Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0042

Chapter 42 (No Need For Discussion, Rip Him Off!)

“This is the place,” Su Yan Ni turned around and smiled charmingly at Chen Zhe. She casually led the group and opened a private room.

“You seem to be quite familiar with this place,” Zhao Tie Zhu whispered to Su Yan Ni at his side.

“I came here once last time for a department dinner. Let me tell you, this restaurant will rob you blind.”

“Wow, the police are really wasting taxpayer money like that!?” Zhao Tie Zhu whispered.

“No, the brass was paying, although, in the end, they actually expensed it… Hey, I’m telling you, order a bit more than usual. If we don’t bury that pretty boy deep into the ground, it would be a big disservice to him.”

“Wow, you’re really bad,” Zhao Tie Zhu grinned, “but, I like it.”

“What are you two talking about?” Chen Zhe asked.

“Nothing, Yan Ni was just telling me how happy Guo Jing should be to have such a good boyfriend.”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Chen Zhe said humbly. Guo Jing, who stood beside him, wore a proud expression on her face.

“What do you want to order?” A waitress on the side asked.

“Please bring us the menu.” Although Chen Zhe’s heart was bleeding at the moment, since they had come here, he had to keep up pretenses and showed a cool face. So, at the moment, Chen Zhe’s expression was indifferent. With that, he was showing more tolerance. Li Ling Er’s act shocked Chen Zhe and immediately softened his heart. This only caused Guo Jing to grow more irritated. However, she could do nothing but stand by silently and watch her own boyfriend flirting with another woman.

Once Chen Zhe was lulled, he did something that made him regret his decision; he handed the menu to Li Ling Er and said, “Ladies first. Don’t hesitate to order anything you want. We all came here together to have fun.” Li Ling Er immediately threw another flirtatious glance.

“Oh, I’m actually not really hungry,” Li Ling Er looked at the menu and continued, “I’ll just choose a few. One portion of Dragon and Phoenix. What is this Goddess Descent? Looks good, I’ll order one too. And also, this Prosperous Face, uh-huh. This Double Abalone Nip Roll too, tsk, tsk, its name is so wicked, also one of it. Also this Shaking Heaven’s Shark Fin soup, one for everyone. I’ve ordered enough. Yan Ni, you pick some dishes. Today, Senior is treating us, so there’s no need to hesitate.”

“This… Won’t it be too much?” Su Yan Ni looked at Chen Zhe awkwardly as if afraid that Chen Zhe would not be able to afford it. Although Chen Zhe was already in so much pain that he was speechless, he couldn’t drop the ball halfway, so he smiled and said, “It’s okay, you can order some more. Don’t hesitate to order what you like to eat.” Although his smile seemed to be far-fetched, Su Yan Ni simply ignored it. She waved her hand to call the waitress and said, “One Jade Sprinkled Omelette, One Five Sons Rise Up, and what is this drink? Right, 6 cups, one for everyone.”

Chen Zhe was already drenched in a cold sweat. If you called the previously ordered dishes expensive, then the drinks that Su Yan Ni ordered were drop-dead expensive. They were 500 RMB per cup. Damn, was this to making off with gold or with diamonds?

“I don’t like drinks like that, no need for me. Just give me a case of beer.” Chen Zhe smiled and wiped off the sweat on his head. Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu was about to get the menu, Chen Zhe quickly said, “Let’s just order this first. We can order more later if it’s not enough. Waitress, please prepare the order.”

“Hold on, I’ll take that drink he just cancelled. Give me one on top of that, too. I’ve never drunk such a high-class beverage before,” Zhao Tie Zhu shouted as the waitress was about to leave.

Chen Zhe’s heart shrank, another 500 RMB…

Chen Zhe calculated a while in his head. Disregarding the car he bought tonight, just the Mercedes-Benz repair was about 30,000. For this meal, it wouldn’t be less than 10,000. That alone brought his tab up to 40,000. Of course, 40,000 didn’t count for too much to him, otherwise, he wouldn’t buy a 300,000 car for his girlfriend. It was just that even after blowing this 40,000, he still might not get anything out of it. At worst, he might only get the numbers of Li Ling Er and these beautiful women. After ordering, the three girls didn’t give even the slightest crap about him, but fawned over Zhao Tie Zhu.

Chen Zhe was also not a fool and was starting to suspect that he was being played, but what could he do? Just leaving rudely? Then he would be the one to lose face. People would say that if he couldn’t afford to treat then he shouldn’t act wealthy. At that point, the 40,000 really would have been spent in vain. If he stayed, there would perhaps be some further development. It’s just that the more he looked at Zhao Tie Zhu, the more he despised him. He himself didn’t want to drink, but Zhao Tie Zhu immediately ordered even an additional cup of it. What did he think it was, bottled water? What kind of taste for luxury did this guy have? What gave him the right to drink such things?

At the moment, Zhao Tie Zhu didn’t forget to frequently praise Chen Zhe; what a wealthy senior, senior’s a big spender, senior is really a hero, what a good person senior is, and so on. Anyway, saying those words didn’t cost anything, so naturally, he said as much as he could.

In a flash, the dishes were already being served. To tell the truth, although the meal was a bit expensive, the taste was really good. At least, Zhao Tie Zhu ate pleasantly and fast. Among the three girls, only Cao Zi Yi was a bit more reserved. Li Ling Er and Su Yan Ni were also eating heartily, without hesitation.

“I can’t tell them not to eat so fast since I’m treating. Ah, wait, I got that piece first!” Chen Zhe burst into tears in his heart, but he just wasn’t as fast as the others, he also wasn’t as thick-skinned as Zhao Tie Zhu. He had clearly already got the piece, but it was unexpectedly snatched from his own chopsticks.

“Bumpkins,” Guo Jing whispered contemptuously.

The 500 RMB per cup drink also lived up to its reputation. It was said that it was a mix from some precious fruit and some precious something-or-other. It was a beverage that the European aristocrats were drinking. Although for Zhao Tie Zhu, it was just like the “Chen Lao Ji” iced tea, just really expensive. The feeling of drinking such an expensive stuff was different. It wasn’t something that a four RMB per bottle “Chen Lao Ji” could compare to.

“Miss, four more cups,” said Li Ling Er. Then she said to Chen Zhe, “Senior, do you also want a cup?”

“No, no, you guys drink. Hey, Zhao Tie Zhu, we are guys, drinking that thing isn’t something to be proud of. Come, let’s drink some beer.”

“About this… Senior, I can’t really drink. I’ll easily get drunk.” Zhao Tie Zhu said a little embarrassed.

“It’s okay, let’s just drink a bit. Let me tell you, later on, when you’re out in the community, the most important thing is to drink alcohol. If you don’t drink, how can you get friends? You should try to adapt now. When you can drink much already, then you can mix well in the society,” said Chen Zhe. Without waiting for Zhao Tie Zhu to refuse, he opened a can and handed it to Zhao Tie Zhu. Then he said, “Let’s drink one. I’m very pleased to know you today.”

“Senior, I really can’t drink,” Zhao Tie Zhu continued to refuse.

“What? If you don’t drink, then you’re not giving me any face. Drink, I’ll down one to get started.” Then, with a few gulps, Chen Zhe had finished the whole bottle and then looked at Zhao Tie Zhu, saying in his heart, “Fool, this big brother is known as little beer pimp and can drink a whole case in one night. If I don’t get you drunk to death tonight, I’ll change my surname to Zhao.”

“Okay, but I’m telling you, I can only drink a bottle. Otherwise, I’ll get drunk.” Zhao Tie Zhu took a deep breath as if he had made some difficult decisions. He grab a beer and also drained it with a few gulps, but his face was wrinkled unbecomingly.

“Come, come, drink another bottle. Bring another bottle, good things come in pairs,” Chen Zhe swiftly opened another bottle and handed it to Zhao Tie Zhu. He wanted to drain the bottle again with Zhao Tie Zhu.

“But, Senior, I really can’t drink anymore.” Zhao Tie Zhu said after he hiccupped.

“It’s fine. I’ll drink two bottles to your one. It’s more fun to drink together. Come.” With that, another bottle’s content went into the stomach.

Seeing Chen Zhe desperately tried to urge someone to drink, Su Yan Ni and Li Ling Er glanced at each other.

Ah, someone had a death wish, really, no one could stop that.

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