Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants – Chapter 0045


Chapter 45

That night, Zhao Tie Zhu slept very comfortably. He got up early the next day and took Li Ling Er to school. Yeah, Zhao Tie Zhu still had to finish his military training.

On the way, he gave Iron Hand a call. Iron Hand seemed to be still asleep, sounding a little confused. But upon hearing Zhao Tie Zhu’s voice, he instantly spirited up.

“How are things doing?” Zhao Tie Zhu asked.

“At the moment, we have almost taken over one-third of their territory. They fought back very seriously that we have lost quite a few people already.” Iron Hand replied respectfully.

“Keep it this way. Wait until I have some time, then you and I will go to trample those Chaozhou clan.” Zhao Tie Zhu hung up the phone once he finished saying that. At the side, Li Ling Er curiously asked, “Brother Tie Zhu, what are you planning for?”

“Finding some bodyguards for you, hahaha.” Zhao Tie Zhu laughed.

A while later, they arrived at the FJ University. Currently, many people had already gathered at the training ground. Zhao Tie Zhu’s appearance had immediately provoked a scream from Fan Jian, “Ah, Tie Zhu, you finally showed up. Where were you these days? You’re not really popping cherries, right?” A burst of laughter was immediately heard from the surroundings.

“Screw you, do I even need to?” Zhao Tie Zhu laughed and gave Fan Jian a soft punch. With a perverted look, Fan Jian pulled Zhao Tie Zhu to the side and said, “What’s going on? Spill it out. Ling Er, who lived with you, could still show up every day. Could it be that you battled every night that you don’t have the energy to come here?”

“Fuck you, the strength of this brother of yours is infinite, you know? Don’t say just one Ling Er, even adding Guo Jing and Linda, I could still erect strongly the next day.” Zhao Tie Zhu said confidently.

Unknown to them, Li Ling Er had suddenly already come next to them. Hearing the last words of Zhao Tie Zhu, she asked, “Brother Tie Zhu, what are you talking about me, Guo Jin, and teacher Linda?”

Zhao Tie Zhu abruptly turned around. Seeing Li Ling Er showing a faint trace of anger, he quickly said, “I said that you were much prettier than Guo Jing and Linda.”

“Then what about that erecting strongly thing?”