Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0044

Chapter 44 (Dragons and Tigers)

Currently, it was already more than eleven in the evening. Zhao Tie Zhu and the others stood at the restaurant’s door. When Chen Zhe came out after paying the bill, despite his heart aching to death, it was still in a very courteous fashion that he said they should hang out together again sometime. He also hinted that they should exchange phone numbers. However, Li Ling Er and the others, in the typical way that girls will often snub a suitor after being doted upon, completely ignored his vague suggestion.

“We’re going back now, bye,” Li Ling Er said while holding Zhao Tie Zhu’s hand. Chen Zhe didn’t give up and continued, “Where do you guys live? Would you like me to call a car to take you home?”

“No need,” Su Yan Ni cut in, “we live at Tie Zhu’s house, we’ll call a cab.”

“The both of you live at Zhao Tie Zhu’s?” Chen Zhe said doubtfully.

“Yes, and not just us, but big sister Zi Yi as well. Say no more. There’s a cab, let’s go,” Li Ling Er said, stopping two taxis. They all got in the cars, leaving Chen Zhe with only the increasingly distant car lights.

At this time, Chen Zhe was really envious with hate. How could the gap between them be so large? Where was he inferior to Zhao Tie Zhu? Those were three ultra hotties, not three prostitutes. Furthermore, they were all living together. Up until now, he never had a foursome.

Looking at Guo Jing at his side, Chen Zhe thought about Zhao Tie Zhu with the three girls, and a wave of demonic heat arose under his belly. Hugging Guo Jing’s waist, he went straight into the five-star hotel and booked a room to let his fire loose.

Meanwhile, in the FJ suburbs, under the cover of night, two figures ran swiftly through the forest. The trees in the way couldn’t block them. Moonlight occasionally fell on their faces. It was actually a white-haired old man and a teenage-looking youth.

“Grandpa, is the competition really to be held in FJ City this time?” The youth asked.

“Yes, every five years, the qualifying competition for the Dragons is held, and this time, it’s in FJ City. You’re the most talented person in our Chen family. I’m bringing you this time so you can see the world. Grandpa also needs to defend his own position.”

“Grandpa will definitely win!” The youth said firmly.

“I’m getting old. Now, it’s the time for the younger generations. This time, the qualifying competition for the Tigers, which are ranked below the Dragons, is also held in FJ city. As long as you can create a reputation there, in the future, you’ll have an opportunity to enter the Dragons. You should know, there are only 20 positions among the Dragons. Anyone who can qualify as Dragons will reap incredible benefits. The Tigers are like a subsidiary of the Dragons, and each of the Top 5 Tigers will also receive top awards. You have to really work hard for it. During this trip to FJ city, we can also visit your older sister. She’s never returned home since the last time she ran away,” The old man said, looking at the distant bright moon. A light flashed in his eyes, but only a few moments later, they became cloudy again.

Unexpectedly, this man was the fourth ranking among the Dragons, Tai Chi Sword Chen Dao Ling.

At the FJ Airport, a plane was slowly descending onto the runway. A trendily dressed young man walked out of the plane. Looking at the distant flashing neon-lamps in FJ city, the corner of his mouth revealed a smile. It was just barely possible to see that the young man was wearing a leather glove. Beneath the darkness of the night, he slowly walked into a private club in FJ city.

This was the sixth Dragon, Iron Fist Mu Tian Zun.

In the downtown area of FJ city, a fat man appeared to be searching for something, walking back and forth in the alleys. At last, he saw a store hidden deeply in an alley. The inside of the store was illuminated with a dark red light. The fat man trembled excitedly for a moment, then loosened his belt, and walked into the store with a perverted smile on his face.

This was the fifth Dragon, Fat Devil Liu Xing Fu.

On this night, countless experts were rushing to FJ city, or perhaps, they had already dwelled there. They were all waiting for an event that was held only once every five years: the qualifying competition for the Dragons!

Martial arts have existed in Chinese society since ancient times. There are countless martial experts throughout China, and some have even reached an inhuman realm. Don’t say that since we’re living in the modern era of firearms, individual strength is no longer important. To those true experts, even if you are holding a machine gun in your hands, you might as well forget about hitting them. In order to restrict these people, or better said, to systematically organize and keep records regarding the martial arts experts in China, in the very early days of its establishment, China established a top ranking organization of these experts, the Dragons. To attract people from all parts of the country to participate, the top ranked members were awarded a high position in the military. Furthermore, the government would bestow them with rewards and financial incentives. The rewards were not limited to material things, but the government also issued regulations that everyone in the Dragons would enjoy a certain degree of autonomy and immunity. Of course, the Dragons members also were obligated to help when the country faced a threat. Although these experts would be useless in front of weapons of mass destruction, they would still engage in the deep infiltration of enemy countries, spy, and even assassinate enemy leaders.

During the civil war era of the great leader Mao and Chiang Kai Shek, the Dragon’s experts accomplished many great deeds. Furthermore, if members of the Dragons wished to, they could directly join the NSB’s Special Ops division, immediately getting into the spotlight from the shadows, and then, they could also walk the military career path. Therefore, even if the existence of the Dragons wasn’t known to the common people, but in China’s underground world, their reputation was like thunder piercing the ears. In every region where a Dragons member was stationed, that person was the type of figure whose every step could shake the earth.

Below the Dragons were the Tigers. Their purpose was to prepare the relatively younger generations. After all, Chinese martial arts couldn’t be learned overnight. Many of these young generations were still in their growing period and couldn’t be compared to those old demons. To encourage these young people, the nation established the Tigers. The Tigers consisted of 100 people altogether, and the top five ranked would qualify to challenge the Dragons. The fights for the Dragons position were mostly just to step up one position in the rankings. If the challenger won, he would replace that position. If he lost, he would simply retain his old position. The Tigers’ competition would take place before the Dragons’. After the Tigers competition was finished, then the Dragons competition would start. Before a young person could get into the Tigers, they must first participate in many complicated knockout rounds. Afterward, they would be eligible to challenge members of the Tigers. If they won, they would replace the position of the loser. Another way to get the qualifications was to get a recommendation from a Dragons expert. Each and every one of the Dragons could recommend a person.

At the moment, Zhao Tie Zhu wasn’t aware at all that because the Dragons competition was to be held in FJ city, the place had already become the most important location to the national underworld community, perhaps even that of the whole world. All kinds of people with extraordinary talent gathered in the FJ City, it would become a period of rising winds and scudding clouds. (TL Note: turbulent times)

Outside of the largest jewelry store in FJ City, a tall man and short man stood in front of a showcase, calmly looking around. They were only asking the prices of a few pieces of jewelry but didn’t appear to have any intention of buying. Eventually, the clerk at the counter lost interest and went over to serve the other customers.

Half an hour later, the same two men walked out of the shop and went to a remotely located hotel. Once inside, the tall man said, “That store has a lot of merchandise. This time, we can make quite a fortune. Shorty, are we going to do it?”

“Of course, why not? However, Stretch, this time, the Dragons are holding a big competition in FJ City. If we act now, won’t it be too risky?” Shorty frowned.

“What are you scared of? Those people are busy preparing for the large competition, they won’t bother us. Both of us used to be in the top rankings of the Tigers. Are you really scared of only those police bitches!” Stretch exclaimed loudly.

“Okay, we’ll act tomorrow.” Shorty was also determined.

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