Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0024

Chapter 24 (The Stunning Gun Shooting)

Back at home, Su Yan Ni and Cao Zi Yi were playing Kart Rider. Seeing the two people coming in, Su Yan Ni said, “There’s food in the kitchen, help yourself.” After that, she didn’t pay Zhao Tie Zhu any more attention.

Zhao Tie Zhu and Li Ling Er devoured the leftovers and then returned to their rooms. Zhao Tie Zhu turned on his computer and logged into his QQ account. A picture flashed up immediately. Zhao Tie Zhu clicked on it and a message popped out.

“Brother Tie Zhu, the 130 million US dollars that you invested last time had been withdrawn and this time, the gain from the investment was 70 million US dollars. Brother Tie Zhu, please check it.”

Zhao Tie Zhu smiled. During his time as an assassin, he had made an enormous fortune. A part of it was squandered by himself. But another part of it, together with some of Ray’s money, he’d given to a friend of his, Jack, known as the Investment Genius, to manage.

Jack really lived up to his reputation as Investment Genius. In just a few short months, he had used the one hundred thirty million US dollars to make a profit of seventy million US dollars. With this kind of yield, even some of the so-called investment experts would be overshadowed.

“Thanks, Jack.” Zhao Tie Zhu replied. “Can I trouble you to help me manage the funds once again?”

“Brother Tie Zhu,” Jack replied, “if it wasn’t because you saved me last time, I won’t be here now. There’s no need for thanks between us. Of course I’ll help you taking care of the money.” Zhao Tie Zhu smiled, logged off from QQ, and then called Ray. Ray seemed to have just woken up. After a big yawn, he asked, “Brother Tie Zhu, what’s the matter?”

“Jack has withdrawn the money,” said Zhao Tie Zhu. “He made a profit of seventy million US dollars. We’ll split the money in half. In a moment, I’ll make the transfer to your account.”

“You called just because of this? Brother, just do as you see fit, I’m going back to sleep.”

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Tie Zhu immediately transferred thirty-five million US dollars into a foreign account that Ray had opened. Then, he transferred thirty-four million dollars to another account and left one million for him to use. He thought that since now he had the money, if he didn’t spend a little of it, it would be a sin toward the dollars.

Thinking that currently he had to take a cab to university every day, he decided he should buy a car.

At this time, Li Ling Er walked in. Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu was browsing for cars on the internet, she asked, “Brother Tie Zhu, are you going to buy a car?”

“Yes, but I’m unfamiliar with cars. I don’t know which one to buy.”

“Buy a BMW or Mercedes, it’s so nouveau riche.” Li Ling Er laughed.

“I’m not nouveau riche, I’m middle class.”

“Then just buy a QQ car, it’s comfy and easy to drive.”

“A QQ car? Hmm, I think it’s good too. I’ll buy a QQ car, then.”

“Brother Tie Zhu, you really have a lot of money… Why don’t you keep me as a mistress?” She said, blinking her eyes.

“I’d like to, but, I’m afraid your dad wouldn’t agree to that.” Zhao Tie Zhu lay on the bed, laughing.

“Brother Tie Zhu, after buying the car, you have to drive me to the campus.”

“No problem.”

Day after day of military training had slowly begun to turn Li Ling Er’s white skin a bit dark. However, her physical fitness was gradually improving.

One morning, after assembling the groups, Niu Meng said, “Today, we’ll go to the shooting range that my army uses for target practicing.” Just as he finished saying that, a burst of cheers came from the group. After all, in the country, guns were strictly regulated, and ordinary people wouldn’t have access to firearms. Finally, they would have a chance to fire a gun, so, naturally, they were very excited.

“Today, it won’t be just us, but all the freshmen are going to the shooting range for training. After the training, there will be a shooting competition. I hope you won’t lose me any face.”

“Yes, Sir!” all the students cried promisingly.

“Guns… Ah, how long has it been since I last touched one?” Zhao Tie Zhu muttered to himself. “It seems like after the war in Africa, I’ve never touched a gun ever again. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to handle it like before.”

Niu Meng led the freshmen into the bus and drove to the shooting range.

The people in the bus were thrilled and noisy all the way to the range.

When everyone got off the bus, Niu Meng brought the group to the target shooting area. From the side, he picked up a gun and said, “This is our country’s own Type 81 rifle. Its overall length is 950mm, the gun barrel length is 44mm. The shooting speed of the bullet when it leaves the muzzle is 720 m/s, and it uses a 7.62mm bullet. This is the gun you will use for your target practice. Now, I’m going to demonstrate how to shoot.”

Zhao Tie Zhu looked around, bored. From another practice area, the sound of gunfire could already be heard. He couldn’t help but feel heated up inside.

“Okay, now according to your attendance list number, you’ll take turns in a group of ten to practice.” After finished giving a demonstration and explaining the essentials, Niu Meng indicated them to begin practicing.

Bang, Bang, Bang. Loud gunfire could be heard, but the results weren’t good. Niu Meng was disappointed and shook his head.

It was Zhao Tie Zhu turn already. He leaned on the ground and put the back of the gun against his shoulder, looking attentively at the distant target. Niu Meng watched him with a serious expression. Zhao Tie Zhu’s posture was the most standard shooting position. Caught up in the spirit of the moment, he concentrated on the distant target, and Bang! The gun shot. The electronic display on the side showed a 9.5.

9.5! Niu Meng was surprised. This result was very good, even better than most of the normal soldiers. Who exactly was this person? Niu Meng pondered.

Zhao Tie Zhu sighed and stepped back. In the past, he never got below 9.8. However, not having even touched a gun for so long, his feeling and accuracy had declined a bit.

An instructor from the team next to them came approaching and asked, “Niu Meng, how’s your team practice?”

“Not bad. Some of them are relatively good. What about you?” asked Niu Meng.

“There’s a prodigy in my team. The first shot only hit a 9.7, but the next three shots all hit 9.8. Don’t you think that’s awesome?” That instructor said proudly.

“Awesome, indeed. Who is it?” asked Niu Meng.

That instructor pointed his finger to a young man with a cold look and said, “That’s him. His name is Liu Xing. I think at today’s shooting competition, he will be the champion.”

Niu Meng shook his head slightly, “I’m not sure about that.” Then he looked toward Zhao Tie Zhu. The other instructor shook his head in disbelief and returned to his team.

“Bang.” Another gunshot, Zhao Tie Zhu fired a second time.

9.8 points! Niu Meng looked surprised at the electronic display. It really was 9.8!

“Have you used a gun in the past?” Niu Meng asked Zhao Tie Zhu.

“Yes, it was when I was abroad,” said Zhao Tie Zhu, standing up.

“I see,” Niu Meng nodded. Zhao Tie Zhu turned around and went back into line, not saying anything anymore. The surrounding students all looked at him with surprise. After all, up to this point, the only person in the team who could hit above 9 was Zhao Tie Zhu. Some of the girls were showing a hint of admiration in their eyes. Zhao Tie Zhu put his arms around his chest, looking solemn.

With disdain, Li Ling Er muttered, “Jeez, he’s starting to play cool again.”

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