Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0031

Chapter 31 (Li Ling Er In Trouble)

By the time Zhao Tie Zhu woke up the next day, it was five in the afternoon. He looked out of the window; it was a clear and sunny day. Surprisingly, he found his pain was almost all gone. He moved around a bit and only felt a little bit of discomfort. It seemed that in a few days, his injuries would be completely healed. He wandered around in the villa but didn’t see anyone. Considering that he was supposed to be protecting Li Ling Er, and the military training would end at 5:30 in the afternoon, he thought about going to FJ University to pick her up.

He walked out, hailed a cab, and went to FJ University.

Currently, at FJ University, the afternoon military training was already over. Students were leaving in groups of two or three. Li Ling Er walked together with several students who were all talking and laughing. At that moment, Li Ling Er’s phone rang; it was Zhao Tie Zhu. When he said he was coming to pick her up, she burst out in a cheer and waited outside the school on the side road for him.

As his cab neared FJ University, he could already see her standing on the roadside off in the distance. Just as he was about to tell the driver to pull over, something happened. A white van suddenly came out from a nearby small alley and quickly stopped in front of Li Ling Er. She couldn’t react in time as several people rushed out and dragged her into the van. Then the van whisked away.

Zhao Tie Zhu looked anxious and quickly yelled, “Driver, follow that van up there.”

The driver looked distressed. After all, he had also seen the people abduct Li Ling Er. Those kidnappers wouldn’t be easy to mess with.

Zhao Tie Zhu immediately took out a wad of money and said to the driver, “You just need to follow it, then this money is yours.”

Seeing the pile of red bills worth at least 1,000 RMB, the driver mustered his courage and said, “Young man, buckle up.” He sped up and followed behind.

The van was speeding very fast, but the taxi driver didn’t slow down either. After going through many turns, the van stopped in front of a bar.

Li Ling Er was forced to walk into the bar by a man holding a knife against her waist.

The taxi, which never fell too far behind the van, approached slowly. It stopped a few hundred meters away. After throwing the money to the driver, Zhao Tie Zhu opened the door and walked out.

At the moment, Iron Hands was in the bar’s basement. The basement door opened and his subordinates came in with a girl. Seeing her, Iron Hand’s eyes glittered. He had been with many women but had never met a girl as pretty as her. His heart beat fast, but there were still important matters to handle. He instructed his subordinates to tie her up well. Then he went into the next room and called Saito.

Zhao Tie Zhu walked quickly into the bar. It wasn’t open yet; only several people were inside. A girl dressed as a waitress said to him, “Sir, we haven’t opened yet. Come back tonight at eight.”

He approached her and asked, “Where are the people who just came in?”

Several waiters on the side immediately stood up, their face looked bad.

“Nobody came in just now,” replied the girl, glancing away.

“Are you sure?”

“Hey,” called out a man on the side. “Are you coming here to look for trouble?”

“Since you say I’m looking for trouble, then I’m looking for trouble.” Zhao Tie Zhu chucked. With a jump, he sent a back kick. That guy couldn’t dodge and was kicked out, flying.

“Ah, my power has dropped so much,” Zhao Tie Zhu thought.

Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu making a scene, several people immediately rushed up, holding stools and bottles as weapons. Zhao Tie Zhu step forward lightly. His body emitted an imposing aura, causing their movement to slow down. He stomped forward and threw a few punches, and they fell to the ground in an instant.

Only the waitress girl remained.

“Now, can you tell me where those people went?” Zhao Tie Zhu laughed.

The waitress pointed to a door on the side with her shaking hands and said, “They went into there.”

“Good girl.”

He opened the door and went inside.

Iron Hands’ subordinates had already tied up Li Ling Er. With the rope around her body, the delicate curves of her figure popped out, causing those who looked at her to swallow hard. Seeing such a large chest caused a burst of heat to rise within them.

“This girl is really nice,” said one minion to the other.

“For sure,” said the second minion. “Look at her breasts. Damn, they’re even bigger than those TV stars’. I think they must be at least be 36E.”

“Huh, do you even know how big 36E is?” the first minion said in disdain.

“I don’t. Perhaps, I should just measure it.” The second minion smiled pervertedly and reached out his hand toward Li Ling Er’s breast. When Zhao Tie Zhu appeared in the basement, that minion was stroking her. Excitedly, he said, “It’s really nice.” Li Ling Er just looked coldly at the two people, not making any sound at all.

Zhao Tie Zhu just happened to see it and immediately burst in anger. “You dare to touch the place where I haven’t even touched?!” he thought. He moved several steps forward and then flew into the air, landing kicks on both of the minions. They fell to the ground, twitching. Several other Iron Hands’ subordinates at the side reacted immediately and rushed over, holding machetes, crowbars, and the like. One by one, they were kicked flying by Zhao Tie Zhu, and fell on the ground, surrendering.

Zhao Tie Zhu went up to Li Ling Er and untied the rope on her body. “I’m late,” he said guiltily.

“It’s okay,” Li Ling Er smiled. “You saved me, Brother Tie Zhu, so I’m really happy.” Having said that, she went to one side and picked up a machete from the ground. Then she walked toward the minion who touched her and squatted down. That minion looked at her as if he was seeing the devil and cried, “What are you doing?”

She didn’t say anything, just looking coldly at the minion. The machete rose and fell, and that minion’s hand was cut off by Li Ling Er. That determined and murderous spirit caused the corner of Zhao Tie Zhu’s eyes to tremble.

The minion’s blood poured out like a fountain, splashing Li Ling Er’s body. She didn’t even blink her eyes and just stood up. After throwing the machete to the side, she walked up to Zhao Tie Zhu. She grabbed him with her small hand.

Zhao Tie Zhu whispered, “Little girl, why are you so bloodthirsty? In the future, let me do that sort of thing.” Her only response was a soft and gentle smile.

After making the call, Iron Hands heard the faint stirring noise from outside. When he walked out the room, he was shocked to see his men lying on the ground and a slim and weak-looking young man standing next to Li Ling Er. His face stiffened, he said in a low voice, “Who are you?”

“You don’t deserve to know my name,” Zhao Tie Zhu said with derision. The look in his eyes was like a dragon looking at a cricket, domineering and arrogant.

“Brother Tie Zhu,” Li Ling Er whispered next to him.


“Don’t always act so cool in front of me, it’s useless.”

Zhao Tie Zhu’s face collapsed in an instant.

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