Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0033

Chapter 33 (Leading the Commandos on a Mission)

When Zhao Tie Zhu got back to the villa, Su Yan Ni and Cao Zi Yi carried him back to his room. Seeing the reopened wounds on his body, Cao Zi Yi frowned. Su Yan Ni was worried too. “What kind of person are you?” she said frustratedly. “You’re not recovered yet but already went out, and plus, you were fighting again? Who do you think you are? Superman? Are you going to wear your underwear on the outside now?” Zhao Tie Zhu only smiled dispiritedly. How could he just sit still and watch someone molest Ling Er?

Li Ling Er said nothing. She was holding a basin in her hands, inside of which were towels and water. Cao Zi Yi sighed, “Tie Zhu, don’t go out again before you recover.” He was about to argue when Cao Zi Yi and Su Yan Ni shot murderous intent through their eyes. Being smart, he kept silent, and Cao Zi Yi also didn’t say anything further. The feeling of the bandages being peeled off caused cold sweat to break out all over his body.

“Now you know what pain is like? Let’s see if you still dare to run around!” Su Yan Ni scolded him.

“If it were you who had been molested, I wouldn’t care less.” Zhao Tie Zhu said with a firm look. “Humph, you think big sister would need your protection? Let me tell you, big sister is a policewoman. A policewoman, you know? Those who defend the country!”

“Isn’t it the People’s Liberation Army that defends the country?” Zhao Tie Zhu said in disdain.

“The army defends the country,” she said, raising her small fist. “We maintain law and order. Both are equally important. Don’t look down on the national police force.”

With the two of them arguing like this, time passed quickly. Before the arguing was finished, the bandages had been changed.

After picking up the stretcher, Cao Zi Yi said, “Have a rest. In a while, I’ll cook some herbal medicine for you to recuperate.”

Zhao Tie Zhu’s face instantly went dark. He had experienced Cao Zi Yi’s medicine before, it really was… something to stay in heaven, not for a mortal to drink!

Without even looking at Zhao Tie Zhu’s expression, she went out of the room with Su Yan Ni following behind. Li Ling Er said, “Brother Tie Zhu, please rest well.” Then, she also left the room.

After waiting for everyone to leave, Zhao Tie Zhu picked up the cell phone beside him and called Ray.

“Ray, ask your grandpa to pull a team of experts for me. I’m going to do something for the country.” Zhao Tie Zhu said in a relaxed tone.

“Okay, I’ll inform grandpa about this. Oh, right, you need to stay hidden. The Li Family has issued a death mark on your head all around the world. You didn’t leave any trace, did you?”

“Would your brother be so unprofessional? Rest assured.”

“Okay, then I’ll talk to my grandpa. I’ll get back to you later.” After hanging up the phone, Ray got out of bed and went to Chen Wei Guo’s study. The old hunched man was currently standing outside at the door, holding a watering can and taking care of several flower pots.

“Is my grandpa here?”

Without lifting his head, the old man said, “The Chief is just inside.” Ray knocked at the door and went inside. Chen Wei Guo was looking at some army reports. Seeing Ray, he asked, “What’s the matter?”

Ray said, “Grandpa, lend me a team of elites.”

“Oh, why do you need a team? Could it be that Zhao Tie Zhu asked for it?”

Ray didn’t say anything, only nodded his head. Chen Wei Guo picked up a cigarette. After inhaling deeply, he said, “This time he’s done a hell of a thrilling thing. He dared to kill Li Long Ba’s son, jeez. Did he say what he needed the team for?”

“He said it’s for the country.”

“Okay, in a while, you go to the Dragon God Commandos to pick a team. You have to go along as well.”

“Okay.” Ray didn’t say much. He just turned around to walk out of the room and went to where the Dragon God Commandos were stationed.

The next morning, after seeing Su Yan Ni and the others had gone out, Zhao Tie Zhu also went out. On the road, he called Ray, “Ray, get the team to the FJ University’s entrance. I’ll be there shortly.”


Soon after, Zhao Tie Zhu had arrived at FJ University. In front of the entrance, a big truck with a canopy over the back was already parked there, and Ray was leaning up against it. His gigantic, muscular figure caused the people around to raise their eyebrows. At this time, a group of people walked over. They were actually the military training recruits. They obviously didn’t have any clue why a military truck was parking there and looked over slightly confused. However, seeing a palm-sized dragon mark, all their faces changed.

“The Dragon God Commandos!” Their heart burst with a surprise! The Dragon God Commandos were the most elite force of the armed forces; each of their members was the best of the best from the army. It wasn’t something that this group of fries could achieve. In their hearts, each and every one of the Dragon God Force was an idol. These people were led by Niu Meng, who had also seen the dragon-shaped mark; he felt as if hit by a tsunami. He didn’t get any news about the Dragon God Force coming today. With a serious expression, he looked at Ray, who was leaning on the truck. From this man, he could sense a strong imposing aura.

At that moment, a taxi stopped not far away. Zhao Tie Zhu stepped out calmly. Seeing the truck parked at the entrance, he walked over.

Niu Meng also saw him. He had great curiosity, as well as great expectation toward Zhao Tie Zhu. Niu Meng had hoped that Zhao Tie Zhu could become the top recruit of the military training, but unexpectedly, he had taken an absence leave, which caused Niu Meng to be greatly annoyed. Now that he saw Zhao Tie Zhu, he stopped the group and walked over by himself toward Zhao Tie Zhu.

Zhao Tie Zhu intended to go directly to Iron Hands’ place with Ray. Suddenly being stopped, he looked confusingly at his drill sergeant.

“Zhao Tie Zhu, didn’t you take a leave? Why are you still coming now?” Niu Meng’s face looked a bit bad.

Zhao Tie Zhu smiled and said, “There’s a small matter I need to take care of.”

“A small matter?” Niu Meng said heavily. “You know, in China, you need to learn do be part of something! You need to follow the rules! Do you understand?”

Zhao Tie Zhu shrugged helplessly. By this time, Ray saw that something was happening and walked over. His huge shadow instantly enveloped Niu Meng’s whole body.

“Brother Tie Zhu, what’s going on?” Ray asked in a low voice.

“Nothing. Instructor Niu, I really have a matter to take care. I’ll take my leave now. I’ll definitely be back in a few days to join you.” Having saying that, and without waiting for Niu Meng’s response, Zhao Tie Zhu walked toward the truck. Niu Meng was about to say something when Ray glanced at him coldly, causing him to swallow down his words again. Then seeing Zhao Tie Zhu casually climbed into the truck followed by Ray, Niu Meng had made a guess in his heart.

“No wonder he was so good at shooting!! He must belong to the Dragon God Commandos!!” He became more and more certain of his thought. As he watched the truck speeding away, Niu Meng felt a thrill of fear. This was certainly not a normal mission. Hopefully, he didn’t do anything to affect their mission, otherwise he would have committed a crime.

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