Fear the Assassin, read ALBT Chapter 0012

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Okay guys, maybe some of you haven’t read the news or see the new poll. Since the News update would concern mostly the ALBT readers, please do read it if you haven’t. And, please do vote.

We’re getting close to have a third tenant now, and soon there will be a new scene instead of just his villa.

So, find out about it in this first ALBT regular chapter of the week. The sneak preview for the next chapter is also already available too. Please enjoy your new chapter:

Chapter 12: Hired Bodyguard

Translator: Lingson
Contributing Editor: Deathblade
Proofreader: Laoren

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    1. Lingson Post author

      Like I mentioned in the News update, this week I’m holding an event. So, help me up vote Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 discussion thread on reddit, and I will throw an extra chapter next week.


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