Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0023

Chapter 23 (Brother Tie Zhu, You’re Such a Pervert)

Zhao Tie Zhu didn’t know anything about Li Ling Er’s past, but neither was he in the mood to ask. Continuing to hold her in his arms, he hailed a cab, and they went back to the villa. When they arrived, she went into her room without saying anything, grabbed some clothes and then walked into the bathroom. Zhao Tie Zhu removed his shirt and shook out his hair, then grabbed a towel to dry it. Cao Zi Yi was out again, no one knew where she went every day. Su Yan Ni had also already left for work. Zhao Tie Zhu went into the kitchen and cooked some dishes. When Li Ling Er finished her bath, he called her over to eat. By this time, she had returned to normal and ate some of the Cola Chicken Wings, which he made. She smiled, “Brother Tie Zhu, your cooking skill is really good.”

“It’s just fine,” Zhao Tie Zhu said humbly.

Like clouds dispersed by blowing winds, the food on the table was wiped clean. Li Ling Er stood up and went back into her room. Zhao Tie Zhu washed the dishes and then also went for a bath. Afterward, he went back to his room to go online.

The day passed without words.

The next morning, the sky was sunny and clear. As always, Cao Zi Yi prepared the breakfast and waited for Zhao Tie Zhu, Su Yan Ni, and Li Ling Er. After breakfast, she took her drawing board and went out to sketch. Su Yan Ni donned her uniform and went to work. Zhao Tie Zhu and Li Ling Er went to school by taxi.

Today was Military Training day. The classroom had been packed since early in the morning. Unexpectedly, Guo Jing, the girl from the day before, didn’t show up. The classroom was filled with many sets of camouflage uniforms. Linda said, “We’ll distribute these camouflage outfits for use during the military training. Fan Jian, please come up to help.”

Fan Jian delightedly went forward to help distribute the clothing according to students’ height and size information from the registration forms. When the distribution was finished, Linda said, “Now, everyone should go back to their dorm to change. Commuter students can change in the bathroom.”

Zhao Tie Zhu and Li Ling Er walked separately into the bathroom carrying their uniforms.

After changing, Zhao Tie Zhu waited for Li Ling Er in the hallway. A moment later, appeared in front of him. He couldn’t help but stare at her. The current Li Ling Er was even more beautiful, with a different kind of style.

“What are you looking at?” Asked Li Ling Er, blushing.

“Nothing. I didn’t expect you to be even more beautiful in uniform,” said Zhao Tie Zhu with a smile.

Ignoring him, she walked into the classroom.

Before long, all of the students had changed into their uniforms. Linda walked into the classroom accompanied by a man in a military uniform. On his shoulder was a stripe of three stars; he was a captain.

“Hello everyone. My name is Niu Meng. For the next one week, I’ll be your instructor. I have only one training philosophy, which is: obey my commands unconditionally.” With a serious look he said, “Assemble at the field in ten minutes. Don’t be late, or you’ll face the consequences.” With that, the captain turned around and walked out the classroom. (TL Note: Niu Meng literally means fierce bull.)

Linda said, “Okay, let’s head to the field. Today is the first day of your military training. I hope you’ll give the instructor a good impression.” After saying that, Linda walked out the classroom as well.

Along with the others, Zhao Tie Zhu and Li Ling Er went to the field. By this time, there were already other teams that had begun their training. Niu Meng was standing in the field with cold expression, and one after another, the students from the Foreign Languages Department assembled in front of him.

“First, we’ll do the most simple training exercise. Everyone is present, so ATTEN-SHUN!” Hearing the clear voice, which was like a giant bell, the previously noisy crowd suddenly quieted down. Everyone stood there ramrod straight.

“Maintain this posture for half an hour,” said Niu Meng. Then he sat cross-legged on the ground.

To stand straight for half hour was nothing for Zhao Tie Zhu. His stance was better than the others’ which solicited special attention from Niu Meng. The opposite was Li Ling Er. It was obvious that she had never done this before. In less than five minutes, sweat poured off of her face like rain, and her body was somewhat unsteady.

“Stand still and don’t move,” Niu Meng said coldly. “If you want to move, you need to make a request first. You’re not allowed to move before I approved it.”

The faces of many of the people had slowly turned pale. At the moment, the sun was extremely hot. Because of yesterday’s rain, the hot air was very humid.

After twenty minutes, a “bang” sound was heard. A girl fell to the ground, unconscious. The medical staff at the side of the field immediately rushed over to carry the fainted person on a stretcher and take them to the shade.

Li Ling Er’s face turned increasingly pale. She staggered, but then a look of determination flashed in her eyes, and she straightened her posture again. Niu Meng glanced at her without saying anything.

Another five minutes passed, Li Ling Er’s face almost had no color left in it and her clothes were drenched in sweat. Suddenly her eyes rolled up, and she fainted.

The moment she fell, Zhao Tie Zhu appeared in front of her and caught her.

“Who allowed you to move?” Niu Meng angrily stood up from the ground and sent a leg sweeping at Zhao Tie Zhu, who didn’t dodge it and endured the hard hit by the sweeping leg. He simply glared coldly at Niu Meng, who was suddenly pushed back by the intense murderous aura which emanated from within. He had only seen this kind of glare from people who were the elite among elites in the armed forces. He immediately felt a cold shiver rolling down his back, and cold sweats appeared on his face.

Zhao Tie Zhu ignored Niu Meng and brought Li Ling Er into the shade. Several doctors came over and gave her some medicine. Seeing that she was all right, he returned to the ranks.

Niu Meng looked at Zhao Tie Zhu with an uncertain expression. How could this seemingly ordinary freshman have such eyes? This person’s hands must be stained with blood, and no small amount at that! Niu Meng decided not to provoke this Zhao Tie Zhu.

This so-called military training was like child’s play to Zhao Tie Zhu, not challenging whatsoever. It continued on until dusk, during which time more than a dozen students from the Foreign Languages Department fainted. Unexpectedly, the fatty Fan Jian wasn’t one of them. This somehow made Zhao Tie Zhu look at him with a different sense of respect. After the first day of military training came to end, Zhao Tie Zhu came to where Li Ling Er was resting and laughed, “I didn’t expect your body to be so frail.” Li Ling Er snorted and without saying anything just stood up and left.

Outside the field, a roaring sound of a car could be heard, and an Audi Q5 stopped beside Li Ling Er. A very handsome young man’s face appeared as the car window opened. It was the same young person who picked up Guo Jing yesterday. He smiled at Li Ling Er and said, “Hey, fellow student, need a ride?”

Li Ling Er glanced at him and then ignored him. He wasn’t annoyed but instead continued, “If you don’t want to, then just forget it. I’m Chen Zhe, a third-year from the Economics Department. In the future, if you have any problems, you can come looking for me.” With that, he glanced at Zhao Tie Zhu and nodded to him as a form of greeting. Then, he drove away. However, there was a hint of disdain on the young man’s face.

Zhao Tie Zhu sighed, “Ling Er, you’re so incredibly charming, guys are falling for you left and right.”

“Humph, of course,” Li Ling Er said proudly, straightening her chest.

“You have incredible charm, but also incredible…” said Zhao Tie Zhu, staring at her breasts.

“Brother Tie Zhu…”


“You’re such a pervert.”

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