Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0034

Chapter 34 (Forces Around FJ University)

“Brother Tie Zhu, you are wounded?” Ray asked, frowning.

“It’s alright, just a flesh wound,” Zhao Tie Zhu said. “In a moment, we’re going to arrest some Japanese. It will be a big win for you.”


“Yes. I think they’re spies sent by the Japanese.” Zhao Tie Zhu sighed lightly. After doing self-cultivation throughout the night, his wounds had rapidly recovered. Today, the reason why he especially asked Ray to bring a team was to give him a big credit. If they were to catch the Japanese, then the credit for Ray’s achievement would be incredible. Adding his family background, his road to promotion would be smooth and quick. Ray was also a smart guy. Realizing the main point, he didn’t say much either. He never asked about brother Tie Zhu’s affairs, regardless of what their purpose seemed to be. Since that time when Zhao Tie Zhu carried him on his back through enemy lines, and received twenty-one knife wounds in the process, he had come to trust Zhao Tie Zhu with his life.

“About that matter…” Ray hesitated a moment and then said, “my grandpa wouldn’t tell me anything. He only asked me to tell you, it’s best to hide for some time, and wait until the storm pass.”

“I know, it’s okay,” Zhao Tie Zhu smiled. After all, Chen Wei Guo knew his secret identity. Were he to leak out that information to Li Long Ba, the financial reward would be incalculable. The Li Family had been in control in Europe for countless years. Rumors said that their assets could match those of the Rothschild Family’s. The value of Li Long Ba’s shares value was just astronomical. This situation, Zhao Tie Zhu had prepared to bear.

“Okay, stop here,” Zhao Tie Zhu said, and the truck slowly stopped. Ray jumped down from the driver’s seat and opened the rear door. One by one, soldiers with camouflage-painted face jumped down from the truck. Each one had a submachine gun and a sword strapped to his back, as well as a dagger sheathed at the waist. Without making any noise, they quietly lined up in formation. Zhao Tie Zhu instructed one of the soldiers to take the truck away for hiding. Ray flicked his hand, and the soldiers trotted along with Zhao Tie Zhu to the bar where Iron Hands resided.

Currently, there weren’t any people inside the bar. The waiters from yesterday were already gone, to who knew where. Zhao Tie Zhu frowned slightly and instructed the troops to lay an ambush around the bar. With several Dragon God Commandos and Ray, he walked into the basement.

Iron Hands was currently waiting anxiously for Zhao Tie Zhu’s arrival. He wasn’t sure whether or not Zhao Tie Zhu’s words were true. But his intuition, which was developed over many years, told him that they were. If he could cooperate well with Zhao Tie Zhu this time, it might be a great opportunity for him!

As he was daydreaming, the basement door finally opened. Iron Hands stood up excitedly.

It really was Zhao Tie Zhu. Following behind him was a two-meter tall muscular guy with bloodthirsty eyes. His huge arms were covered with scars as if to hint people that the owner of these hands used his fists to solve problems.

Behind the hulking man, seven or eight fully armed, uniformed soldiers followed. Seeing all the superior equipment, Iron Hands was instantly sure that these people were from the army!

They sure are worthy of being the National Security Bureau’s Special Ops! Iron Hands’ eyes filled with respect, he bowed, “You’ve come.”

“Yes.” Zhao Tie Zhu went directly toward the only sofa in the room and sat down. Ray stood next to him with his chest straight. Zhao Tie Zhu said, “The people above, where have they gone?”

“I was afraid they would be a hindrance, so I told them not come to work today,” Iron Hands replied.

“Won’t Saito find that strange?”

“No, last time when he came, there were also no people upstairs. Should I arrange a few people up there for show?” Iron Hands asked cautiously.

“No need. When is the meeting with Saito to begin?”

“I’ll call him right away,” answered Iron Hands. He took his phone and dialed Saito’s number. “Mr. Saito, you can come over now. Everything is ready.” Then, he hung up the phone.

“Well, Ray,” Zhao Tie Zhu said, “please asked the other bros to wait in the private room for an ambush. Later on, Iron Hands will lead that guy into there, then you can catch him.” Ray nodded.

“Iron Hands, tell me more about your gang.” Zhao Tie Zhu waved his hand toward Iron Hands, who then stepped in front of him and replied, “We are the biggest gang around FJ University. Our gang is called Iron Hands gang, and we mainly control both the south and west area of FJ University.”

“How many properties do you control?”

“In total, there are three KTV, five bars, and several assortments of restaurants, lounges, and the likes. A lot of them. Basically, all the stores south and west of FJ University are under my protection.” Iron Hands’ face showed a hint of pride. He had achieved this all by starting from scratch.

“You controlled the South and West? Then what about the east and north?” Zhao Tie Zhu continued to ask.

“The east side is controlled by a group of people all of whom are from Chaozhou, that’s the Chaozhou gang. The north is controlled by the ‘Three Princes’ of FJ University, the White Eagle gang. However, they can’t be regarded as a gang, but more a social group. All the three leaders have influential backgrounds; it can be said that they are most wealthy of the groups. Occupying the north area, they usually mind their own business. Considering how they look down on us, we don’t have any contact with them. We also don’t want to provoke them.”

“Oh? So their organization is based within FJ University? Who are these three princes?” Zhao Tie Zhu asked curiously. After all, a student organization capable of controlling the big north area of FJ University must obviously be very powerful.

“Ou Yang Hao, Huang Ning, and Sun Bao.”

“Oh? Huang Ning? His father is the deputy mayor, right?”

“Yes. Ou Yang Hao is the son of the deputy secretary of the municipal committee. That Sun Bao is the son of the political commissar of the armed forces. They are backed by the government and the military, so although their area isn’t that large, we and the Chaozhou gang have no desire to provoke them.”

“Interesting.” Zhao Tie Zhu smiled playfully. That Huang Ning was the yellow-haired guy that he beat last time. Surprisingly, he also went to FJ University. Such a small world.

It was at that moment when Ray’s walkie-talkie sounded out. A Mercedes had parked in front of the bar. The ambush team was quickly informed of this.

“It’s Saito. Last time he also came in a Mercedes.” Iron Hands looked nervous. After all, he was just the leader of a local small gang. This Saito even had alarmed the people of Special Ops and really wasn’t someone he could handle by himself.

“Stay calm.” Zhao Tie Zhu looked at Iron Hands and then stood up. Instructing Iron Hands to sit on the sofa, he said, “When they come in, tell them that Ling Er is in the private room. All you need to do is to lead Saito into that room, then your work is done.” Iron Hands quickly nodded. Zhao Tie Zhu stood on the side, playing the role of a younger brother. Ray became Iron Hands’ bodyguard.

“Mr. Iron Hands,” a creepy voice came from the basement entrance. That interpreter walked in first. Seeing Ray, he was stunned for a moment and then said, “These guys don’t look familiar.”

“This is my brother, he just came from my hometown to help me. Where’s Mr. Saito?”

The interpreter felt relieved and said something in Japanese toward his back. Mr. Saito walked into the basement; following him was a man with a gloomy face and his head slightly down. He seemed to be Saito’s subordinate.

Saito was apparently very happy. He mumbled several things, and the interpreter then said, “Mr. Saito fully appreciates your work efficiency. Mr. Iron Hands, could you please bring the woman out?”

Iron Hands stood up, bowed a bit, and then said, “She’s in the private room. Mr. Saito, please come with me.” After saying this, he entered the private room.

As usual, the interpreter walked in front and entered the private room. Saito was about to enter as well when the gloomy-face person suddenly spoke in rough Mandarin, “Wait a minute.”

Zhao Tie Zhu’s eyebrows furrowed imperceptibly.

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