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New Qidian Weekly Ranking – March 2016 – Week 1

Hey guys, this is a new project of mine that I finished during this week. With my arms having muscle strain¬†(which isn’t healed yet), it’s difficult to type for long time, so it’s quite difficult for me to do any translations that kind of required me to sit and type for hours. However, doing this project didn’t require me to type too much, instead, more thinking.

This project is still in its initial stage, so it will need a lot of improvement. Besides, I need a list of already translated novels for my database. Please comment, suggest, advise, critic, etc regarding this project. That way, it will get better next week for the next release.

Anyway, go on and check the rankings:

Again, please give me your opinion, thoughts, and suggestion to improve it. Thank you.

P.S. New TLT chapters release will be delayed.

P.P.S. Expect a new ALBT chapter tomorrow or the day after (It’s currently in the process of being edited).