Fear the Assassin, read ALBT Chapter 0001

Assasin Landlord Beauty Tenants

Hi everyone, I started a new project. When I first read it, it tickles my interest, and besides, I need some changes since what I can find was only Wuxia/Xianxia/Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre being translated. This one is just a story without those things (well, maybe still a little bit considering his special ability). A totally different style compared to Shi Luo Ye (author of TLT), but you will laugh a lot. For me this story is quite refreshing with the constant humor (OK, I haven’t read that far ahead, but those chapters that I read, they were always with humor). So, please enjoy:

Chapter 1: Assassin Work Sucks, Time to Change Jobs

Translator: LingsonContributing Editor: Deathblade

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