Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0022

Chapter 22 (Ling Er, Don’t Cry)

Having received the collected admission notices, Linda counted them and then smiled and said, “All students have arrived, so now I’ll roll call. When you hear your name called, please introduce yourself to everyone.”

“Number 1, Liu Ying.”

A girl stood up and said quietly, “Hello everybody, I’m Liu Ying, and I’m from QJ. Nice to meet you all.”

One by one, their names were called. Bored, Zhao Tie Zhu leaned on the table and counted the buttons on Linda’s shirt; from top to bottom and from bottom to top, back and forth countless of times.

“Number 38, Zhao Tie Zhu.”

It was Zhao Tie Zhu’s turn now. He stood up slowly and said, “Hello everyone, my name is Zhao Tie Zhu, and I’m from FQ. Thank you.” He was about to sit down again after introducing himself. At this time, Linda asked, “Student Tie Zhu, what is your interest or hobby?” Zhao Tie Zhu pondered for a while and then answered, “I don’t have any hobbies.” Then, he immediately sat down, ignoring Linda.

Her beautiful eyes glanced across at him. Seeing this, Li Ling Er glared at her. Linda just smiled and continued to call names.

“Number 49, Fan… Jian.” Linda was obviously stunned for a moment. The parents of this Fan Jian were truly courageous to dare to give their own child such an aggressive name. Previously, she thought that Zhao Tie Zhu’s name was incredible. However, compared to this, the difference was just too much.

Fan Jian stood up with a smile and said, “Hello everyone, my name is Fan Jian, I’m from HB… … …”

Five minutes later.

Linda opened her mouth to say, “Well, student Fan Jian, we’re really interested to hear about your aunt going abroad to study, but our time is limited. Next time, if there’s a chance, you can tell us more about it.”

Fan Jian stopped unwillingly. He had started talking about his family and had only finished telling them about his father and mother, grandparents from his father’s side, grandparents from his mother’s side, and now he had just started to talk about his great aunt. There was still his other aunt, first and second maternal uncle, his paternal uncle, his father’s sister, his paternal and maternal cousins, none of whom had he talked about. He hoped that in the future, he would have the opportunity to tell his fellow students about them, to allow them to have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding about him.

“Number 83, Guo Jing.”

The LV girl put down the iPhone4 she was holding and stood up proudly. With her head slightly turned up, she said, “My name is Guo Jing.” Then she unexpectedly just went on to sit down. Suddenly, buzzing sound was heard from her surroundings.

“Student Guo Jing, it seems that your parents must have been really liked to watch The Legend of the Condor Heroes,” joked Linda. Guo Jing glanced at Linda, giving her a look indicating how boring she sounded, then she picked her phone and ignored her. Seeing that she didn’t get Guo Jing’s attention, Linda just continued to call more names.

“Number 97, Li Ling Er.”

“Hello, my name is Li Ling Er, and I’m from BJ. I like to watch movies, listen to music, and eat nice gourmet food. I don’t like to eat porridge, heh heh. I hope that we all can spend some wonderful time together at University.” Li Ling Er smiled and nodded toward the other students around her, and then sat down.

There was another buzz rising up around her. These two beauties were really different. Compared to the arrogant Guo Jing who wore all brand name clothing, many people would prefer Li Ling Er who only wore plain and simple clothes, and had that “girl next door” look. Just with a few words, she had hands down become the most popular girl in this Foreign Language Department. As for Guo Jing, only a few of them liked her, especially some girls who looked at her bag and cell phone with glittering eyes.

“Nice cover story,” Zhao Tie Zhu said without even looking at Li Ling Er.

“What cover story? What are you talking about? Brother Tie Zhu, you shouldn’t slander people,” Li Ling Er protested in a coquettish way.


“Okay,” Linda said, “all the names has been called. Since there’s nothing left to do, and tomorrow is military training, you should get a good rest tonight. Commuter students can leave, boarding students please stay.”

Guo Jing was the first to get up and walk straight out. Li Ling Er and Zhao Tie Zhu followed as well.

As soon as they walked out the door, Zhao Tie Zhu realized that it was raining.

It was sunny in the morning, so neither of them had brought an umbrella. They could only stand there under the eaves, waiting for the rain to stop.

Guo Jing glanced at them with contempt. She took out her phone and made a phone call, “It’s raining, I didn’t bring an umbrella. Can you pick me up? Hm, yeah, okay, then I’ll wait for you here.” Hanging up the phone, she looked at both of them with more arrogance and disdain.

Li Ling Er totally ignored Guo Jing and just stared blankly at the falling rain. She whispered, “Brother Tie Zhu, when I was little, my mom told me that it’s raining because the Heaven can’t bear to see the earth being scorched by the sun. That feeling then incarnated into the form of rain to cool down the temperature of the earth. Although the earth became cooler, but the rain was turned into steam because of the heat and dissipated in the air. Do you think that there will also be a person in the future willing to die for me?”

“There will be.” Zhao Tie Zhu laughed.

Li Ling Er looked at him and smiled. She turned around and rushed into the rain, dancing in the rain as if she was a rain spirit. Her movement was graceful and lively. Layer upon layer of rain mist made her figure become hazier.

Guo Jing said in disdain, “Crazy.”

Zhao Tie Zhu smiled and walked in the rain as well.

An Audi Q5 appeared in front of Guo Jing. A handsome young man walked down with an umbrella. Guo Jing smiled sweetly and embracing his arm, she went into the car. However, the young man’s eyes glanced vividly at Li Ling Er, who was not far away.

The car slowly passed Li Ling Er. The young man fondled Guo Jing’s plump thighs while she glanced at him coquettishly.

Li Ling Er suddenly pulled Zhao Tie Zhu’s hand and ran forward.

Being pulled by Li Ling Er, Zhao Tie Zhu ran along and enjoyed the feeling of the rain hitting his face. However, the rainwater suddenly became a bit salty.

Zhao Tie Zhu sighed lightly and sped up his steps. He held her in his arms and whispered, “Good Ling Er, don’t cry.”

Li Ling Er embraced his neck with her arms and buried her head into his chest, sobbing silently.

The rain became bigger and bigger.

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