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Monthly Stats for May, 2015

First of all, some news:

  1. There won’t be a regular chapter release today. The school tests aren’t finished yet, so I’m still busy teaching.
  2. Considering the activities in RL for this week, so there will only be 3 regular weekly chapter this week.
  3. To speed up the translation pace, I’m thinking about starting a recruitment for translators and proofreaders. I will create a Recruitment page tomorrow with further details. But in short, no experience is needed, the only requirement needed for now is to be able to translate directly from Chinese to English.
  4. If there are enough translators and proofreaders to help, I’m planning to start a new project which I have read (not finished yet though), and it’s quite interesting. Don’t worry, it’s not another VRMMORPG genre :).

As¬†the result of the polls last time, more of the readers are interested to know this site’s statistic. But since it’s not possible to show the real time count without adding the server’s load, I decided to just post a monthly statistic in the beginning of each month.

So, here are the statistics for May 2015: Monthly Stats 2015 – May

Thank you all for the support you have always given me to keep me motivated!

P.S. Please donate. My daughter is coming home for holiday next week. And I’m still short of the funds. Thank you.