Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0043

Chapter 43 (Meeting Huang Ning Again)

Originally, Chen Zhe planned to enjoy the sight of miserable Zhao Tie Zhu humiliating himself once he got drunk. However, after watching Zhao Tie Zhu finish 10 cans, and he himself nearly 20 cans, he noticed that Zhao Tie Zhu’s face had become red and he looked a bit dazed, but unexpectedly, he didn’t pass out. It looked as if Zhao Tie Zhu might pass out after another drink. Thus, Chen Zhe desperately continued drinking. Soon after, a case was finished and they ordered another case. Li Ling Er and the other girls only wanted to eat, so they didn’t even give Zhao Tie Zhu a single glance. With drunken eyes, Zhao Tie Zhu drank up one bottle after another. “Big brother will let you drink to death,” Zhao Tie Zhu chuckled inside secretly.

Finally, the second box was also finished. At this time, Chen Zhe realized that he had encountered someone who pretended to be a pig but could actually eat a tiger. Feeling his stomach suddenly turning upside down, he walked out the room without a word and headed straight to the bathroom. He faintly heard Zhao Tie Zhu’s shout, “Senior, I’m drunk, I can’t drink anymore.”

When he got to the toilet, Chen Zhe threw up. In less than an hour, he had finished more than a case of beer. If he didn’t need to throw up, he had already become Bacchus. Afterward, when he was washing his faced at the washbasin, he saw a yellow-haired young man walked in.

“Brother Huang!” Chen Zhe cried in surprise.

“Oh? Chen Zhe, you also come here to drink.” The man called brother Huang apparently knew Chen Zhe and stopped to greet. If Zhao Tie Zhu were here, he would definitely realize that this person was the one he beat last time, one of the three FJ Princes, the Deputy Mayor’s son.

“Yes, I come here with several junior brothers and sisters tonight.” Chen Zhe looked up as he carefully considered the situation. Seeing that Huang Ning didn’t pay much attention to him, he quickly said, “There’re several ultra hotties! Brother Huang, are you interested in meeting them?”

When Huang Ning heard that, his heart thumped. He had just recovered for several days. During his days in the hospital, smoking, drinking, and girls were all prohibited. Thinking about that day when he met those people in the KTV, Huang Ning couldn’t help but get a cold shiver. Ray’s enormous figure had left a deep imprint in his heart. It wasn’t that he didn’t think about getting revenge, but his father, later on, warned him to stop messing with those people. He should even be respectful to them if he were to meet them. If he could get on their good side, then it would be a big assistance to him and his father in the future! He wondered who exactly those people were. He thought about that for a few days, but couldn’t figure it out, so he let it go. Now that he heard Chen Zhe say that there were beautiful women, he figured that it wouldn’t do any harm to go take a look. If he could develop some chemistry, he might not be lonely tonight.

“Okay, I’ll call a bro of mine to go along,” Huang Ning said and took Chen Zhe into his private room first. Inside Huang Ning’s private room, there were about seven or eight people sitting there, among them, one person, who looked like he was about thirty years of age, was sitting in the seat of honor. With a smile, Huang Ning walked to his side and said, “Brother Ximen, this is my classmate, Chen Zhe.”

Chen Zhe quickly exclaimed, “Hello, Brother Ximen.”

That guy looked up at Chen Zhe and nodded without saying anything. Huang Ning then went on to say, “Chen Zhe would like to invite you to his private room for a drink. There are several nice girls there.”

“Oh?” The guy let out a light sound.

Chen Zhe quickly replied, “Absolutely. Brother Ximen, you can go and see for yourself.”

“Alright, I’ll go and see.” The guy stood up and said, “Little Chen, please lead the way.”

Huang Ning hinted to the several people around to stay in place and continue drinking, so none of them followed.

Chen Zhe led the two men to his private room. He entered the room first, followed by Huang Ning, and lastly, the man surnamed Ximen. As soon as they entered the room, Huang Ning saw Li Ling Er and the others, and his expression changed immediately. Without anyone noticing, he stepped back a bit. However, seeing the middle-aged man next to him, his heart seemed to have been emboldened, and his fear had lessened.

Zhao Tie Zhu had also noticed Huang Ning. With an indifferent expression, he glanced at him, which immediately crushed what little courage Huang Ning had. “Everyone, may I have your attention. This is the vice president of our FJ University’s student council…” Zhen Che was about to introduce them when Huang Ning unexpectedly stepped up to Zhao Tie Zhu and said respectfully, “Big Brother Zhao.”

This words, “Big Brother Zhao,” immediately caused silence inside the room. Of course, besides those who were currently eating and the girls, who paid no attention at all, the others were intimidated instantly.

Even Chen Zhe was shocked. He clearly knew the identity of Huang Ning, the son of the dignified deputy mayor, and one of the leaders of the White Eagle gang. This person, who he usually looked up to, unexpectedly stood in front of Zhao Tie Zhu like a small child and called him big brother. How could he not be shocked? The guy surnamed Ximen was also surprised. Although he didn’t care too much about Huang Ning, his old man was the deputy mayor, so he still hung out with him. Unexpectedly, this young person, who didn’t look astonishing, could make Huang Ning call him brother so respectfully. It was actually very strange.

Zhao Tie Zhu wasn’t surprised that the man would know his name. At present, his name wasn’t a state secret or something like that. To have a deputy mayor as his dad, finding out his identity wouldn’t be difficult. However, he wondered if his dad knew that he was in the NSB Special Ops. Most likely, he knew, otherwise, Huang Ning wouldn’t be so respectful at the moment.

Zhao Tie Zhu nodded as a greeting. However, Huang Ning then introduced him, “Big Brother Ximen, this is big brother Zhao.”

The middle-aged man walked over with a smile on his face and reached out his hand, “Hello, I’m Ximen Qing.” (Author’s note: this name is suitable for a villain, so I will not go for another name.)

Ximen Qing, this name had a character. Zhao Tie Zhu nodded and reached out his hand to shake hands with him, “Zhao Tie Zhu.”

Ximen Qing’s brows wrinkled slightly; this man was a bit too arrogant. Not noticing that Ximen Qing had gotten a bit upset, Huang Ning proceeded to say, “Big brother Ximen, brother Zhao is a very capable person, even my father fully praised him.”

Ximen Qing’s brows wrinkled even tighter. If this person was capable, then would he not be capable? His boss would only need to say a word and Huang Ning’s dad would be put in order. Now, praising him so much, what was the meaning of this? How could he, big officer Ximen, be inferior to this brat?

It took only a short while for Zhao Tie Zhu to see through Huang Ning’s little scheme; praising him a bit and let him get in conflict with Ximen Qing? Humph, his intelligence was still too low. With no expression, Zhao Tie Zhu said, “You flatter me. Young master Huang, you’re the capable person.”

Huang Ning’s expression tightened and he said, “Since brother Zhao is drinking here, then I’ll borrow Chen Zhe’s wine to offer you a cup.” Having said that, he took a can of beer from the case next to him, opened it and drained it. At this time, after hearing Zhao Tie Zhu’s words, Ximen Qing had also picked up on Huang Ning’s scheme. Having coming to this place as a guest, and Huang Ning had already offered his respect, if he himself didn’t pay some respect, it would be rude. However, by doing so, it would lower his status. This Huang Ning was really too obvious.

Zhao Tie Zhu wasn’t a fool either. He smiled and also picked up a can of beer, saying, “First, I offer my respect to brother Ximen.” Then he opened the can and drank a few sips. He then opened another can and said to Huang Ning, “This one is for you.” However, he only drank one sip.

At this moment, Ximen Qing felt better already. Huang Ning first offered a drink to Zhao Tie Zhu, but Zhao Tie Zhu unexpectedly offered him a drink first, then he offered Huang Ning a drink afterward, and only a small sip, which not only had given him face, but also obviously giving a slap on Huang Ning’s face.

After finishing his beer, Huang Ning said to Chen Zhe, “You guys drink, we’ll go back.”

However, Ximen Qing reached into his pocket and pulled out a business card and handed it to Zhao Tie Zhu, “In the future, if there’s an opportunity to work together, please come see me.” After that, he also followed Huang Ning out the door.

“General Manager of Heaven and Earth Entertainment, Ximen Qing.” Zhao Tie Zhu looked at the business card and laughed secretly. Interesting, very interesting.

At the moment, Chen Zhe had come back from his shock. After returning from seeing off the few people out of the room, with a bit of fear in his eyes, he looked at Zhao Tie Zhu and said, “You’re close with brother Huang?”

“We met once,” Zhao Tie Zhu once again went back to his drunken state and leaned his body a bit toward Cao Zi Yi. Ah, this body was really soft. Cao Zi Yi just smiled helplessly and didn’t give any further reaction.

“You guys only met once and brother Huang is calling you big brother? Who do you have backing you?” Borrowing the power of alcohol, Chen Zhe asked straightforward.

“Me? I’m just a freshman in college. What backing? Perhaps he sees me as more handsome than him.” After saying that, Zhao Tie Zhu ignored Chen Zhe, imitating Cao Zi Yi to close his eyes and pretended to sleep.

“Okay, let’s go then, we’re finished eating,” Su Yan Ni called. Seeing Zhao Tie Zhu fondling Cao Zi Yi, Su Yan Ni’s heart randomly burst with sourness and she secretly said, “This guy is still a pervert after all. Perhaps, he really is the underwear thief. Otherwise, why hasn’t the bureau gotten any reports of stolen underwear during the time he was injured?”

“Oh? Are we leaving already? Good, good. Ah, my head is spinning badly.” Zhao Tie Zhu naturally wouldn’t miss this opportunity pretending to be drunk. Following the several women to stand up, he staggered a bit and was about to lean onto Su Yan Ni.

“Go to hell,” Su Yan Ni said with an ugly face and followed Li Ling Er and Cao Zi Yi to walk out the room. Seeing that they were leaving, he also stood up and took Guo Jing to settle the bill.

When he saw the beautiful five digits on his bill, Chen Zhe’s heart burst with sourness.

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