Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0032

Chapter 32 (To Persuade Iron Hands)

Iron Hands’ face suddenly became very ugly. He threw his cigarette onto the ground and stomped it out. “Now that you’re here, don’t think about leaving,” he said in a low voice and rushed toward Zhao Tie Zhu. Surprisingly, his target was Li Ling Er. Of course, she stood next to Zhao Tie Zhu, who had just knocked down all his men in only a few minutes. Although he was also capable of such a feat, he wasn’t about to take any risks. If he could get his hands on Li Ling Er, then Zhao Tie Zhu wouldn’t be a threat for him anymore. It was a good idea, but sometimes, good ideas aren’t always very realistic.

Seeing Iron Hands rushing over, Zhao Tie Zhu gently pulled Li Ling Er behind him and defended against Iron Hands’ fist. The incoming blow was powered with a great force, almost comparable with Ray’s. Zhao Tie Zhu’s face stiffened. The clash of strength caused his wound to ache a bit.

Apparently, he wasn’t completely healed yet. He frowned slightly and deflected Iron Hands’ fist off to the side, causing Iron Hands to stumbled. Zhao Tie Zhu then threw a high kick aiming at Iron Hands’ chin. However, Iron Hands’ reaction was also quick. With his other hand, he blocked Zhao Tie Zhu’s kick just before it landed on his chin. Unfortunately for him, the kick had such a tremendous force that he was pushed back several meters.

Iron hands looked at Zhao Tie Zhu, his eyes filled with disbelief. This guy had such incredible strength and was also very agile. Zhao Tie Zhu’s expression was also very dignified. Meeting such a powerful person would be a rare chance for him.

Zhao Tie Zhu sensed that some of his wounds had opened and were leaking blood. He realized that he had to finish this quickly. Without waiting for Iron Hands to react, he launched his own iron punch. His fist ripped through the air, carrying a burst of wind. Iron Hands quickly raised his hands to block. He placed utmost confidence in his kung fu, and in his iron hands. During his time wandering in the North, he had been accepted as the apprentice of a great master. The kung fu he had studied made his hands as hard as iron, which was the origin of his nickname.

Bang! The two fists collided. The burst of power caused by the collision caused Iron Hands’ sleeves to shred in pieces!

Iron Hands was pushed back several steps, but surprisingly, Zhao Tie Zhu still stood there. Iron Hands’ face changed completely. If he had iron hands, then, this guy who stood before him must have the hands of Buddha himself! He stood still after the clash, unwavering. His hands barely showed a trace of blood.

“Who the hell are you?!” Iron Hands asked in a deep voice.

“Someone you shouldn’t mess with.” Zhao Tie Zhu shouted, “Who ordered you to kidnap Ling Er?”

“Humph, don’t be so arrogant. If you want to know, then face my fist first.” Iron Hands’ face was red. Being looked down upon by Zhao Tie Zhu was a great blow to his pride. Luckily, a surge of heat poured to his fist: Hardened Aura! The open wounds on his hand immediately bled profusely; the heat flowing into the fists caused the muscles to clench, and the blood to flow faster.

“You know, there’s no need to harm yourself,” said Zhao Tie Zhu jokingly. However, his eyes flashed with seriousness and focus. His body hadn’t fully recovered yet and he hadn’t even reached half of his full power. Furthermore, the injuries on his body ached so much that he felt as if he were being cut by a knife every time he moved. Yet, this guy in front of him clearly had learned the art of Hardened Aura, which could concentrate the whole body’s Qi onto the fist, making it incredibly powerful for a short time.

Iron Hands shouted, “Fine! Feel my famous iron hands.” Then he sent his fist toward Zhao Tie Zhu. It was a straight punch that shot forward with much greater speed than before.

“Bring it! Let’s see whose fist is harder!” Zhao Tie Zhu wasn’t someone who would back down easily. The more difficult the situation was, the more his fighting spirit would burn.

Bang! Their two fists collided. This time, Zhao Tie Zhu was pushed back two steps, but Iron Hands moved back three steps.

They didn’t stop; their fists clashed again several times. The muffled sound from the basement echoed on and on.

“Well, interesting. Come again,” said Iron Hands, smiling sarcastically. He added more power to his fist; it had been a long time since he encountered such a strong opponent. This opponent’s fist was so hard that his fist stung from the exchange of punches just now. However, he could see that although this guy in front of him was powerful, there was some sort of hollowness within him. This made Iron Hands sure that he had no more tricks up his sleeves.

As he was pondering this, the wounds on Zhao Tie Zhu’s body split open in several places. Blood poured out, rapidly soaking his clothes.

When he realized his opponent had been injured, Iron Hands’ eyes shone brightly. At once, he brought all his strength to bear and increased up his punching speed.

Zhao Tie Zhu could only steadily step backward underneath the power of Iron Hands’ punches. If he were in peak condition, he would have knocked this guy down within five moves. At the moment, however, he could only struggle to defend himself. Suddenly, a raging fired his heart. “Damn it,” he thought, “even a castrated tiger is still a tiger!”

He let out a bellow, and the pain in his body suddenly to eased. He temporarily exerted more force into his fist. A warm current rose slowly from his abdomen, causing his strength to grow even greater.

Iron Hands was in shock. How was this possible?! This person in front of him was clearly dried up, how could he still have such an enormous power? It was at this moment that Zhao Tie Zhu’s strength suddenly reached its pinnacle.

Bang! Iron Hands was sent flying away, his hand bent at a bizarre angle. Actually, the bones had been broken by Zhao Tie Zhu’s punch!

Iron Hands slammed against the wall. Using one hand to support him, he gasped heavily. He was totally in disbelief. Could it be that this guy just went Super Saiyan or something? ?

“Now, who sent you to kidnap Ling Er?” Zhao Tie Zhu asked with a calm face.

“What if I don’t tell you?”

“Then I promise you this: no one will leave here alive.” Zhao Tie Zhu’s eyes were filled with an endless murderous aura, just like the devil itself.

Cold beads of sweat ran down on Iron Hands’ forehead; what kind of eyes were those? They looked as if they had climbed out from an abyss. In this era, what kind of experience did this man have to emit such a killing aura!! Iron Hands was sure that this person in front of him must have killed before, and more than a few times!!

Forget it, he wasn’t going to suffer for the sake of a Japanese. Iron Hands sighed and said slowly, “It’s a Japanese man called Saito.”

“Japanese?” muttered Zhao Tie Zhu. From the look of things, the Japanese had discovered who Li Linger really was.

“Where does this Saito live?” asked Zhao Tie Zhu.

“I don’t know,” Iron Hands replied, “I was on the phone with him just now. He said he’ll come to pick her tomorrow.”

“You’re Chinese, why would you work for the Japanese? What was in it for you?”

“He promised me a few guns.” Iron Hands actually felt a little regret. After all, he was helping the Japanese. Furthermore, it was doing something against the Chinese. If it weren’t for the guns, he would never have agreed to it.

“Oh…” Zhao Tie Zhu pondered for a moment. “Guns. I can give you that, but I need you to do something for me.”

“Oh? What?” Iron Hands asked in disbelief.

“Tomorrow, you will lead Saito here,” Zhao Tie Zhu said casually. “However many guns he promised, I can provide as well. In addition, I’ll make your gang legitimate. Are you in? It’s your call.”

“Who the hell are you really?” Iron Hands frowned.

“National Security Bureau, Special Ops.” Zhao Tie Zhu pulled out the identification credentials that Chen Wei Guo had promised to give him, a National Security Bureau badge.

“You’re from the National Security Bureau!” Iron Hands eyes flashed first with horror, and then relief. No wonder this person was so amazing and could give him such a commitment.

“Okay,” Iron Hands decided, after thinking for a moment. “I’ll do it. I hope you will stick to your end of the deal.” After all, it’s not possible to run with gangs forever. Now, he had a chance to legitimize his gang, which was a heavenly opportunity. Iron Hands decided to gamble that what this young man said was true. With one hand broken, and two-thirds of his fighting strength gone, this outcome was probably for the best.

“Dealing with me,” Zhao Tie Zhu said, “there will be a lot of benefits.” He glanced at Iron Hands and then walked out of the basement with Li Ling Er.

“You were so awesome just now, Brother Tie Zhu,” Li Ling Er said as they sat in the taxi on the way home.

He forced a smile. He had exhausted his strength before, so he had no other options than to use a trick. He had to persuade Iron Hands with those benefits; otherwise, he would really have to fight to the death again. If he were in peak condition, he wouldn’t need to be like this; he would just kill all of them at once. But on a second thought, Zhao Tie Zhu admired his quick-wittedness just now. This way, he could kill two birds with a stone. He wouldn’t be able to protect Li Ling Er all the time. Having Iron Hands subdued, with his help as the local bully, if there were problems, everything would be easy to handle. “I’m really smart…” As he was thinking that, he fainted, still smiling.

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