. Next to her, stood a young man with a calm expression. His face was nothing special, but his eyes weren’t like the eyes of an ordinary young person. They were deep and vigorous. He just wore a simple outfit; it wasn’t sloppy, but wasn’t very eye catching, either.

These two people were Li Ling Er and Zhao Tie Zhu. “It’s really damn big!” he exclaimed, seeing the complex in front of him.

“Of course. FJ University’s campus is the largest in the country. They say it’s even bigger than some county’s district area.” Li Ling Er laughed. Her laughter sounded like silver bells that attracted many glances from others. A beautiful woman, no matter where she went, would always be the focus of attention. Zhao Tie Zhu sighed. He was a guy with such a potential; it was too bad that no beautiful woman hit on him. It seemed that not everyone could see through his outer appearance and notice his rich inner quality.

“Come on,” said Li Ling Er, curling her arm around his. Suddenly, numerous glances shot toward Li Ling Er. He sighed inside his heart. Once again, she attracted hatred toward him.

Being half pulled by her, Zhao Tie Zhu entered the FJ University.

Li Ling Er was enrolled into FJ University’s Foreign Languages Faculty. Naturally, Commander Chen had also arranged to get Zhao Tie Zhu enrolled in this department. The two of them were looking to the instruction board and found the registration point of the Foreign Language freshmen.

Su Can was a third year in the Foreign Languages department. This year, he arrived early to meet all the freshmen. Unfortunately, he painfully made great efforts and had to spend a lot of money to treat the counselor to dinner to get this assignment. As everyone knows, in terms of the number of female students, the Foreign Languages department is only second to the Economics department. The number of female students in the Foreign Languages department wasn’t ordinary. It was said that this year, of the one hundred people who enrolled in the department, eighty percent of them were females. This, of course, had made the still single Su Can extremely excited. He was aware that several of his fellow seniors had met girls during freshmen registration, and then fires had sparked. Bang! A burning romance. This had made Su Can to endlessly envious. Unfortunately, today he came so early to the freshmen registration, but only a few dozen had registered. He wasn’t sure if it was because the girls weren’t interested in him, or because they were a bit weird. In any case, he was now a bit drowsy.

“Excuse me,” he heard a girl say. Her voice sounded intellectual. “Is this where I register as a Foreign Language freshmen?”

Su Can dispiritedly opened his eyes and handed a form to Li Ling Er. As his gaze met hers, a burst of light shone out from within his eyes. As if it had filled him with energy, he abruptly sat up straight and, using his most charming voice, said, ”Junior sister, come, come, please sit down while you fill out the form. Don’t stand there, it’s a hot day today. Oh, right, let me introduce myself. I’m Su Can, a third-year student here in the Foreign Languages department. You can just call me senior. What’s your name, junior sister?”

“Hello, senior. My name is Li Ling Er.” She spoke softly, with a tone that made his bones grow limp. It was then that Su Can noticed Zhao Tie Zhu standing next to her, which made his heart sink. Could it be that she was already taken?

After filling out the form, she handed it back to Su Can. Not obviously pointing toward Zhao Tie Zhu, he said, “Is this your brother? How nice of him to accompany you to register.”

“Oh,” Li Ling Er smiled. “He’s my boyfriend, also a freshman. We’re studying in the same department. Senior, can you give a form to my boyfriend too, please?” Su Can’s pure virgin heart was shattered instantly, “What the hell, I’m way more handsome than this guy! How come he has such a beautiful girlfriend while I have to secretly pleasure myself secretly in the toilet? Ah!” He reluctantly handed the form to Zhao Tie Zhu. Seeing this change, Zhao Tie Zhu maintained his silence and returned the form after he finished filling it up. Su Can picked up the form and looked at it, “Zhao Tie Zhu… Even with such a tasteless name, he can get a girlfriend. I think, I will name my future son Su Tie Zhu, Su Tie Qiu, or whatsoever. That way, he wouldn’t follow my miserable footsteps.” (TL Note: Tie Zhu literally means iron pillar, Tie Qiu means iron ball)

“Bring your acceptance letter to building A of the Foreign Languages Department. You can find your counselor in the main hall there.” With that, Su Can drowsily laid his head onto the table again.

Li Ling Er said, “Thank you, senior.” Su Can trembled for a moment and suddenly had the strength to sit up straight. Combing his hair with his fingers, he said, “Don’t mention it. In the future, if you need anything, you can come to look for me.” By the time he finished saying that, Li Ling Er was already leaving, slinging her arm around Zhao Tie Zhu.

“Ah.” Su Can let out a sigh.

“Don’t always use me as a shield. It won’t help.” Zhao Tie Zhu whispered.

“What? Brother Tie Zhu don’t want to be my shield? Is it that you’re willing to just watch as those men harass me?” Li Ling Er gave him the ‘puppy eyes’ look.

Zhao Tie Zhu was helpless and said nothing further.

“Okay, then, later on, I will treat brother Tie Zhu to a meal.”


“I’m just joking.”


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