Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0040

Chapter 40 (Brother Tie Zhu Being Bad Again)

They all turned to look, and it turned out to be Guo Jing, the classmate of Zhao Tie Zhu and Li Ling Er. She was holding hands with a handsome young man, the same one who wanted to drive Li Ling Er home in his Audi Q5 that time before. Seeing Li Ling Er together with Su Yan Ni and Cao Zi Yi at her side, the young man’s eyes glittered at once. These were three beautiful women with different styles. To see just one would be considered lucky already, but now, he was able to see three of them together. The handsome young man quickly concealed the shine in his eyes and immediately followed Guo Jing. With a sunny smile, he walked toward the three women.

“Hey, Li Ling Er, are you guys here to buy a car?” Guo Jing, who was usually cold at school, asked this question in a very enthusiastic way. And then, as if she had just caught sight of Zhao Tie Zhu, she exclaimed, “Zhao Tie Zhu, why are you here, too? You and Li Ling Er…”

“We’re here to buy a car. Tie Zhu is my boyfriend.” Li Ling Er smiled sweetly and pulled Zhao Tie Zhu’s hand.

“To buy a car? What car?” Guo Jing asked with a curious face.

“A QQ. From now on, we won’t need to take a cab to school.” Zhao Tie Zhu replied.

“QQ? My God, can that even be considered a car?” Guo Jing showed an expression of disbelief, and turned to the handsome young man to say, “Honey, does a QQ count as a car?”

That young man smiled and said, “I don’t know if it counts as a car; I’ve never even been in one before. I think you should buy a Camry or something, its performance is still quite okay. The price is also cheap.”

This guy was quite treacherous, despising a person without using any obscenities. Looking down on Zhao Tie Zhu because he wasn’t rich. Humph. The corner of Zhao Tie Zhu’s mouth twitched. This guy felt superior because he thought Zhao Tie Zhu was meaningless. Zhao Tie Zhu didn’t want to compete with him, but it seemed that this guy just wouldn’t stop pushing him. The young man said, “We were just about to go to a Mercedes dealer to take a look. Why not join us?” It seemed like a kind invitation, but it was with a sly motive. Wasn’t he just going to show off in front of these beautiful women? Zhao Tie Zhu shrugged indifferently and said, “Mercedes is too expensive. I can’t afford it. What’s the point of taking a look?” Li Ling Er caught Zhao Tie Zhu’s glance and said inwardly, “You should at least give me some face. Although this guy is just some clown loser, his constant cockiness has been bothering me.”

Su Yan Ni, who stood at the side, wasn’t stupid. She immediately saw through the undercurrent surging between these people. Without showing any emotions, she walked to Zhao Tie Zhu’s side, also holding his hand and said, “Honey, let’s just take a look. It won’t cost us anything anyway.”

Seeing the disbelief in the handsome young man’s face caused a pleasant sensation to well up in Zhao Tie Zhu’s heart. “You have money, so what?” he thought. “Look carefully. You’re with a girl, but I’m with three mistresses here. Think calmly. Even with more money, can you be like me?”

Feeling the soft touch in his hand, Zhao Tie Zhu felt that he should at least be more manly, and said, “Okay then, let’s go check it out. Oh, right, who are you again…?”

“I’m Chen Zhe, third year at FJ University, Economic Department.” The handsome young man’s performance in front of these beautiful women was simply impeccable. He smiled and shook hands with Zhao Tie Zhu. Upon seeing Zhao Tie Zhu being embraced by two women whose beauty was comparable with hers, Guo Jing’s heart was a bit shaken. She inwardly said, “When we get to the dealership later, I’ll teach these morons a lesson.”

They walked down the street. On the way, Chen Zhe showed great enthusiasm and knowledge and occasionally traded some opinion with Li Ling Er and the others; the horsepower of Lamborghini, how the price of Maserati could only be considered average, and so on. He was really good at talking. Were these girls just ordinary girls who didn’t understand anything, they would most probably fall for his tactic. Only, this time, Chen Zhe wasn’t up against ordinary girls. Li Ling Er’s father was the director of the state secret research and development department, and she was one of the researchers herself. Su Yan Ni was also a hot policewoman, who didn’t even give a shit about Li Zi Qi, the son of the head of her police department. And Cao Zi Yi, ignoring her unknown identity, on the surface, she was, at least, an artist as her profession.

Seeing Chen Zhe talking big, Zhao Tie Zhu considered plotting something, otherwise, he would fail the expectations of the girls on his left and right side. His eyes shifted back and forth as ideas came to him.

“Senior Chen Zhe, how do you know so much?” Zhao Tie Zhu asked, showing an expression of profound respect.

“Oh, I don’t know that much. My friends like cars, and I also have several cars at home, so I understand a little about the subject,” Zhen Zhe said modestly. He was innerly happy that Zhao Tie Zhu was actually giving him an opportunity by asking such a good question. That way, he could naturally point out some of his family background. To women nowadays, the most important thing for them was usually family background.

At the moment, Zhao Tie Zhu was thinking, “Right now, I’ll praise you to the top of the mountain. Let’s see if the fall won’t kill you.”

Each having their own thoughts, they smiled to each other like friends who had known each other for many years.

“Senior, what kind of car do you have at home?” Zhao Tie Zhu threw another wonderful question.

Chen Zhe’s mood immediately rose up. This guy created another promising opportunity. He answered, “Not too many. My father drives his own BMW 745, my mother drives a Mercedes. I prefer the Audi Q5, so I bought one for myself. My company also has three or four cars.”

“Wow, Senior, you have so many cars! And your company does, too! Senior, do you run your own company?” Zhao Tie Zhu kept on praising.

“Ah, this Zhao Tie Zhu is like my bosom buddy…” thought Chen Zhe, then he humbly said, “Well, I set up my own company in the past, and now it’s quite profitable.” Guo Jing, who was at his side, also said, “His company’s assets are worth nearly ten million.”

Zhao Tie Zhu pretended to be shocked again. Li Ling Er and Su Yan Ni, at first, couldn’t understand why Zhao Tie Zhu was belittling himself in front of his guy. They almost wanted to drag him out into the wood and cut off his dick to check to see if its brain was inside there instead of his head. In the end, Cao Zi Yi caught their attention with a faint, meaningful smile. Finally, they understood what was going on. Li Ling Er winked at Su Yan Ni, who expressed her understanding, and they both smiled. They both thought secretly, “Brother Tie Zhu is up to his usual mischief.”

Now that the two women understood Zhao Tie Zhu’s intentions, they decided to help him, and purposefully put looks of awe and adoration on their faces. Seeing this, Chen Zhe really felt an itching in his heart and wished to get into a more intimate situation with these two girls later this evening.

Feeling a sense of crisis, Guo Jing held Chen Zhe’s hand more firmly and occasionally rubbed her chest on his arm. Her voice was also very gentle and sweet, causing Zhao Tie Zhu to have goosebumps on his hands.

Talking and laughing, the group finally arrived at the Mercedes dealership.

Upon seeing Chen Zhe, a salesperson standing at the door quickly came over and kindly said, “Master Chen, you’ve come again.”

Chen Zhe smiled lightly and said, “I’ve brought some friends to have a watch as I buy a car for my girlfriend.” He waved his hand toward Zhao Tie Zhu’s group and said, “Come on in, I’ll let you all see what a real car is.”

Zhao Tie Zhu and the girls walked in the dealership with playful smiles.

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