Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0021

Chapter 21 (Teacher Linda)

After wandering around for a while, Zhao Tie Zhu and Li Ling Er finally found Building A of the Foreign Languages Department. It was a white gothic building, its walls engraved with a hint of European style. They found the main classroom. By this time, she had already let go of his arm; they walked into the room separately. About twenty people were already gathered there. Seeing others walk in the room, they all looked toward the entrance. When the female students saw Zhao Tie Zhu, they couldn’t help but let out disappointed expressions. However, they were all shaken looking at Li Ling Er. Her beauty had practically already reached the degree that could kill both males and females. She gave friendly smiles toward the people in the classroom, and most smiled back in response.

Zhao Tie Zhu looked around the classroom for a moment. Among the two dozen people, only three of them were men, who at the moment were all looking at Li Ling Er with glowing eyes. Zhao Tie Zhu randomly picked a seat and sat down, and she sat next to him. A fat person walked smiling toward them from nearby and sat next to Zhao Tie Zhu as well, “Hello, fellow student. I’m Fan Jian from HB province. What about you?”

Fan Jian… Zhao Tie Zhu was speechless. This guy’s name was even more impressive than his. “I’m Zhao Tie Zhu, from FQ,” he said. (TL Note: Fan Jian’s name sounds the same as 犯贱, which basically means “to commit lewd acts”)

The fatty named Fan Jian stared for a moment and laughed, “Ha ha, our names really stand out and are unusual. By the way, who is this beautiful lady?”

“I’m Li Ling Er, from BJ,” Li Ling Er replied with a smile. “My name isn’t funny like you guys’.” Still smiling, Fan Jian said, “Ah, from BJ. You’re really beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

“Tie Zhu,” asked Fan Jian, “which dorm do you live in?” This guy didn’t really annoy him, so Zhao Tie Zhu replied, “We’re both commuter students. My house is in FJ.”

“Oh, I live in the school at the third dormitory room 308. There are two other people, Liu Ding and Zhou Shao. They live there with me. When you have the time, why don’t you come to hang out?”


Several people also came in while Zhao Tie Zhu and Fan Jian were chatting. About an hour later, the classroom had more than 60 people. Then, a figure appeared at the classroom entrance, and the buzzing classroom suddenly quieted down. It turned out to be a girl with a figure comparable to Li Ling Er, only she bore an arrogant look. When she came in, she swept a gaze at the classroom for a while. But, when her gaze met Li Ling Er, her expression changed slightly before returning to normal. In that split second, Zhao Tie Zhu had noticed a hint of hostility in her eyes.

She walked to a seat and sat down without saying anything to the others. She put her bag on the table, revealing a Louis Vuitton logo. The surrounding girls looked at it with glittering eyes. Her mouth twitched with a smile. Then, she took an IPhone 4 out of her bag and played with it, which also caused admiration among many of the others. (TL Note: This chapter was written back in 2011, and at that time, IPhone 4 was the latest model.)

More and more people filled the classroom, the vast majority being females. Including Zhao Tie Zhu, there were only about 20 male students. At that moment, a woman dressed in a formal black suit walked into the room holding a folder. When she stood on the stage, one by one the people in the room quit their chatting and looked at her. Zhao Tie Zhu squinted his eyes; she looked to be about 170 cm in height. Including her high heels, she might as well be close to 180 cm. She wore red-framed glasses, and her hair was neck long. Her sexy lips were red like the devil himself. Her face was oval, and at the corner of her mouth was a small mole, which made this woman looked even more appealing. She wore a white shirt beneath her black suit. Her full ample breasts pushed against the shirt, revealing gaps between the buttons to show a hint of fire-red color inside. Below, she wore a short black skirt, just to the knee. Her legs were smooth and round, with a pair of black high heels down there. As soon she appeared, she had already attracted everyone’s attentions. Although her figure could be compared with Li Ling Er’s, her sex appeal was much more than Li Ling Er’s. If Li Ling Er were to be a flower bud, then this woman would be an already blossomed red rose; beautiful and sexy, just waiting for her owner to pick.

“Hello, everyone,” the woman said in a flat, but very charming voice. Her sound was a little sharp, which wouldn’t make someone uncomfortable, but instead, they would feel willing to let their heart be stabbed. It was soft and pleasant. “I’m your foreign language teacher. You can call me Linda. Hopefully in the coming days, we can spend a good four years’ time in college.” The audience burst into applause, especially the men. They clapped loudly in the hope to attract Linda’s attention. She smiled lightly, “Okay, it seemed that enough people are in attendance. First, I need someone to help me collect the admission notices. Is anyone willing to help me?”

“Me! Me! Me!” Almost all the guys raised their hands, including Fan Jian who sat beside Zhao Tie Zhu, who cried out vigorously. Zhao Tie Zhu helplessly shook his head and felt despise toward that kind of guys. Jeez, it was as if they had never seen a beauty.

“Wow, all of you are very enthusiastic. You’re giving me a hard time. I really don’t know who I should pick.” Linda frowned slightly, causing the guys to become even more chaotic.

“Well, I’ll just randomly pick a name then.” She picked up the attendance list, scanning it and shouted, “Zhao Tie Zhu, could you help me to collect them?” Zhao Tie Zhu was dumbfounded; this Linda really knew who to pick; she picked the only guy who didn’t even raised his hand. He felt a bit depressed. Feeling the murderous looks around him, he exclaimed, “Ma’am, I’m currently busy.”

“Oh?” Linda looked at Zhao Tie Zhu with astonishment. She had picked his name because its meaning seemed relatively straightforward, but to her surprise, he refused to help her. Was he not a man at all? “Student Zhao,” said Linda, “please help me out. I’ll make it worth your while…” She blinked at Zhao Tie Zhu, her eyes revealing a hint of temptation.

“This… Since teacher insists, then I’ll help you with it.” Zhao Tie Zhu had intended to keep a low profile, but it seemed that the more she got rejected, the more she would desire. He might as well comply for now, being aware of her flirtatious glance. Seeing the desire in her eyes, he really felt a rippling sensation rising up within.

He stood up and collected the admission notices starting from the first row. Seeing him, Li Ling Er wrinkled her nose as if to express her contempt for his lack of resolution. He just ignored it. As he collected the notices from the male students, he could sense the hatred within in their eyes, which he also ignored. The girl with the LV bag looked at him with hatred for a moment, then took the notice out of her bag, and threw it toward him. He collected it, ignoring her.

Soon, all the notices had been collected. He brought the thick stack of papers and placed it onto the podium. Linda smiled and thanked him who then looked at her puzzled. Linda wondered, “Student Zhao, is there anything else?”

“Teacher,” Zhao Tie Zhu asked, “didn’t you say it would be worth my while?”

“Oh, I almost forget about that. Well, how can I make it worth your while?” Replied Linda.

“How should I know?” he continued, “you’re the one who said it. A teacher shouldn’t back on her own words.”

“Then I’ll think about it, and we can find a time to discuss it in private.” She emphasized the two words ‘in private’ with a serious tone. Once again, she threw a flirtatious glance at him. He wanted to get away, but she had killer skills and had already locked him down, trapping him helplessly. He then said, “Very well then.”

When he got back to his seat, Li Ling Er pinched him and said, “Brother Tie Zhu, you’re so easily swayed. No wonder you haven’t been able to find a girlfriend. Girls can’t feel secure around you.”

Zhao Tie Zhu didn’t know what to say…

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