Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0027

Chapter 27 (One Against Five, Let’s Fight!)

Li Tian Feng smiled and nodded to the audience. His mind determined, he walked to the podium and began his speech, which he had prepared long in advance.

Zhao Tie Zhu slowly approached Li Tian Feng, his footsteps light. The several bodyguards standing around Li Tian Feng had given him a lot of pressure. These men were from the same organization as Angel, their powers were very formidable, causing Zhao Tie Zhu to feel nervous. At this time, the burning hatred in his heart seemed as if it would set him on fire. However, his eyes grew calmer and calmer. As an experienced assassin, he wouldn’t let out any trace of emotion.

The uneasiness inside Li Tian Feng’s heart grew stronger as if a pair of invisible eyes was staring at him. More cold sweats poured from his head; he loosened the tie around his neck a bit. At that moment, he suddenly felt alarmed, and his restlessness peaked. Subconsciously, he slid to the side. He felt pain on his face, and a line of blood appeared.

Zhao Tie Zhu was startled; this Li Tian Feng had a remarkable sixth sense. His dagger had been aimed at Li Tian Feng’s neck artery. Surprisingly, the man dodged it and ended up with only a scratch on his face.

Li Tian Feng shouted and ran toward his bodyguards. They immediately surrounded him without leaving the slightest gap. They were not ordinary bodyguards, but people who have honed their skill in the underworld. Seeing this bizarre attack, their first thought was “the Phantom has struck.”

They all had long heard about Phantom’s great name. Killing people in invisibility was typical of the Phantom. Although a trace of fear had risen in their heart, their professionalism still made them protect Li Tian Feng as he fled the conference room. During the retreat, they tightly guarded Li Tian Feng, keeping him in the middle. All the hotel’s security guards had taken out their guns and nervously looking about in all directions. Those business giants had encountered many of scenes like this. After seeing the assassination attempt on Li Tian Feng, they didn’t show any look of panic.

“Hmph. Go ahead and run, Li Tian Feng. Now that I have found your trail, I’ll kill you with my own hands. I’m going to make you feel the countless sufferings.” A vicious light burst out of Zhao Tie Zhu’s eyes as he watched Li Tian Feng being escorted away by the bodyguards.

Not long ago, Angel suggested to Zhao Tie Zhu that he kill Li Tian Feng with a sniper rifle from hiding. That would be the simplest and most secure way. But Zhao Tie Zhu refused to do it that way. His hatred toward Li Tian Feng could only be washed away if his own hands were covered by Li Tian Feng’s blood. Killing him with just a bullet would be too good for him.

Zhao Tie Zhu casually followed Li Tian Feng; Li Tian Feng was currently being protected without a hint of any gaps. Zhao Tie Zhu also didn’t intend to attack again. As long as he knew Li Tian Feng’s whereabout, he would have plenty of time and opportunity.

Li Tian Feng had already escaped downstairs and entered into his car. The Mercedes-Benz in front sounded an alarm and the convoy sped away.

Zhao Tie Zhu’s figure slowly emerged from a nearby a corner. With only a few steps, he was a few meters away from the convoy, which he continued to follow casually. He tread through some dark alley, to lessen the chances anyone would notice anything out of the ordinary.

Still panicking, Li Tian Feng wiped the bloodstains on his face. He was aware of the Phantom. However, when the Phantom made his entrance in the underworld, he had been abroad at the family’s headquarter office handling some matters. And regarding the Phantom, he only knew that the Phantom only killed people who deserved to die. But today, the Phantom unexpectedly had targeted him. Li Tian Feng couldn’t help but wonder; how did the Phantom decided that he should be killed? Who had hired the Phantom to assassinate him?!

“Put me through to my father.”

Li Tian Feng managed to suppress his initial panic; he was indeed worthy of being the heir of the Li Family.

“Father, someone tried to assassinate me,” Li Tian Feng said seriously.

“…” There was a moment of silence at the end of the line, and then a plain voice asked, “Who?”

“The Phantom.”

“Tell the driver to take you to our private runway. Come back immediately.”

“Understood.” Li Tian Feng hung up the phone and cried out an instruction to the driver. Then he took out a cigarette from a cigarette box next to him and nervously sucked a few puffs. His face turned grim and he whispered, “I don’t care who you are, I’ll definitely kill you.”

At the moment, in the Li Family’s headquarters in Europe, a fifty-something old man hung up the phone. Turning toward an old man next to him in a butlers outfit, he said, “Ask Heaven’s Law to protect my son.”

The old man eyes tightened and he answered in a low voice, “Yes.” As he walked out the room, lightning flashed across the sky. The man’s face looked grim.

Somewhere in FJ, inside an old house, a young person was watching a Japanese porn movie. In the movie, several men and women were interacting intensely, causing the youth to become excited. Suddenly, his cell phone suddenly rang. Without even looking, he rejected the phone. Then the phone rang again and he rejected it again. After continuing like this several times, he finally picked up the phone.

From the other end of the line came a hoarse voice, “Master asked you to protect young master Feng.”

“Ah, it’s the old man again. I was just starting to enjoy myself here…” The young man answered, sounding a bit annoyed. “Okay, well, where is he? I’ll go right away.”

“At the Li family’s private hangar.”


After hanging up, the young man put on a jacket and pulled out an ancient sword from under his bed, which he slung from his waist. Then he walked out the door and disappeared into the darkness of the night.

Following Li Tian Feng’s convoy, Zhao Tie Zhu arrived at an empty field. Impressively, there was a helicopter sitting there waiting.

“This empty field is a fitting place to be your burial ground.”

Zhao Tie Zhu suddenly accelerated and then jumped up into the air.

His body slammed down onto the back of the Audi.


The Audi’s roof collapsed beneath Zhao Tie Zhu’s foot. The car’s wheels were unable to bear the strong pressure and literally flew out. The whole car had been smashed directly down into the concrete by Zhao Tie Zhu’s step.

Zhao Tie Zhu then pushed his legs down and then took another leap. This time, his target was the Rolls Royce Phantom.

The convoy suddenly stopped. The bodyguard on the Roll Royce’s passenger side rushed out of the car and opened the backseat door. With a pull, Li Tian Feng’s body was thrown out a few meters. But right at that moment, Zhao Tie Zhu’s foot stomped on the Rolls Royce.

Although the Rolls Royce was bulletproof, under the stomping of Zhao Tie Zhu’s feet, it created an incredibly loud banging sound. The hood of the car was literally destroyed by Zhao Tie Zhu. He rapidly followed. The face of the bodyguard who was protecting Li Tian Feng suddenly grew tough. The person standing in front of him had no head!! The sight of it shook the bodyguard’s heart to the core.

A cruel smile twisted the corner of Zhao Tie Zhu’s mouth. At the moment, his head was hidden in invisibility. This was in order to prevent others from seeing his true appearance, and also to deter his opponents and save energy. When he just made a small part of his body invisible, his stamina increase and output would be balanced, and his strength wouldn’t be weakened.

That bodyguard must have guessed Zhao Tie Zhu’s tactics. He pulled out a handgun from his waist and fired it immediately.

Zhao Tie Zhu easily dodged. In this short time, the other bodyguards had already surrounded him.

At present, five people stood there around him, blocking all of his exits.

They emitted a strong imposing aura, which caused Zhao Tie Zhu’s face to become serious.

These people were first-rate bodyguards; each of them would have strength similar to Ray’s. If he faced only a single person, Zhao Tie Zhu would not have been afraid. But against five of them at once, he knew that this would be the biggest challenge he had ever encountered in his life.

A look of determination filled Zhao Tie Zhu’s face. So what if it were five people? Let’s fight!

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