Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0035

Chapter 35 (Onmyōji)

It was very hot outside, but the man was wearing a black robe. His whole face was a strange greenish-white color, like a zombie. After telling Saito to stop, surprisingly, Saito respectfully responded in stiff Mandarin, “Mr. Abe Harumi, what’s the matter?”

“There’s murderous intent inside,” whispered Abe Harumi.

Saito instantly put his hand into his coat. Ray shouted loudly, “Move!” With a sudden surge, he rushed toward Abe Harumi. Hearing his shout, several Dragon God Commandos who were waiting in ambush rushed out from the private room. From the basement entrance, several people also rushed down and raised up their guns toward Saito and his men.

Abe Harumi suddenly burst into a weird laughter. A piece of paper suddenly appeared in his hand. He threw the piece of paper into the air and then pointed upward. The paper instantly dissolved into powder and a trace of invisible green mist instantly drifted out.

“An Onmyōji!” Zhao Tie Zhu frowned. By this time, Ray had already rushed in front of Abe Harumi. Countless objects, which looked like swirling petals, suddenly appeared out of nowhere. They spread out faster and faster, eventually shooting out like swords to attack everything in sight.

Swish! Whenever the petals came across the skin, a burst of blood mist appeared. The surrounding Dragon God Commandos immediately took out gas masks from their backpacks and put them on. Ray’s face remained the same. Ignoring the rain of flower petals, he punched toward Abe Harumi. His fist roared through the air like a tiger.

“Japanese Onmyōjis are experts with hallucinogens and hypnotism,” Zhao Tie Zhu said to Iron Hands. “They can influence your mind. Put this on.” He tossed over a gas mask.

At the moment, Iron Hands only felt the countless slices of the flower petals surrounding his whole body. Hearing Zhao Tie Zhu’s words, he hurriedly put on the mask. The moment he put on the mask, all the petals completely disappeared!

“How is this possible?!” Iron Hands was shocked. It turned out there really was such a thing as this type of magical attack in the world. But, if it was only an illusion, then why did he have cuts all over his hands?

Seeing his bewilderment, Zhao Tie Zhu explained, “Advanced hallucinogen. Not only can it entrance your mind, it can also hypnotize your body cells. The information is transmitted from your mind to the skin cells, telling them that you’ve been cut; your cells will respond accordingly, and a real cut appears. Understand?”

At a loss, Iron Hands nodded but then also shook his head.

Zhao Tie Zhu didn’t bother to explain anymore. Bang! A bullet came flying. It ricocheted, flying straight toward Iron Hands. As if he could see the bullet, Zhao Tie Zhu pulled Iron Hands to the side, and the bullet flew past, only scratching his face. A thin line of blood trace appeared on his face; the terror caused a cold sweat to break out all over his body.

“Damn! Daring to shoot in such a small place? Isn’t he afraid if the bullet ricochets?” Zhao Tie Zhu scolded angrily, but he didn’t stay idle. After pulling Iron Hands to the side, they both hid behind a stone pillar.

As Ray and Abe Harumi fought, Saito didn’t stay still. He aimed his gun at Ray, but Ray and Abe Harumi were fiercely fighting at very close quarters, making it difficult to aim. Instead, he just shot randomly at the people around him.

Suddenly, the Dragon God Commandos were in a difficult situation. The basement space was very limited, yet, Ray and Abe Harumi already using a large space. They only held submachine guns, and opening fire in this kind of environment would be a certain death; the bullets would ricochet. Considering how many bullets a submachine gun could fire, the resulting web of bullets would make friendly fire casualties a certainty.

Using the stone pillars as a cover, several Dragon God Commandos approached Saito, drawing the swords from their backs. In this kind of place, swords were much more practical than guns.

Saito’s gun didn’t have many bullets to begin with, and after a few shots, he was out. It was like a Japanese guy having sex, it started out ferociously, but was over in two to three minutes; strong willed but lacking stamina. Okay, we’ve gotten off topic…

Seeing Saito reloading his gun, several commandos jumped out from their cover. At this moment, Abe Harumi took out a dark-red tablet from his robe and tore it open. A red smoke instantly drifted toward Saito. Saito inhaled deeply and his eyes suddenly glowed red. He let out a bellow and dodged the incoming swords. His fists struck like a meteor, and two commandos were sent flying away.

“Fuck! Psychoactive drugs!” Zhao Tie Zhu continued to hide. Currently, no one knew better than himself the status of his body. If he were to rush out now, he would only be defeated. It would be better to act as a moral support.

“What’s a psychoactive drug?” Iron Hands asked like a curious baby.

“That’s a banned drug that can temporarily enhance a person’s strength and increases the senses to the extreme. It basically makes you superhuman for a moment.” Zhao Tie Zhu said calmly. Seeing Iron Hands’ glittering eyes, Zhao Tie Zhu then said, “However, the side effects of this kind of drug are too severe. After using it once, the body will be half crippled, especially the male sexual function, which will degenerate to a state of nonfunctional. If a woman were to use it, she will basically turn into a hermaphrodite. So, I advise you not to get any ideas. Of course, if you still want it, I can manage to get a little for you. The price is negotiable.”

“I better not,” Iron Hands said with a cold shiver.

Superhuman Saito was now facing five commandos without trouble. His fist was powerful. However, those commandos apparently also knew the weakness of the psychoactive drug. They only had to deal with Saito, and it wasn’t a desperate fight. Once the drug wore off, he would basically turn into a handicapped person.

Seeing the situation growing increasingly unfavorable, Abe Harumi dodged Ray’s fist and put a whistle-like thing into his mouth. A shrill sound came out.

“Not good, he’s going to call for reinforcements. Quick, finish this!” Zhao Tie Zhu shouted from behind the stone pillar. Ray let out a roar. He accepted Abe Harumi’s punch but also landed his own fist on Abe Harumi’s chest. The exchange of punches caused both of them to cough up some blood. Immediately, several commandos surrounded them, Abe Harumi was obviously suffering.

It was then that a woman dressed in kimono silently appeared in the basement. Even Zhao Tie Zhu didn’t notice her there. She was beautiful to the extreme, wearing a pink kimono that outlined her curvaceous figure. Beneath the kimono, spotless snow-white legs could be faintly seen, enough to make anyone’s mind fill with fantasies. She wore a pair of wooden clogs, which didn’t emit the slightest sound at all as she walked. The woman glided toward the fighting people, her face showing no expression. Ray clearly saw her approaching and shouted, “Little doll, get out of here.” His voice was like a giant bell and a fierce tiger.

That kimono woman slightly lifted her head and all of a sudden, she jumped up. Her hands formed a strange pattern in the air.

“Acala’s Palm! Ray, run!” Zhao Tie Zhu suddenly shouted. He stood up and rushed toward the woman. (TL Notes: Acala is one of the wisdom kings, please refer to for more details.)

Ray felt an enormous force bursting from this strange palm. He obviously saw her charging toward him, but he couldn’t even move his body!

Bang! The palm slammed directly onto Ray’s chest. Like a broken kite, Ray was sent flying several meters and lay on the ground, unknown whether he was dead or alive!!

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