Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0029

Chapter 29 (Seriously Injured, Anything For The Patient)

Zhao Tie Zhu dreamed for what seemed like a very long time. He saw a woman named Si Ru, and her smile was so clear that he couldn’t tell if it was real or imaginary.

“Don’t leave me.” Zhao Tie Zhu wriggled restlessly.

Su Yan Ni stood next to him, looking worried. She watched Cao Zi Yi tied a bandage around his body. She wasn’t sure what kind of medicine Cao Zi Yi had smeared on the bandage. Cao Zi Yi carefully wrapped the bandage over his wounds with her white, slender hands.

“Zi Yi, what do you think happened to Tie Zhu? He can fight well, how could he get such serious injuries? Should I go to the bureau to report the case? We should probably take him to the hospital.” Su Yan Ni eyes flashed with concerns.

“No need.” Cao Zi Yi had finished tying the bandages. After washing her hands, she said, “He’s all right, no need to report it. Trust me.”

Seeing Cao Zi Yi determined look, Su Yan Ni suddenly realized; this usually soft and delicate woman was now filled with firmness and confidence. Hence, Su Yan Ni didn’t push further.

“Why don’t you cook some porridge? He’ll wake up in a while,” Cao Zi Yi instructed.

“Okay,” replied Su Yan Ni, walking out of Zhao Tie Zhu’s room.

Cao Zi Yi slowly sat down next to Zhao Tie Zhu’s bed, watching him. He seemed to be in the midst of having a nightmare. She sighed softly, “You killed Li Long Ba’s son. I can’t take you to the hospital, it won’t be safe there. Fortunately, I brought plenty of medicinal herbs. Otherwise, even if you can recover, your vitality would be badly disrupted.”

Currently, Cao Zi Yi wore a dress whiter than the snow, and her eyes were filled with deep concern.

“Don’t!!!” Zhao Tie Zhu suddenly sat up straight, his face filled with deep panic. When he looked around, he discovered that he was lying in his own bed, his body wrapped with countless bandages, just like a mummy.

“You’ve awakened,” said Su Yan Ni. In her hand, she was holding a bowl of porridge. Her face was calm, but the surprise in her eyes had betrayed her.

“How did I get here?” Zhao Tie Zhu asked, puzzled.

“How should I know? I also didn’t know that you went out and fought with someone. You were lying unconscious at the gate with wounds all over your body. If Zi Yi didn’t discover you, you might still be outside, dying.” Su Yan Ni walked over Zhao Tie Zhu’s bedside and then said, “Eat some porridge first.”

“Zi Yi?” Zhao Tie Zhu frowned. He only remembered that after being stabbed with a dagger in his stomach, it was as if his consciousness left his body. He saw himself kill the bodyguard and Li Tian Feng. Then an evil-looking young man with a sword appeared behind him. After that, he totally lost his consciousness and couldn’t remember anything happened afterward.

“Don’t think anymore, you should eat something first.” Su Yan Ni brought the bowl next to him. Holding a spoon in one hand, she scooped a mouthful and fed him. Seeing this gentle treatment, Zhao Tie Zhu was surprised for a moment. It seemed that this little police girl also had a soft side.

“What are you looking at?” Su Yan Ni complained coquettishly, her face blushing. “Have you never seen a pretty girl before? Come on, eat up. If it weren’t because you’re inconveniently wrapped from head to toe, this big sister wouldn’t be so kind as to feed you.”

Zhao Tie Zhu smiled; this was the Su Yan Ni he knew. He ate the porridge she fed him. There were some things he didn’t understand but decided there was no need to think about them. Li Tian Feng was dead anyway. Si Ru’s death had been avenged.

Thinking about Si Ru, Zhao Tie Zhu went silent. “After I get better, I’ll visit you,” Zhao Tie Zhu whispered.

“Visit whom?” Su Yan Ni asked.

“An old friend,” Zhao Tie Zhu smiled. “Hey, hurry up, this big brother is starving.”

“You can still be so cocky? Fine, eat by yourself.” After saying that, she put the bowl beside the bed. With a faint smile, Zhao Tie Zhu raised his bandaged hand and looked at her.

“Ah, anything for the patient. Big sister will give in to you this time. But you have to give me a rent reduction.” Without a choice, she picked up the bowl again.

“Not just the rent, but even more. When you serve me well, I’ll even give you free rent.”


“Of course. But you have to serve me well. Like, in winter, you have to help me warm the bed, and in summer, you have to fan me. Stuff like that.”

“Go to hell.” Su Yan Ni scooped a big spoon and stuffed it into Zhao Tie Zhu’s mouth.

“Where is Zi Yi?” Zhao Tie Zhu asked, after finishing the food.

“She’s out painting. Zi Yi is really amazing, you know? She was the one who wrapped you with all the bandages. She also smeared some medicinal herbs onto the bandages. I wonder where she brought it from.” Su Yan Ni said with a face of adoration.

Zhao Tie Zhu was deep in thought.

“Regarding school, I’ve asked Ling Er to help you with the absence. You can recuperate at ease now.” With that, Su Yan Ni walked out of the room.

His whole body felt weak. Lying in bed, he could sense that his physical strength was almost depleted. He reached out his hand, trying to make the beads disappear, but to no avail.

This time, he was wounded quite seriously.

Still being dizzy, he fell asleep.

In the evening, Li Ling Er had returned. As she arrived at the villa, she hurriedly ran into Zhao Tie Zhu’s room, then she tiptoed quietly toward his bed. Zhao Tie Zhu was already awake as she got into the room. He looked at Li Ling Er and smiled, “Playing thief?”

“Oh no, I’ve woken up brother Tie Zhu,” she said, blaming herself.

“I was already awake. How was today’s military training?” Zhao Tie Zhu asked.

“Not bad. Fan Jian asked why you’re absent. Brother Tie Zhu, where did you go last night? Seeing you like this, scared me to death. You’re supposed to protect me! In the future, don’t run around like that.”

“I’m not going anywhere anymore,” he smiled.

“Then you should rest well, brother Tie Zhu. Get well soon, so you can take me to school again soon. I won’t disturb you anymore.” Saying that, she walked out the room.

Dinner was brought by Su Yan Ni again. “Come, eat.” Then she sat in the same place as before and fed him.

In the evening, Su Yan Ni had already changed into a simple dress with a very low neckline. His bed was a bit higher than her sitting position. So when she fed him, naturally, she would need to lean forward, which caused the spring scenery on her chest to caress Zhao Tie Zhu’s eyes. His body was already weak. However, even as the blood circulation rushed down to the little Tie Zhu, it was even weaker than his body.

“Hey, Yan Ni,” he called weakly.


“Next time when you buy a dress, don’t buy a one with such a low neckline.”

Su Yan Ni looked down at her chest and let out a scream. She turned around and ran out of the room.

Zhao Tie Zhu could only smile helplessly.

A little while later, she was back again. However, she wore a dress with a higher neckline. This time, nothing could be seen at all.

“Yan Ni.”

“Now what?”

“Don’t wear such a short skirt when you’re sitting on such a short stool.”

“Ah! You pervert, just go to hell!”

A wonderful moment in springtime…

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