Fear the Assassin, read ALBT Chapter 0017

Assasin Landlord Beauty Tenants

Having seeing that guy with his hair dyed yellow and his companions strange hair styles and colors, Zhao Tie Zhu somehow felt bored with his hair and wanted to change the color. But, he couldn’t make up what color to choose.

So, he simply dyed his hair in several colors which he liked and he asked the girls who were just in the main hall.

“Hey guys,” He called them and asked, “I’m going to change my hair color and have dyed it with several colors for the samples. Which color do you think would suit me best?”

“Hmm,” Su Yan Ni was the first to respond. An evil thought popped into her mind, and she said, “I liked the greenish blue color.” If he were to dyed his hair like that, he would surely become a laughingstock, she thought.

“Brother Tie Zhu, I loved that black color, which brand is it? The blackness looks so pure…” Li Ling Er also responded, to which Zhao Tie Zhu was dumbfounded. That was the part he didn’t dye at all which she refers to. Did she never notice it till now?

“Wow, the colors are so bright and alive, I think you don’t need to choose at all. Just look, you got all the rainbow colors plus black and white. It’s just perfect! Leave it like that, it would be awesome!” Cao Zi Yi, as a painter, fancied stuff that are colorful.

Zhao Tie Zhu grumpily went back upstairs and into the bathroom. “It was a mistake to ask them. But, Li Ling Er liked my black hair, so I should just get it back like before. I’m sure that way she would like me even more.” So, in the end, he didn’t dye his hair.


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Chapter 17: Disturbance In KTV – Part 2

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