Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0026

Chapter 26 (To Kill Li Tian Feng)

By the time Zhao Tie Zhu and Li Ling Er got back to the villa, it was already dark.

“Aren’t your lives very pleasant?” Su Yan Ni was eating some ice cream while she watched TV.

Li Ling Er also went to the fridge to get some ice cream. Then she sat next to Su Yan Ni and talked about what happened today. Zhao Tie Zhu, on the other hand, silently went back to his room.

A string of pearl beads slowly emerged in his hand. After shutting the door, his expression became colder and colder. Gently rubbing the beads, a gentle feeling showed in his eyes. He muttered, “Si Ru, the day you’ll get your vengeance has finally come.”

With a flash, Zhao Tie Zhu disappeared into the midst of the night sky.

His speed reached such an extreme level that even his figure faded in the air. He was like a spirit in the night. His cold eyes did not contain even the slightest hint of emotion.

Nothing could block Zhao Tie Zhu’s way even a bit. Like a lizard, he leaped onto the tops of the buildings and then hopped from one rooftop to another.

Half an hour later, Zhao Tie Zhu arrived at FJ city center. Tonight, a major economic summit would be held here. Li Tian Feng would also be in attendance as a guest and representative of the Li Family.

At the moment, Zhao Tie Zhu leaned down on the roof of a tall building. Across him was the best five-star hotel in FJ. The summit would be held in this hotel’s outdoor conference place. During the summit, countless business giants and key government officials would attend.

Heavily armed bodyguards stood on guard in every corner of this outdoor conference hall. It was something that couldn’t be avoided. If someone were to get killed in this event, it would be disastrous for China. Therefore, the organizer of the summit had increased the amount of security personnel.

At the hotel entrance, the Secretary-General, which was assigned by the FJ Government Secretariat to host the summit, was looking around a bit anxiously. Not far away, a motorcade slowly approached, with several Mercedes S600’s clearing the way. Behind the Mercedes was a minivan, which was then followed by a Rolls Royce Phantom, which emitted a trace of nobility. Behind the Rolls Royce Phantom, several Audi A6’s followed. The entire fleet of vehicles was all black. It looked very mysterious and solemn.

The convoy stopped in front of the hotel. A husky person stepped down from the passenger seat of the Rolls Royce to open the back door. His eyes glanced around constantly. From the minivan in front of the Rolls Royce, several big men stepped down as well and immediately surrounded the Rolls Royce. Each of them guarded a different direction, there would be no gaps that escaped their view. They all wore sunglasses, which turned out to have a heat-detection monitor built in.

A young man with a pale face stepped out the car. He was extremely handsome as if his features had been carved by a sharp blade. His pair of bright eyes revealed a tender yet evil and domineering look. It was hard to imagine someone could have these three different looks together.

“Welcome, welcome. Tian Feng, long time no see.” The Secretary-General hurriedly smiled and walked up to the young man. He reached out to hold Li Tian Feng’s hand.

Li Tian Feng’s faint smile was like a spring wind brushing against the face, making him seem very approachable.

The Secretary-General personally led Li Tian Feng all the way into the hotel. Several bodyguards followed beside them.

When the young man appeared, for a split second, Zhao Tie Zhu’s heart was shaken. This was Li Tian Feng, for whom he had been waiting for ages. He quickly calmed his mind. Currently, he was located at a place across the hotel, from where the outdoor conference area could be seen. Just next to him, several security guards with intercoms were standing guard. The organizer naturally wouldn’t forget to guard this high platform, which had a perfect birds-eye view of the outdoor conference area. However, at the moment, Zhao Tie Zhu was already invisible, so none of them could see him.

Zhao Tie Zhu felt his own physical state. Due to being invisible, he could only use about 90% of his power; moreover, this strength was also gradually diminishing. He had never been able to figure out why his ability worked this way. It was as if his body was a balanced system. In his invisibility state, his power would be reduced. If he was totally invisible, his power would even slowly fade away with time. He had once checked to see how long he could remain invisible. After one and a half hours, his power would be reduced to 50%. After two hours, his power would drop to 20%. After two and a half hours, he would be physically exhausted, his invisibility would automatically fade, and he would be not able to move.

Forty minutes had passed already. If he didn’t take any action soon, then his stamina would drop to half, and his chances of success would be infinitely reduced.

He no longer waited. Stepping back a few meters, he accelerated and rushed directly toward the opposite building.

The bodyguards on the roof only felt a gust of wind swept over. Feeling anxious, they looked around to check but didn’t see anything.

Zhao Tie Zhu leaped off of the fence; his body was now facing the outdoor conference area, which was about fifty meters away. Without even touching foot on the ground, he flew directly across and landed on the grass at the outdoor conference area.

In a flash, he entered the conference room and stood in a corner.

At the moment, Li Tian Feng and the Secretary-General were in the elevator on the way to the roof. When he arrived on the rooftop, Li Tian Feng’s heart suddenly trembled and cold sweats broke out all over his body. He had the feeling something was waiting for him in that room, ready to swallow him. He trusted these feelings of him. It was an innate ability that he had since he was little, the ability to sense impending danger. When his family had dispatched him to attend this summit, the feeling had appeared. At that time, it was very weak, so he hired some bodyguard from some first-class security companies to protect himself and also secretly arranged some of the personal bodyguards of the Li Family. Before this, he thought that everything was going to be fine. But just as he arrived at the rooftop, that feeling suddenly appeared again.

Without hesitation, Li Tian Feng gave some instructions to his personal bodyguard beside him. The man walked into the room and said a few words on the microphone. The bodyguards who were just standing in the room suddenly buzzed to life. They checked every possible place a person could hide, including that corner where Zhao Tie Zhu was hiding. Currently, he was still invisible, so naturally the bodyguards couldn’t see him.

The personal bodyguard returned to Li Tian Feng’s side and confirmed that there was no danger. At this moment, the host of the summit was already aware of Li Tian Feng’s arrival, and said, “Please welcome Mr. Li Tian Feng to the podium to give a speech.” Li Tian Feng could only push down his anxiety and then continuing to smile, walked into the conference room.

Zhao Tie Zhu’s muscles tensed up.

“Li Tian Feng, you’ve finally come.”

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