Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0041

Chapter 41 (Senior, I’m Really Sorry)

The Mercedes dealership was far superior to the Chery dealership. Its spacious hall was filled with a variety of cars whose beautiful, elegant bodies glowed softly under the shining light. There weren’t many people in the shop. After all, those who could afford a Mercedes were fewer than those who could afford a QQ.

The salesman was very professional. On passing every car, he would give a detailed introduction. Chen Zhe would listen and then give his own opinion. Sometimes he would even say something specific that would cause the salesperson to nod in agreement after hearing it. Zhao Tie Zhu’s group just followed behind, listening without saying anything, watching the two of them talking.

“This new Mercedes SLK200 is very nice and would match nicely with your girlfriend’s personality,” the salesperson recommended when they arrived in front of a sleek sports car.

Chen Zhe studied the car carefully, then turned toward Guo Jing and said, “What do you think of this one?” Guo Jing replied softly, “I’ll just listen to you.”

Chen Zhe then said to the salesperson, “Fine, I’ll take it.”

“President Chen is really a gentleman. In so many years I’m here, it’s the first time I’ve seen someone treat his girlfriend so generously! Miss, you’re really lucky,” the salesperson admired. As for whether or not he was telling the truth, nobody could tell. While they were waiting for the salesperson to prepare the paperwork, Chen Zhe said to Zhao Tie Zhu’s group, “Everywhere you look here, the cars are very nice. I’ve bought cars from here a few times already.”

“The cars here are too expensive. If we damaged the car, we wouldn’t even be able to afford to get it repaired.” Zhao Tie Zhu scratched his head and said in an honest way.

“It’s alright. Don’t hesitate to take a look. If you like, you can take it for a test drive. You’re my classmates. If you damage it, I’ll have you covered.” Chen Zhe said heroically. Immediately, Li Ling Er’s and Su Yan Ni’s eyes glittered.

Zhao Tie Zhu was inertly pleased, “I was just waiting for you to say that,” he thought.

Seeing them walking away, Guo Jing snorted, “Bumpkins.”

“Ha ha ha,” Chen Zhe laughed out loud and rubbed his hand on Guo Jing’s ass. Guo Jing stared at him and whispered, “Rascal, tonight you have to extinguish this fire…”

“Ha ha ha, don’t you know how big my hydrant is? Extinguishing your fire will be easy.” Chen Zhe laughed.

“Oh, you’re so bad. I want it now.” Guo Jing neared his ear and licked his earlobe gently. There were not many people in the store, so nobody saw it.

“You’re such a tease…” Chen Zhe was just about to do something when the salesperson came out with the purchasing contract, so he couldn’t help but stop. They walked to a table to sign the contract.

In that moment, suddenly, a loud banging sound came from not afar. Zhao Tie Zhu was half sprawled across a Mercedes-Benz CL600 Coupe. Zhao Tie Zhu quickly pushed himself off from the car’s hood. As he stood up, he saw Chen Zhe looking at him. “I’m really sorry, the floor is too slippery, and I accidentally slipped.”

Several of the surrounding salespersons had run over to him. One of them shouted, “Oh, my God! How did you cause such a dent on the car’s hood?”

Chen Zhe hurriedly got up and walked to Zhao Tie Zhu’s side, only to see a big dent on the front cover of the car that was caused by Zhao Tie Zhu’s fall.

“What the hell, is this Zhao Tie Zhu made of iron?” Chen Zhe’s expression slightly changed. He knew that this car is a luxury coupe worth more than two million. This kind of dent would cost tens of thousands to repair.

“Senior, I’m really sorry about this, I’m so clumsy, causing you trouble.” Zhao Tie Zhu expressed a look of ashamed. Next to him, Su Yan Ni also gave him an apologetic look. Li Ling Er gave him an even more pitiful look.

The corner of Chen Zhe’s mouth twitched stiffly as he said toward a salesperson on the side, “It’s okay, just a small matter. Charge it to my account.” Although he spoke lightly, his heart was dripping blood. “Son of a bitch, can’t you just keep your feet standing still? Fuck, even if you hit it, are you made of iron? Such a big dent. Shit, this will certainly cost tens of thousands! Even though I have money, it took me quite a while to save 360,000 to buy this car. Damn, in just a short while, you caused me to lose a tenth of my car money. Even though the family company is worth tens of millions, the shareholder is still my father. Every year, my share is only a few hundred thousand. Fuck you, Zhao Tie Zhu!” However, seeing Li Ling Er’s glowing eyes looking at him with such adoration, Chen Zhe felt much better in his heart already. It wasn’t bad if he could win the affections of these beautiful women. The day when he could have a threesome or foursome with them, these tens of thousands would be worth it.

“I’m really sorry, Senior, having you to pay for this.”

Walking out the Mercedes dealership, Zhao Tie Zhu still put a face full of guilt.

“It’s okay. We’re classmates. If I don’t help you, then who would?” Chen Zhe waved his hand nonchalantly, and then said, “It’s quite late now, why don’t we go for a midnight snack?”

“Then, I’ll let you treat us…” With these words, Zhao Tie Zhu immediately settled the issue of who would pay for the midnight snack. This caused Chen Zhe’s teeth to itch. Originally, he was thinking to treat them. But after Zhao Tie Zhu caused him to pay for the cost, according to common sense, after causing him to lose so much money, at least, Zhao Tie Zhu could treat them for the midnight snack, right? Shouldn’t it be like that? “When the time comes, I will insist on paying, then you will also insist, and I will just let you then. Who would have thought that you would be so shameless as to not hesitate to ask me to pay, you son of a bitch? Fuck, you have such a thick face. Don’t you know any manners?”

Since Zhao Tie Zhu had already spoken, Chen Zhe couldn’t say anything. Since he was to treat, he said, “It’s okay, it won’t cost much. Let’s go to the food stalls then.”

He was originally planning to have Zhao Tie Zhu to treat them to a five-star hotel nearby for the midnight snack. However, since he was the one paying, so he naturally wanted to save some money.

At this moment, Li Ling Er on the side said, “I don’t like to eat at the food stalls.” Su Yan Ni also quickly said, “Me too. I know a pretty good restaurant in this neighborhood, why don’t we eat there? I’ll lead the way.” With that, Su Yan Ni already walked toward a direction. Just walking a few steps, she turned to Chen Zhe and said, “Classmate Chen, is that okay with you?”

Since she already led the way, how could he say no? Like a gentleman, Chen Zhe replied, “You ladies decide then.”

“Classmate Chen, you’re a real gentleman.” Su Yan Ni smiled and led the group around for a while until they arrived at their destination.

Fuck, she called this five-star hotel a restaurant? Then wouldn’t a four-star place be a cafetaria? Looking at the five shiny stars on the hotel, Chen Zhe’s heart twitched.

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  1. Bobenstein

    Really like this story a lot. Though the story about his first loves death could’ve definitely! been done another way..

    Definitely going to be one of my favorites as long as the author doesn’t repeat such vile circumstances in his story.

    1. Lingson Post author

      I think the author didn’t want to dwell too much on his first love since it won’t be an important part of the story, so he explained it only shortly in one chapter. However, he needed to put it in a gruesome way to show why the MC was so in rage toward Li Tian Feng.

      Well, I haven’t read ahead much, so I don’t know either. That’s just my guess.


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