Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0037

Chapter 37 (Subduing Iron Hands)

At the moment in the FJ military base, Chen Wei Guo was reading the newspaper. Without lifting his head, he said, “That boy, Ye Fu Sheng, is he also going there?”

The old man who seemed to be always hunched whispered, “Yes.”

“This Zhao Tie Zhu kid, does he really think they can catch those Japanese spies with only a few of them? Luckily, they have me to wipe their asses.” Chen Wei Guo said seemingly in disdain.

The old man was silent.

Fast forward back to the basement when Michiko disappeared. Zhao Tie Zhu immediately rushed to Ray, who fortunately just fainted. He felt relieved. Ye Fu Sheng reached out and used an unknown technique on Ray. He touched Ray’s body a few times, and Ray surprisingly woke up slowly. This made Zhao Tie Zhu overjoyed.

“Brother Tie Zhu, what about the Japanese?” Ray asked the moment he opened his eyes.

“Saito and Abe Harumi have been arrested, but that Michiko escaped. Our initial target was Saito. Now that we’ve caught him, consider it our success.” Zhao Tie Zhu said. Ye Fu Sheng walked to the side. Again, with an unknown method, he awoke those fainting commandos. Really worthy of being from the Special Ops division, he surely had skills. Zhao Tie Zhu secretly admired.

At this time, Iron Hands walked out from his hiding next to them, trembling with fear. Funny looking at Iron Hands, Zhao Tie Zhu said to Ray, “This is Iron Hands. This time, he has done me a huge favor.”

Ray said expressionless, “Okay, I’ll tell my grandpa about it. Later on, he should visit the city government to remove him from the blacklist. He should mention that he is your subordinate, otherwise those people won’t give him face.”

Zhao Tie Zhu took a glance at Iron Hands, who hurriedly said, “In the future, you’re my boss, I’ll follow you… Err… Boss, what’s your name?”

Zhao Tie Zhu laughed, “I’m Zhao Tie Zhu. Both of us have the word ‘iron’ in our name.” (TL Notes: just a reminder, Tie Zhu literally means ‘Iron Pillar.’ The word ‘Tie’ means iron.)

Ye Fu Sheng on the side suddenly said, “Actually, there’s no need for Chief Commander Chen to say a word. Each of us from the Special Ops has certain privileges. Later on, when you visit BJ headquarters, someone will tell you about it. All I can say is that each of us of the Special Ops can develop their own area of influence. After all, we’re just one person. Although powerful, but there are still other aspects such as intelligence-gathering. And for the matters where it would be inconvenient for us to show up directly, those people might be useful.”

“Oh? So, you also have your own network?” Zhao Tie Zhu asked curiously.

“Of course. Otherwise, it would take too much energy for me to watch over my area. Wouldn’t it then be too exhausting? Of course, it’s limited to a general organization. Drug trafficking or that sort of thing can’t be done, otherwise, the boss will arrest you.”

“I forgot to ask. Why did you come here?” Zhao Tie Zhu asked.

“It’s Commander Chen who sent me here. I was just assigned on some matters in FJ when Commander Chen caught my ass. Anyway, there’re no more problems now. I’ll take my leave then. If you are free, come to DB to visit me.” After saying that, Ye Fu Sheng got up and left.

“Did you hear that? Hanging out with me is very promising.” Zhao Tie Zhu said proudly to Iron Hands. He hurriedly nodded, “From now on, the South and West area of Iron Hands gang belongs to brother Tie Zhu. I’ll be supportive and help you get things done comfortably.”

“This Iron Hands gang is still yours, I’m not going to intervene. The guns that you wanted, in two days, I’ll find someone to get it. Not just the south and west area, but you have to find a way to get control over the north and east area either. That way, we’ll have control over all the surrounding of FJ University. Only then will it be helping my work. Understand?” Zhao Tie Zhu said. Iron Hands looked distracted and said, “Brother Tie Zhu, the Chaozhou gang wouldn’t be a problem, but the White Eagle gang… The forces behind them aren’t small.”

“Bah, they’re only a couple of kids, who relied on the power and influence of their fathers. You just go for it. At that time, if there’re things you can’t handle, then look for me.” Zhao Tie Zhu said. He gave Iron Hands his phone number and then left with Ray.

Suddenly, cold sweat emerged all over Zhao Tie Zhu. His face instantly turned white and his physical strength rapidly disappeared as if all his injuries were suddenly back again. He fell to the ground and couldn’t even move a finger!

Ye Fu Sheng had already walked to the basement entrance. Upon seeing this, he hurriedly went over. After inspecting Zhao Tie Zhu’s body, his face became gloomy. He said, “His internal injuries are too severe, he broke many bones. So strange, with his condition now, how could he be so awesome just now? He must have burned his body potentials.”

Zhao Tie Zhu’s face was pale with no trace of blood. He felt his eyelids getting heavier and heavier and the figures in front of him slowly blurring. His neck crooked and he passed out.

“How many times have I fainted already…?” Zhao Tie Zhu felt helpless when he opened his eyes. However, he wasn’t at his own room. “Where am I?” Zhao Tie Zhu looked around, feeling strange. He didn’t panic. When he fainted, Ray was by his side. He must have sent him to this place for treatment.

“You’re awake!” A slightly surprised voice came from the door, and a little girl in pink nurse uniform appeared in his sight.

She was a full spirited girl with the touch of makeup only faintly brushed her pretty face, her big eyes glittering. The pink nurse uniform tightly wrapped her body, and the short skirt covered her perfectly round hips, with a pair of white stockings glued to her slender legs.

“Damn, the treatment here are really good!” Zhao Tie Zhu sighed, his eyes glittered.

“You’re really awesome. You wake up only in a day after getting such heavy injuries,” said the girl. She walked to his side and looked at the instruments around and then said, “All your body’s indicator showed almost normal. You’re really a superhuman.”

“Where am I?” Zhao Tie Zhu asked.

“This is the senior officer ward of the FJ military hospital. I’m a nurse here.” The nurse didn’t look at Zhao Tie Zhu at all. She inspected all over his body, making him itchy all over his body.

“Little sister, what’s your name?”

“Ou Yang Yin. What’s yours?” The nurse asked while getting something from the box at the side.

“I’m Zhao Tie Zhu,” he said. Zhao Tie Zhu couldn’t help but think; this senior officer ward was really nice, not just fully equipped, but even the nurses here were first class standards. Tsk, tsk… those old senior officers really knew how to enjoy.

“Tie Zhu? Your name is really funny. Come, turn around.”


“To get a shot. Chicken out?”

Zhao Tie Zhu turned over, lying with his stomach on the bed. Ou Yang Yin reached out her hands onto his ass and pulled down his pants. While she held his ass with one hand, she pulled out a needle with her other hand and gave him a shot.

He didn’t feel any pain at all. With those soft little hands on his ass, the feeling of the touch was really too mind-blowing to the extent that before he was finished feeling the sensation, the shot was done.

This beautiful nurse didn’t just warm the heart and please the eyes, but also got a skill that she could give a shot without a pain. Zhao Tie Zhu nodded. If she were to give him some more shots, then not just him, but the little Tie Zhu would also become lively and vigorous.

He waited until Ou Yang Ying left, then he stood up and loosen up his body. After being sure that he got nothing serious, he took off the patient’s robe, put on his own clothes, and walked out of the room. On the way, he made a call to Ray, “Ray, I’ll be going home first.”

“Brother Tie Zhu, you’ve awakened?” Ray was surprised on the other end of the phone.

“Well, don’t you know who I am? I’m going home. When I recovered, we’ll talk again.”


“What’s the matter?”

“My grandpa has sent his personal bodyguard to find you.”

“Fuck, okay then, I need to run.” Zhao Tie Zhu hung up and was going to run. He was in a hurry to leave the hospital because he didn’t want to meet Ray’s grandpa. Chen Wei Guo knew about his secret identity. Now that he had killed Li Long Ba’s son, and Li Long Ba had good relationships with some senior officials of the country. Although Chen Wei Guo shouldn’t harm him, but this still made Zhao Tie Zhu to feel restless. Considering that he could already move, he wanted to run away. He didn’t expect that the old fox would send someone to look for him already. When he was thinking about finding a place to hide, the hunched old man suddenly already appeared in front of him. The face that seemed as if had never changed in ten thousand years surprisingly showed an expression like smiling but also not smiling.

Zhao Tie Zhu wanted to cry, but no tears came out…

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