Special Announcement – 09.06.15

Hi folks, today I have some announcement to make:

  1. As you probably have already noticed, I have ended the fundraising event. Thank you all for your support. My daughter arrived safely yesterday for her stay here during the school holiday. That’s was also another reason for the current chapter delay. But there are also another reason: read on 🙂
  2. I was actually planning to release 3 regular chapter this week since I have something else for you. But since the funds to clear a chapter was reached, so this week I will add another chapter, totalling 4 chapters (3 regular + 1 special chapter). And don’t worry, the next chapter is on progress and will be released today.
  3. At the moment, many has applied for editors position, so for now, we will close the editor/proofreader position.
  4. Now, the last and most important thing which makes this post a special announcement: As of today, the publishing of Virtual World: The Legendary Thief will be moved to another place.

Few days ago, TranslationNations contacted me and asked me to move this novel publishing there since they have a bigger number of readers. I agreed with them, but the initial phase was just for 20 new chapters. Hopefully there would not be any problems, so it continue on after that. But should any problem arise, then I will move it back here again. So please fellow readers, let me know if there are things that troubling you over there so we can work it out ASAP.

So this was the other reason for the delay as I’m also preparing for the move to the new site. The move has nothing to do with the translation itself. I will still be doing the translation, only, instead of posting the chapters here, the new chapters will be posted at the new site. That’s all. This site itself will still be operating, only without the post of the new TLT chapters. Any other projects (including for example Indonesian or German translation of TLT) will still be posted here.

With all this new development, plus the holiday season, I’m confident that 4-5 chapters weekly could be achieved for the next few weeks.

So please allow a few more hours for the new chapter. Thank you all for your support. I love you guys!

4 thoughts on “Special Announcement – 09.06.15

  1. Anon The First

    kukuku… how about you let her learn chinese-korean-japanese?
    it’s good fot the future…

    1. Lingson Post author

      Yes, I will still make announcement of the new releases here, but also like BTTH and MGA, the content will be in translationnations (well, BTTH and MGA contents are in WW). So in the announcement, I will link to there. So if you don’t want to subscribe over there just to follow this novel, you don’t need to. Don’t worry about it. For all the current readers, nothing will change except for the location of the chapters. Any other things will be as it has been.


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