Fear the Assassin, read ALBT Chapter 0023

Assasin Landlord Beauty Tenants

Soon, there will be a short arc again. In that arc, a girl from his villa would act suspiciously. Well, ever from the beginning when that girl showed up, I already have my suspicion, which did turn out to be indeed suspicious. And, it will even get more suspicious. Aren’t you now suspicious too? LOL

Okay guys, if you want the bunny to show up on Friday, please feed him with carrots, which you can buy from Paypal (if you know what I mean).

And don’t forget to vote on the poll. Thanks.

Here’s your first regular ALBT chapter of the week.

Chapter 23: Brother Tie Zhu, You’re Such a Pervert

Translator: Lingson
Contributing Editor: Deathblade
Proofreader: Laoren

2 thoughts on “Fear the Assassin, read ALBT Chapter 0023

  1. skullboysz

    Hmmm… i don’t know what you mean lingson but as far as i know rabbit is know as homosexual stuff at china or at least when it is at qin dinasty. So you want to stuff carot for it does that mean you…..

    (Lingson’s Note: This comment somehow got into the Spam folder, and I just noticed it a few days later. So the respond was a little bit late.)

    1. Lingson Post author

      Well, it is actually a joke continuing since that chapter with Li Ling Er’s underwear that has a picture of a rabbit eating a carrot.

      So this “rabbit” is actually referring to ALBT chapters 🙂

      Sorry if I have made some people confused.


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