Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0038

Chapter 38 (Forced into National Security Bureau)

“The Chief wants to see you,” said the old man, unobtrusively placing himself in a position that sealed off Zhao Tie Zhu’s escape road.

“Fine, if it’s a fortune that it’s good, if it’s a misfortune, I can’t hide anyway.” Zhao Tie Zhu gritted his teeth and followed the old man. After walking for about ten minutes, they arrived at the Chief’s compound and walked to the second floor with ease. Chen Wei Guo was alone inside of his study. There was no sight of Ray.

Chen Wei Guo’s face turned serious and he said, “Do you even know what a calamity you have caused?!”

Zhao Tie Zhu raised his eyebrows and replied, “Didn’t I just kill a piece of trash?”

“Hahaha! Piece of trash? Do you know that this piece of trash’s father is a giant dragon who controls Europe? Do you know that this piece of trash was worth more than 15 billion in China? Do you know that this piece of trash was the head of over 15 companies? You only care that he’s dead, but it has caused a loss of over 20 billion for the country. Thus, is he still a piece of trash?” Chen Wei Guo shouted angrily.

“No need to say that much, I’ve killed him anyway. I consider him a piece of trash that needed to be killed. If his father wants to kill me, then I’ll just kill his father. It’s that simple. If you want to punish me, then just do it…” Zhao Tie Zhu said in a careless way as if he already figured out Chen Wei Guo. The fact was that if Chen Wei Guo wanted to kill him or deliver him to Li Long Ba, he wouldn’t be here any longer. Chen Wei Guo had intentionally been a bit theatrical as he led up to his main point; that was something you learn in primary school. It was also possible to give him all the leverage before giving his conditions. “I learned this little trick back in primary school,” Zhao Tie Zhu thought to himself.

Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu’s reaction, Chen Wei Guo felt like he was going to explode. This kid really didn’t give him any face at all; at least he could pretend to be in a bit of a panic. Ah, the youngsters nowadays, they were really extreme. He couldn’t help but say, “Fortunately, I’m the only person that knows your identity. The rest of the high-ranking officials haven’t found out about it. Actually, if it wasn’t because of me talking with Ray about you, I wouldn’t have guessed that you’re the Phantom. Supposedly, there’s no way for the others to find out about your identity. However, you can’t be too sure about it, that’s why you need a more secure and significant identity.”

“What identity?”

“National Security Bureau’s Special Ops,” Chen Wei Guo’s face was serious. (TL Note: Here after, I will write National Security Bureau as NSB.)

“Aren’t I already?” Zhao Tie Zhu asked, confused. “At best, you’re only a consultant. Your current credentials make you a sheep in tiger’s clothing. What I want is for you to officially enter the NSB’s Special Ops! Work for the country. This way, firstly, consider it as a payment for me hiding you, and secondly, if your identity is exposed in the future, it will give you a chance to survive.” Chen Wei Guo said. “Whether or not you agree, it’s up to you. I just think it would be a pity if you died so young.”

Zhao Tie Zhu’s brows furrowed. Indeed, currently, he did have NSB Special Ops credentials. When dealing with ordinary people, he could have a big head. However, when he came across people with almighty prowess, once the other party found out that he was only an empty shell, they wouldn’t pay any attention to him at all. The NSB would never step in to protect a nobody like him. So, what Chen Wei Guo said really made sense. Only if he really joined the NSB’s Special Ops would their interests and his interests align. If he were to face some tricky matter, the NSB would be there to help him resolve it. The only thing holding him back was that he was used to his freedom, he really didn’t like to be bound.

Seeing the uncertainty on Zhao Tie Zhu’s face, Chen Wei Guo said, “Actually, each member of the NSB Special Ops has his or her own area of jurisdiction, and as such, total freedom in their activities. If you’d like, I can arrange it so that your area of jurisdiction would be FJ city, so you can carry out your normal activities in FJ city as before. The only catch is that if NSB has a mission, then you need to do it.”

“Okay!” Hearing what Chen Wei Guo said, he agreed. Since he wouldn’t be bound and only needed to help in times of need, in exchange for the Special Ops protection, it was still worth it.

“Smart,” Chen Wei Guo smiled. “Since you promised, then in a few days, after you recuperate, I’ll make arrangements for you to go to BJ to see some people in the National Security Bureau. Afterward, you can really enter the NSB Special Ops.”

“I have to go to BJ? Why all the trouble?” Zhao Tie Zhu moaned.

“Of course you need to. Interviews, understand? I’ve opened the back door for you, but you still need to go through the formalities. If you even don’t, it would be really looking down on the NSB Special Ops. That would be immature, understand? Young people nowadays, ah, they are really immature.” Chen Wei Guo earnestly lectured him.

Zhao Tie Zhu bowed and listened to the teachings, but his eyes rolled around. It was uncertain what he was thinking.

“Okay, then. That’s all for today. Are you going to stay at the hospital or what?”

“I’m going home,” said Zhao Tie Zhu.

“Oh, did you meet Xiao Ying?” asked Chen Wei Guo. (TL Note: Xiao here literally means little)

“Xiao Ying? Who is that?”

“It’s Ou Yang Ying.”

“Oh! I met her already. So, you call her Xiao Ying. Old man, you act like you’re still in the prime of life. Ah, a truly treasured knife indeed never grows dull.” The meaning of the smile on Zhao Tie Zhu’s face would be understood by any man.

“Wipe that smile off your face. She’s my granddaughter, Ray’s cousin. She just graduated from med school this year and works as an intern here. You’re so young, why do you have such a dirty mind? And to think I was going to introduce you to each other, ugh…” Chen Wei Guo looked really angry.

“Gee, sir, I was kidding. I just wanted to get a laugh out of you. As the saying goes, when you smile, you will be ten years younger. You’re old, so you should laugh more, then you’ll look even younger. So, where does Xiao Ying live currently? What’s her phone number? Her QQ would be fine too.” Zhao Tie Zhu gave a flattering smile.

“Get lost!”

Despite the fact that he was being kicked out of the study, Zhao Tie Zhu made a grand exit.

“That Zhao Tie Zhu…” Chen Wei Guo shook his head and sighed, “This time I’ve done a favor for an old friend. However, why Zhao Tie Zhu? What’s really going on here?”

“There’s no need to worry about his background,” the old man said softly.

“What do you mean?”

“This kid looks carefree on the outside, but his heart is sincere. When he showed his real self, his Qi was even stronger than mine was in the past. Moreover, his Qi seems to be growing stronger. Once the Qi in his body completely integrate, his power will reach another level. Just this alone makes it worth your investment.” The old man said indifferently.

“I hope you’re right.”

Zhao Tie Zhu took a cab back to the villa. After opening the door and walking in, he caught sight of the three people watching TV. Seeing him return, their faces were expressionless. Even Ling Er, who was most intimate with him, only glanced at him for a moment and then ignored him.

“How are you, beautiful ladies?” greeted Zhao Tie Zhu.

No one responded.

“Um, have you eaten yet? Why don’t we go out for a bite?”

Still, all of them ignored him.

“Okay, I was in the wrong. If you want to kill or punish me, go ahead.” Zhao Tie Zhu put a remorseful expression on.

“Humph.” The three women snorted and walked upstairs.

Zhao Tie Zhu shrugged helplessly. However, a smile as warm as the sunlight appeared on his face.

Having people who care about you always feels good.

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