Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0036

Chapter 36 (Demon Child Michiko)

Zhao Tie Zhu’s eyes were like shooting flames. Just when her palm attack was about to hit Ray’s body, Zhao Tie Zhu arrived in front of her. His hand shot out like an iron hammer aimed directly at the woman’s spine!

However, she merely tilted to the side, dodging Zhao Tie Zhu’s powerful fist. Her hands changed formed in an instant; another palm.

“Shiva’s Palm!” Zhao Tie Zhu’s pupils shrunk, and his body twisted in a strange posture in mid-air. The palm attack swiped his left ribs, and suddenly, he was smashed to the ground, almost as if he had been struck by a car.

“Where did this monster come from?” Zhao Tie Zhu felt as if all his bones had been broken apart. This woman’s strength was really too powerful, and this was only her palm attack. Even at his pinnacle, he might not win easily against this woman, let alone now.

She didn’t even glance at Zhao Tie Zhu and instead walked toward the several commandos. Seeing that two of their men had fallen almost instantly, the commandos’ eyes flashed with determination. They threw their swords to the side and took their submachine guns from their back. This woman was like the devil itself. They wouldn’t stand a change in a melee combat. They could only rely on their guns now. If they were unfortunately hit by the ricocheting bullets, then it could only be blamed on bad luck.

The sound of gunshots echoed out. The woman in the kimono suddenly disappeared. When she reappeared, she was already next to the commandos.

“Too fast!” Zhao Tie Zhu was shocked. This was different from his Strobe; this movement relied purely on her speed. She was so fast that the human eye couldn’t keep up with her!

There were a few more palm attacks, and the commandos were sent flying, blood spurting everywhere.

“Miss Michiko,” said Abe Harumi, bowing respectfully.

The woman in the kimono nodded without a word.

Abe Harumi looked at the people lying on the ground and grinned. He picked one of the swords just thrown down by the commandos and walked toward Ray.

Zhao Tie Zhu’s eyes lit with fury. Even though he currently didn’t have any strength left, he couldn’t watch his own bro face such danger. Pushing himself up with both hands, he catapulted toward Abe Harumi. At the moment, Abe Harumi’s attention was totally on Ray, so he didn’t have time to react. Zhao Tie Zhu knocked him flying. However, Zhao Tie Zhu was already like a sinking ship, so he didn’t cause any substantial harm to the man.

Abe Harumi’s eyes glowed with fire. He had never expected that he would be knocked flying away by someone who had almost died. Especially considering that it happened in front of Michiko, he felt as if this was the biggest humiliation in his life. He picked up the sword and rushed toward Zhao Tie Zhu.

Zhao Tie Zhu lay helplessly on the ground. As he watched the sword getting closer and closer, his mind suddenly became clear. He had already avenged Si Ru’s death. Now, he didn’t have any relatives. Perhaps, he could now die in peace. Only… in his mind, images of the people from the villa suddenly appeared. If he died, would they be sad? Su Yan Ni would be so happy because she wouldn’t need to pay the rent anymore. Zhao Tie Zhu smiled silently, and his eyes suddenly became greyish.

Suddenly, power gushed into his body like water erupting from a fountain! Just as the sword was about to hit him, he rolled away, evading it.

He slowly stood up and looked at his own hands with disbelief. The power was still rushing into him. The wounds on his body healed instantly, and he didn’t feel any pain anymore. The power continued to shoot up, and after a few breaths, it had increased beyond the level it had been before when he was at his peak. And… it still continued to grow!!

“This power!!! I like it.” Zhao Tie Zhu laughed. At this point, his eyes were still gray, but his consciousness was exceptionally keen. Everything around seemed to become slower and slower. Abe Harumi, who was rushing toward him wielding the sword, now moved as if in slow-motion. Zhao Tie Zhu reached out his hand and lightly flicked at the sword.

Bang! The sword was actually broken into two pieces!

Abe Harumi’s mind suddenly turned blank. Michiko’s face finally showing a hint of seriousness.

As the feeling of the power filled his body, Zhao Tie Zhu looked at Abe Harumi. He stretched out his hand. Pow! A loud slap landed on Harumi Abe’s face. He spat out a few teeth and a mouthful of blood, then he fell to the ground, unable to get up again.

Michiko’s figure suddenly appeared in front of Zhao Tie Zhu. However, it wasn’t like before, he didn’t feel like she teleported. Although still very fast, but Zhao Tie Zhu was able to track Michiko’s movement path.

Her hands transformed as she attacked Zhao Tie Zhu with another palm attack.

Zhao Tie Zhu grinned. Devastating Power Palm. Power like the flood of broken dam burst out. Michiko’s face expression changed. She clasped her hands together for a moment, and then retreated three or four steps as the power of several palm attacks began to build up.

“Who are you?!” Michiko suddenly asked.

Zhao Tie Zhu didn’t answer. His power had reached another pinnacle. However, it still continued to grow, and his body had reached its limit. The power had nowhere to go, and was actually starting to hurt Zhao Tie Zhu. In a blink of an eye, he was in front of Michiko and let out a simple punch. Michiko let out a low grunt, and suddenly, dozens of palm attacks appeared in front of her. Zhao Tie Zhu suddenly felt his spirit trembling. The power in his hand dropped significantly. Their hands slammed into each other, and then they backed away.

“This girl’s palm attack is too weird. It can even affect my spirit!” Zhao Tie Zhu’s face turned serious.

However, Michiko became scared. This ‘God Destroying Palm’ was her family’s supreme ancestral palm attack. Even if she was up against someone whose strength matched her own, their mind would be shaken for a while, thus creating a gap. She never expected that this guy’s spirit was so firm.

“Clap clap clap.” Suddenly, a burst of applause came from the side. Zhao Tie Zhu turned to looked at the basement entrance and saw a youth sitting on the stairs, clapping. “Awesome, awesome. Demon Child Michiko, I didn’t realize you were in China,” the youth said. Then he stood up and walked toward Zhao Tie Zhu.

“Ye Fu Sheng!” Michiko’s eyes showed a hint of worry.

Ye Fu Sheng looked at Zhao Tie Zhu and said, “We’ve never met, young brother. Dragon God Commandos?”

“National Security Bureau Special Ops,” replied Zhao Tie Zhu.

“Oh? Same as me? I know, you’re the one who got the special approval from the Chief Commander Chen, Zhao Tie Zhu. I didn’t think that you were awesome enough to contend with Michiko.”

“Thanks, I’m flattered,” Zhao Tie Zhu said cautiously. This Ye Fu Sheng exuded a pressure not less than Michiko’s. However, he was from the Special Ops and should be a friend.

“Tie Zhu bro, let’s handle this Michiko together first, then we can chat.”

“Okay.” Zhao Tie Zhu let out a loud laugh and rushed toward Michiko. That Ye Fu Sheng seemed to just be strolling around, but he arrived in front of Michiko almost simultaneously with Zhao Tie Zhu.

Michiko quickly moved back. In a split second, her delicate hands transforming into a myriad of palms which blocked Zhao Tie Zhu’s and Ye Fu Sheng’s attacks. However, her body continued to move back.

Bang! In the end, it was four hands against two, and Michiko was hit by one of Ye Fu Sheng’s punches. She suddenly flipped backward several times, then pulled something out of her kimono that looked like a ball, and threw it to the ground. With a flash of a bright light, Michiko disappeared.

“Shit, she even used a Lightning Pellet!” Zhao Tie Zhu was depressed.

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