Fear the Assassin, read ALBT Chapter 0014

Assasin Landlord Beauty Tenants

Sorry guys, I wasn’t feeling well since Monday, plus, this week, there’re several things in RL that need to be settled. So, the TLT chapter, which was suppose to be released yesterday, wasn’t released yet. I’m still working on the translations. But, no worries. The weekly schedule will be kept. Only the daily schedule is a bit messed up.

Many thanks to Deathblade for his recommendation about this novel in WW. So, I would like to welcome all of the new readers to this site. I hope you will find the translations enjoyable.

As I mentioned on the last chapter release, in this chapter, you will meet the new tenant (aka the girl Zhao Tie Zhu is protecting), and I really think you will love her. Well, I do. Not in the term of wanting to have such a girl as my girlfriend, but that I love to see her in this novel. She would surely lighten up the story. Why? Just read on to find out.

Here’s your first ALBT regular chapter of the week. The sneak preview for the next chapter is also already available too. Please enjoy your new chapter:

Chapter 14: Li Ling Er Arrives

Translator: Lingson
Contributing Editor: Deathblade
Proofreader: Laoren
P.S. The count required for chapter 12 in reddit has been achieved. But not yet for chapter 13. Somehow, I get the feel that you don’t like chapter 13 too much compared to the other chapters. Is that so? Would you mind sharing why?

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