Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0028

Chapter 28 (Fight To The Death)

The five bodyguards’ imposing aura rose to the max. As they shouted, streams of air could be seen faintly puffing out from their mouth. All of them surrounded Zhao Tie Zhu.

Pre-emptive strike!! In a flash, Zhao Tie Zhu focused his strength on his feet. Stomp, bang! The ground suddenly sunk. He took several steps, and like a lightning, he rushed toward one of them. Divide and conquer! This was his thought. Only by striking each of them in an instant, would he have a chance of winning.

The other bodyguards also instantly moved and ran toward Zhao Tie Zhu. He concentrated his power into his right hand, making it hit like a high-speed bullet. The bodyguard in front of him raised his arm to block. Bang!

The bodyguard was sent flying several meters and fell to the ground, but he immediately stood up. However, one arm hung powerless, apparently broken. In almost that exact moment, the fists and kicks from the other four bodyguards arrived. He distributed his power over his entire body. Bang! Bang! Bang! The opponents weren’t weak either, Zhao Tie Zhu only managed to elude one. In an instant, his body received three blows. With such formidable power hitting him, especially from two opposite directions, his internal organs were instantly injured.

Zhao Tie Zhu snorted lightly, and his blood roiled. He rolled forward, avoiding further embarrassment and hits. Pushing both feet against the ground, he jumped up and charged toward Li Tian Feng. However, the bodyguards were closer to Li Tian Feng, and they instantly protected him, positioning him behind them.

Zhao Tie Zhu didn’t stop, and the three bodyguards rushed toward him. The one with a broken arm and one other stood guard in front of Li Tian Feng.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Fists and feet collided, causing a wave of bangs.

Zhao Tie Zhu was sent flying back and he spurted out some blood into the air. However, of the three bodyguards, two of them had fallen to the ground. Their hands trembled to support themselves as they attempted to stand up. However, their hands were powerless, and they fell yet again.

Zhao Tie Zhu had also been severely injured; he had several broken ribs. But because of the hatred in his heart, such an injury was nothing to him. He circulated some of his Qi to subdue his injury. Then he took a few strong steps, and in a flash, his figure disappeared. The Strobe Flash!

When only one person remained in front of him, he used the Strobe Flash.

The remaining bodyguard looked at Zhao Tie Zhu with a solemn face as he phased in and out. Cold sweats broke out on his face.

Zhao Tie Zhu accelerated to the max.

Suddenly, Zhao Tie Zhu’s figure appeared before the bodyguard’s eyes, only one meter away. The bodyguard was too late to attack and was hit in the face by Zhao Tie Zhu’s fist. He was sent flying and slammed on the ground. It wasn’t clear whether he was dead or alive. Zhao Tie Zhu took a few deep breaths. Being completely invisible quickly sapped his strength, so he immediately made himself visible, except for his head. This was slightly better. At least, this way the energy produced by his body could flow more smoothly.

There was only one more person left! Zhao Tie Zhu stared at the two bodyguards standing in front of Li Tian Feng. Some blood oozed out from his mouth, which he wiped with his hand, and then he walked slowly toward the bodyguard.

The bodyguard shook his hands and feet to warm them up. He could see that Zhao Tie Zhu had been heavily injured and only relied on his strong will to continue. The bodyguard smiled excitedly; he never thought that he would have a chance to kill the Phantom. After tonight, his name would be remembered by everyone.

A dagger appeared in the bodyguard’s hand. This bodyguard was good with knives. With the dagger held in one hand, he rushed toward Zhao Tie Zhu.

Zhao Tie Zhu looked at him, his eyes a bit blurred. At current, his internal organs were bleeding badly, and his body was almost out of control.

The cold dagger flashed over, but Zhao Tie Zhu still managed to slightly tilt his body. The dagger easily cut open his skin. A wound appeared on Zhao Tie Zhu’s chest, blood gushing out from it.

Zhao Tie Zhu just coldly looked at the wound, which ached sharply. “Si Ru, is there really no way to avenge you?” His eyes gradually slackened.

Bang! His body went flying several meters with a dagger stuck in the stomach. He tumbled onto the ground. Everything was quiet.

The bodyguard grinned and turned to Li Tian Feng, “Young Master Li, I’ve killed the Phantom. You’re safe now.”

“Watch out!” Li Tian Feng suddenly shouted.

The bodyguard turned around, only to see Zhao Tie Zhu had suddenly already appeared behind him.

“You!!!!!” The bodyguard eyes widened as if he had seen a ghost. The dagger was still stuck in Zhao Tie Zhu’s stomach, how could he still stand up?!

There was only an emptiness in Zhao Tie Zhu’s eyes. With one hand stretched out, he grabbed the bodyguard by the neck. He exerted a bit of strength and the bodyguard’s neck snapped. Then he pulled out the dagger in his stomach; blood burst out instantly from the wound. Strangely, in a space of a few breaths, the wound stopped bleeding.

At this time, his head was no longer invisible. Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu’s face, Li Tian Feng cried out loud, “So it’s you!!!”

Expressionless, Zhao Tie Zhu slowly walked toward Li Tian Feng. The broken-armed bodyguard helplessly advanced forward to block the path.

As he came into contact with Zhao Tie Zhu, he went flying. After struggling on the ground for a while, he stopped breathing.

Step by step, Zhao Tie Zhu got closer to Li Tian Feng. Li Tian Feng screamed and ran to the helicopter. Like a ghost, Zhao Tie Zhu appeared in front of him.

“Please, don’t kill me,” Li Tian Feng stepped backward. He stumbled, falling backward and landing in a sitting position on the ground. “I was wrong back then. I know it. Don’t kill me. My father is the head of the Li Family. If you kill me, you won’t stay alive either.”

As if he didn’t hear anything, Zhao Tie Zhu slowly lowered his body. He threw a punch, hitting Li Tian Feng on the chest.

Bang! Li Tian Feng’s body sank into the ground, blood spewing out his mouth.

Right at that moment, a sword appeared in front of Zhao Tie Zhu out of nowhere. He moved back a step. The sword flew past his neck and stuck in the ground. A young person with a devilish eye appeared in front of Li Tian Feng. Li Tian Feng tried to resist the pain on his chest and climbed up. As he hid behind that young person, he shouted, “Heaven’s Law, kill him for me!”

“Are you the Phantom?” The youth asked, laughing as he picked up the sword from the ground.

Zhao Tie Zhu didn’t reply. He looked over, his eyes dull.

Heaven’s Law frowned, “How could you be so rude?”

Zhao Tie Zhu coughed out a mouthful of blood, his eyes became gloomier.

Bang! As if he was teleported, Zhao Tie Zhu appeared in front of Heaven’s Law.

Heaven’s Law raised his sword to block Zhao Tie Zhu’s iron fist and was pushed back a few steps. Zhao Tie Zhu straightened his hand. “Humph, like a knife through butter.”

Li Tian Feng watched in disbelief as Zhao Tie Zhu’s hand stabbed into his stomach. The only thing he felt was his energy fading away.

Zhao Tie Zhu rotated his hand and pulled. Just like that, he pulled out Li Tian Feng’s intestines. His other hand suddenly clenched and punched down.

The punch was like a thunder.

Li Tian Feng’s head exploded.

Heaven’s Law roared in rage, grabbed his sword and attacked.

Zhao Tie Zhu hurriedly moved back and dodged the sword slash. Suddenly, he coughed out another mouthful of blood. His body limped and fell to the ground.

Heaven’s Law walked up to Zhao Tie Zhu’s body with a cold expression. Without another word, he raised his sword above Zhao Tie Zhu’s head and was about to cut it off.

A white hand appeared as if out of thin air and hit Heaven’s Law’s sword. The strong force sent both Heaven’s Law and his sword flying away.

With his sword as support, Heaven’s Law came to a stop a few meters away and looked up to see the person who had suddenly appeared. An unprecedented glow appeared in his eyes.

“Demonic sword of Heaven’s Law,” the owner of the hand said softly. “For Buddha’s sake, please leave.”

“Who are you!?” Heaven’s Law was bewildered. That person emitted a monstrous aura. He had only felt such an aura from his master, “Buddha.”

“Leave.” After saying that, the person landed next to Zhao Tie Zhu and sighed. “If it’s possible, I don’t wish to see your inner strength awakened.” Then the person picked up Zhao Tie Zhu’s body and slowly walked away. In a blink of an eye, they had disappeared.

Darkness reappeared in Heaven’s Law’s eyes. Watching the two people disappear, he whispered “Another eccentric person, and a beautiful lady at that. Ha ha, interesting, interesting.” With that, without even looking at the dead Li Tian Feng, he turned around and left.

Li Family’s Headquarters in Europe.

“He’s dead?” Li Tian Feng’s father whispered.


“How did he die?”

“His head was blown off.”

Li Tian Feng’s father was the current leader of the Li Family, Li Long Ba. His eyes were filled with rage as he gave out orders, “Bring my son’s body back. Also, send out notification worldwide, I want the Phantom, dead or alive. The reward is some of my shares in the Li Family. Leave now.”

After his men left, Li Long Ba smashed his fist on the desk. The desk broke instantly broke, showing the power of the fist. “Phantom, you’re gonna wish that you’re dead!!!!!”

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