Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0039

Chapter 39 (Buying a QQ with the Tenant)

The next few days, Zhao Tie Zhu properly cultivated his body. He also applied for the handguns from Chen Wei Guo, which he gave to Iron Hands. This caused Iron Hands to be more assured that Zhao Tie Zhu was a high-ranked individual. The people from the Iron Hands gang were also currently implementing intense preparations to take over the Chaozhou gang.

Every day when Li Ling Er got back to the villa after the military training, the first thing she did was to look for Zhao Tie Zhu and chat with him. He was happy to have the company of the beautiful women, but Su Yan Ni’s face didn’t look so good these few days.

After self-cultivating for a few days, Zhao Tie Zhu’s body had recovered greatly. Although his invisibility power was currently gone, his physical strength was much better than before. In the past, although his strength also kept increasing, but it wasn’t quite significant. However, during these few days, his physical strength burst up. The first day, his strength had already reached its former level. Just recently, the surge of power gradually slowed down and stopped. Zhao Tie Zhu could clearly feel that his power now was five times greater than before he was injured! This discovery made even Zhao Tie Zhu become utterly shocked! It must be stated that his former power was already immensely huge. To have an increase of five times that incredible power was something that had never been seen before. Now that this had actually really happened, he thought about the other day when he and Ye Fu Sheng fought Michiko, and some of the changes that had happened. Zhao Tie Zhu frowned again. Although his power at that time was even greater than his current power, he still couldn’t control it, and he was also unsure when it would emerge again. He didn’t know why this all happened, but having this strength running through his body made him feel very good. Thinking that proceeding step by step now wouldn’t be wrong, he felt totally comfortable.

At the moment, Li Ling Er had returned to the villa. Zhao Tie Zhu got out of his bed and walked downstairs. Cao Zi Yi was sitting on the sofa reading a book as usual while Su Yan Ni and Li Ling Er were busy in the kitchen. He walked toward Cao Zi Yi, leaned up against the sofa next to her, and then said, “Zi Yi, do you always paint?”

She closed the book, turned toward him and said, “What else is there to do? I’m not like you, collecting rents. I still need to rely on selling my paintings for a living.”

Zhao Tie Zhu smiled, “Why make it so hard? Let me support you. Look at me, young, handsome, and rich. I’m a rare eligible bachelor.” (TL Note: When he said to support her, it was in the way like keeping her as his wife/mistress/companion.)

Cao Zi Yi laughed, ignoring Zhao Tie Zhu. Next, he walked into the kitchen and saw Li Ling Er was giving Su Yan Ni a hand. “Ling Er,” he said, “later, after dinner, let’s go to look for a car. In a few days, I’m going back to school. Let’s buy a car so we don’t need to take a cab anymore.”

“Good, good. Brother Tie Zhu, are you really going to buy a QQ car?” Li Ling Er asked while putting the vegetables, which she had washed, aside. (TL Note: QQ is a model from the Chery brand, which is one of the car manufacturers in China.)

“What else? QQs look good and are also cheap. Low profile people like us should buy a cheap car but live in a good house.” Zhao Tie Zhu said a little proudly.

Li Ling Er smiled and said, “Well said. Let’s go after we finish dinner.”

After finishing dinner, at the suggestion of Li Ling Er, the two other tenants, Su Yan Ni and Cao Zi Yi also joined to look for the car. They regarded this as a group activity since the taxi fee and midnight snack were provided by the landlord, Zhao Tie Zhu. He tried to protest, but without success, so he had no choice but to succumb to it.

The Chery Dealership was located on the west side of FJ City, at an area dedicated to car dealerships. There were many dealerships there, including authorized Mercedes and BMW locations. (TL Note: The original text mentioned 4S shops, which are actually car dealerships. The 4S stands for Sales, Spare parts, Service, Survey. I changed all the references of 4S shops to car dealerships or just dealerships.)

They took a cab and arrived at the Chery Dealership. Because the location was near a mall, there were quite many people going in and out the dealerships at this time.

Zhao Tie Zhu and the girls stepped down from the taxi. According to the road signs, they had arrived at the Chery Dealership.

“Wow, so many QQs,” Li Ling Er shouted.

“Humph, why a QQ? The engine is small, and the car itself is also small. As a landlord, it’s not that you don’t have enough money. Why not buy a better one?” Su Yan Ni asked, confused.

“Why do you need to buy an expensive one? As long you can travel with it, then it’s good. Why waste the money? Am I right, Zi Yi?” Zhao Tie Zhu said.

Cao Zi Yi only laughed, neither approving nor opposing.

“It’s different,” Su Yan Ni said. “Good cars are comfortable to drive. Also, driving a good car will increase your success in picking up women. You keep saying that you’re single. Buy a Camry, Teana or something like that, maybe even a Mercedes, BMW, or an Audi. If you wait at the school gate in the evening for a while, I guarantee some girl will go and talk to you.”

“Humph, am I so hopeless that I need to rely on cars to attract women? Tsk, tsk, so shallow…” Zhao Tie Zhu looked at Su Yan Ni as if she was a material girl.

“Why are you looking at me like that? I was just making a suggestion. Nowadays, there are many people like that. Relying on their wealth, they think themselves as kings. I thought you also had that kind of bad taste; I didn’t expect you to be classier.” Even Su Yan Ni herself wasn’t sure whether she was praising him or insulting him.

“Haha, not really. I’m just confident in my attractiveness.” Zhao Tie Zhu scratched his head, looking embarrassed.

“Brother Tie Zhu, you’re really shameless.” Li Ling Er cried from the side.

They all laughed and strolled into the dealership. The sight of several young beautiful women immediately attracted the attention of many people. Of course, being the only male among them, Zhao Tie Zhu was ignored or regarded just as an attendant.

“Hello, what kind of car are you looking for?” A good-looking man walked over to them and said with a smile.

“We want to buy a QQ,” said Zhao Tie Zhu. Unseen to the others, a trace of disdain flashed in the man’s eyes. Although he was a Chery salesperson, the QQ was a relatively lower class vehicle. In addition, Zhao Tie Zhu was surrounded by so many beautiful women, so the man felt unpleasant in his heart.

“Please come over here if you want to buy a QQ. This is the newly released Chery QQ……” The man was very professional and explained clearly the performance of the car to them. Zhao Tie Zhu didn’t really understand such things, so he simply listened without understanding anything.

After listening for a while, Zhao Tie Zhu was a bit impatient. As long as a car could move, it would be enough. Why blabber so much? “How much does it cost?”

Another burst of disdain appeared in the man’s eyes. This guy had no money but still pretended, such a novice. He covered over the look in his eyes pretty well, but how could it be not noticed by Zhao Tie Zhu? Zhao Tie Zhu was helpless. After all, nowadays, there were too many people who looked down on others. If everyone cared about such things, how could someone live with that?

“This car costs 32,000 Yuan. If you pay in full, we will also give you……” The man said a bunch of words.

Zhao Tie Zhu immediately interrupted him, “I’ll take it.”

“Oh.” The man was blank for a moment, surprised by the quick decision Zhao Tie Zhu made. Then he said, “Okay, please come this way to complete the purchase.”

After the purchase was done, the man told Zhao Tie Zhu that they could come back three days later to pick up the car. He took out several business cards and gave one to each of them. From the time when they arrived until they purchased the car, in total, it took less than half an hour’s time. At the entrance, Zhao Tie Zhu took out that man’s business card and looked at it. Without saying much, he threw it into the trashcan next to him.

“Haha, Brother Tie Zhu, people are looking down at you because you bought a QQ.” Li Ling Er laughed at the side.

“Who cares? Nowadays, many people are like that. Their salary comes from the pockets of others, but then they look down on those very people? They’re basically insulting themselves! I just despise people like that. Come, I’ll take you all to the mall to hang out. It will be my treat tonight.”

“Brother Tie Zhu, you’re so wise.” Li Ling Er said excitedly.

Just then, a female voice came from the side, “Oh, isn’t this our class’s beauty?”

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