Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0025

Chapter 25 (Shooting Guns Off)

Gunshots rang out one after another at the target range. Meanwhile, in a basement somewhere near FJ University, a cold looking middle-aged man and a fatty sat on a sofa. Twenty or thirty people stood around respectfully. Next to the fatty was a midget with a perverted look on his face. That fatty said a bunch of unclear words, which turned out to be Japanese. The midget was a translator. He said, “Mr. Iron Hands, Mr. Saito said he would be very grateful if your gang is willing to help with this matter.”

The cold looking middle-aged man was Iron Hands, the leader of the biggest gang in FJ University. The gang here wasn’t one like those you see in movies where they have guns and knives everywhere, nor the kind of large-scale organized crime syndicate who deals with drugs. It was just a gang of locals, who controlled the KTVs, bars, and various entertainment venues within the vicinity of FJ University. They made a living by collecting protection fees from such establishments.

There were three organizations like this within the FJ University vicinity. After all, FJ University was huge. The east side was controlled by the Chaozhou gang, the north side by the White Eagle gang, the west and south side was controlled by the Iron Hand gang. These gangs each managed their own territory and rarely got into conflicts. Even if there was a conflict between them, it would seldom create a large scene. At most, only a dozen people would end up fighting.

The Iron Hand Gang was named after Iron Hands himself. According to the rumors, Iron Hands had gone up north to learn some fist Kungfu, which made his hands as hard as iron. Then he returned to FJ and conquered the south and west region using his fists. Among the three gangs, his influence was the largest.

Currently, Iron Hands’ face was grim; the temptation of the benefits given by the Japanese was simply too great. Although they would only provide him with eight handguns, he knew that in China, guns were very hard to obtain. A gang in possession of even only one or two guns could easily intimidate a lot of people.

“Mr. Iron Hands,” the translator said, “Mr. Saito said, he’ll give you one more day to consider. If you don’t seize this opportunity, Mr. Saito won’t hesitate to offer this opportunity to the Chaozhou gang.”

“Fine. But the eight guns must be clean.” Iron Hands had made up his mind.

“Of course. Those who do Mr. Saito a favor will receive great benefits.” The midget translator turned around to translate Iron Hands’ words to the fatty. He nodded and stood up with a cold expression. After saying a few more words to the translator, he left.

The translator turned toward Iron Hands and said, “If you handle the matter well, Mr. Saito won’t mind adding some more rewards.” Having said that, he trotted a few steps and walked behind Mr. Saito respectfully.

Iron Hands sat there, lost in thought.

In a flash, it was nightfall already. After assembling the team, Niu Meng brought them to a big field in the middle of the shooting range. Many other teams had also gathered here. After they were lined up neatly, a middle-aged middle-ranking officer walked toward a platform on the side. He picked up the microphone and shouted, “Students, in today’s target practice, everyone has performed exceptionally well, and there are experts among each team. Next, we’ll conduct a shooting competition. Select one participant from each team. The champion will receive a certificate issued by the army and a model of the 81 rifle. Now the instructors will choose a representative from each team to gather at the podium.”

From Zhao Tie Zhu’s team, Niu Meng unsurprisingly selected Zhao Tie Zhu, who calmly followed Niu Meng to the podium.

The best person among each team had been chosen; unexpectedly, one among them was a foreigner. Since all of them were freshmen at FJ University, Zhao Tie Zhu felt relieved.

That middle-ranking officer stepped down from the podium, and shouted toward them, “Follow me!”

He brought them to the shooting range number one and said, “Each person will shoot five times. The one with the best performance will be the champion.”

At that moment, many students led by the instructor had already gathered around shooting range number one. They all wholeheartedly hoped their representative would win the glory for their team. Together with several students from the Foreign Language Department, Fan Jian shouted in unison, “Tie Zhu, Tie Zhu, he’ll never give up! Tie Zhu, Tie Zhu, nothing can stop him!” Hearing that, Zhao Tie Zhu looked at them with gratitude. However, Fan Jian wasn’t finished and continued shouting, “Tie Zhu, Tie Zhu, he’s ready to shoot! Tie Zhu, Tie Zhu, today, he loses his virginity!” (TL Note: It’s a pun from the author, and that “he’s ready to shoot!” is as in “he’s ready to cum!”)

Buzz. All the people around instantly burst into laughter.

Zhao Tie Zhu’s face also turned red. He looked angrily at Fan Jian and put up his middle finger.

Niu Meng and the other instructors also laughed. This Foreign Language Department was really a laughing stock.

The shooting competition would begin soon.

All of them were down on the ground. They got in position and aimed at the distant target.

Zhao Tie Zhu held his breath and focused all his energy on the target. His body suddenly seemed to become motionless. He focused his vision and stopped breathing.

The other contestants had already shot five times, yet, Zhao Tie Zhu still hadn’t made even one shot. The one named Liu Xing achieved a score of 49 with his five shots. Currently in first place, his classmates had already cheered. However, Liu Xing was staring at Zhao Tie Zhu. The aura Zhao Tie Zhu emitted this time reminded him of his teacher. Before his teacher was about to make a shot, he was also like the current Zhao Tie Zhu, as if his body had entered the state of non-self. Nevertheless, Liu Xing didn’t believe that this person could also get into the same state. He thought that this person must be so nervous that his whole body became stiff.

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang! Five shots in a row without pausing. A hint of smoke came out from the 81 riffle’s muzzle. Zhao Tie Zhu stood up slowly and walked back to the ranks of the Foreign Language Department without looking at the electronic display.

When he saw the display screen, Liu Xing was instantly stunned.

It was a perfect 50!

This score of 50 was the result of successive shots. As a fact, after firing a shot, the gun will shake. And only after the shaking is gone can the gun be fired again, otherwise the path could easily divert. Such marksmanship! Five successive shots with ten points each shot; during his life, he had only encountered something like this once. It was when his teacher gave him a teaching demonstration. As for himself, even after practicing for so long, the best he could achieve was a score of 40 only. How was it possible that a student acquired this kind of marksmanship? His teacher was known as China’s King of Rifles!

Liu Xing looked at Zhao Tie Zhu; he was lost in thought. However, the eyes of the foreigner glittered with passion.

“Oh, God. How is this possible? Did God descend into his body? Ah, this is marksmanship, true marksmanship. Zhao Tie Zhu, I’ll regard you as my master.” The foreigner rushed toward Zhao Tie Zhu but was immediately pulled back by his classmates. “If you want to be shameless, then you do it when no one is around. For now, just stay put.” His classmates said.

Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu’s results, all the onlookers couldn’t help but let out a loud gasp.

“Who is this person?” A question was raised within the heart of countless people.

“Don’t you know?” Someone immediately said out. “That’s Zhao Tie Zhu from the Foreign Language Department. Right, that was the guy whose classmates previously yelled would lose his virginity today.”

“He really shot his gun off well…” someone said in a strange tone.

Shot his gun off…

Zhao Tie Zhu was reeling. Fan Jian had ruined his reputation in a single day. This was a target shooting competition. And here someone said he shot his gun off. Why not say that he jacked off as well? He was speechless…

The middle-ranking officer walked over to Zhao Tie Zhu, a stunned look on his face. “Student, have you ever practiced shooting?” he asked.

“I’ve played around a bit when I was abroad,” replied Zhao Tie Zhu, a dull look on his face.

“Have you thought about joining the army this year? I can make an exception and let you enter our elite sniper team.” The middle-ranking officer made an offer.

“No, I still want to study.”

Disappointed, he said, “In the future, if you’re interested in joining the army, you can come to look for me.” After that, he sighed and left.

“Tie Zhu, how could you be so awesome? How did you do that? Please teach us.” Fan Jian grabbed Zhao Tie Zhu’s hand with excitement.

“Talent,” said Zhao Tie Zhu after thinking for a moment.

“Get lost…” The surrounding people all put their middle finger up despicably. Li Ling Er just smiled and looked at Zhao Tie Zhu who was surrounded by the crowd. Her smile was very splendid.


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