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Some of you have wondered why Zhao Tie Zhu seemed to be so weak in the past chapters. Well, to remind you, in chapter 27, it was mentioned that Li Tian Feng’s bodyguard were from the same organization as Angel, and each of them had the same strength as Ray. Compared to Ray, of course, he was much more superior. But still, they are top-rated bodyguards.

Who was the babe? In the sneak preview for this chapter, some of you might have gotten a hint about it. Well, the question will be answered in this chapter, only to be followed by many more. LOL.

Anyway, this site finally hit the one million views. Awesome! As a thanks to all loyal readers of my translation, this week, I will sponsor a chapter to complete the queue. So, any further donations for a sponsored chapter will not count for the next sponsored, instead, they will count for the one afterward. As usual, the sponsored chapter will be released on Friday. (Just a reminder for ALBT schedule: Wednesday – 1 regular chapter, Friday – 1 sponsored chapter, Sunday – 1 regular chapter).

Here’s your second and last regular ALBT chapter of the week.

Chapter 29: Seriously Injured, Anything For The Patient

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